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Animal Cruelty for Cosmetics

ANIMAL CRUELTY FOR CO S METIC S = 1 million COSMETIC COMPANIES STILL USE INHUMANE TESTING PROCEDURES ON ANIMALS WHEN CREATING NEW PRODUCTS MOST OF WHICH IS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. Every Year an estimated 115 MILLION animals are tested on. >½ MILLION are used for cosmetic products alone. THE MOST COMMONLY USED ANIMALS FOR COSMETIC TESTING ARE: RABBITS MICE RATS GUINEA PIGS ANIMALS SUFFER ALL TYPES OF HORRORS INCLUDING: SKIN IRRITATION Substance is placed on the shaved skin of the animal. Animals may experience redness, rash, lesions, scaling, inflammation, and/or other signs of damage are looked for. EYE IRRITATION Substance is placed directly on the rabbits eyes. Rabbit may experience redness, bleeding, ulcers, blindness. ORAL TOXICITY Substance forced fed into a rat. May experience diarrhea, convulsions, bleeding from the mouth, seizures, paralysis, and/or death. LETHAL DOSE Substance is force fed into the animal to determine the dose that causes death. GENETIC MUTATION, CANCER TESTING AND PREGNANCY TESTING Animals are fed substance and/or applied to their skin daily for a period of time. After which animal is killed to check for changes in the tissue. SOME OF THE MOST FAMOUS BRANDS STILL TEST COSMETICS ON ANIMALS. THESE INCLUDE: MAYBELLINE Jehмной PANTENE REVLON MAXFACTOR COLGATE JOHNSON & PANTENE MAX FACTOR MAYBELLINE REVLON JOHNSON AND THE WORST PART IS THAT THESE TEST ARE LARGELY INEFFECTIVE: ANIMAL TESTING IN-VITRO TESTING (HUMAN CELLS IN TEST TUBES) 50% 85% CORRELATION WITH HUMANS CORRELATION WITH HUMANS 92% of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they are too dangerous or don't work. SO WHO STILL DOES ANIMAL TESTING? TOP 5 COUNTRIES ARE: USA FRANCE JAPAN CHINA AUSTRALIA BUT GOVERNMENTS ARE BEGINNING TO CHANGE These countries have banned cosmetic products that have been tested on animals: UK ISRAEL 1998 2013 EUROPEAN UNION NEW ZEALAND 2013 2015 INDIA C TURKEY 2013 2015 And more may soon join them with legislation currently under consideration to ban cosmetic products that have been tested on animals: AUSTRALIA U.S BRAZIL SOUTH KOREA OF COURSE COMPANIES AND GOVERNMENTS NEED TO ENSURE PRODUCTS ARE SAFE. LUCKILY THERE ARE A NUMBER OF ALTERNATIVES INCLUDING: Using 1000's of products that In-vitro testing Silico Modelling have already been tested Human volunteer studies Developing alternative test SO WHEN BUYING COSMETICS KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THESE LOGOS OR MAKE SURE ITS PLAINLY STATED ON THE PRODUCT THAT NO ANIMAL TESTING HAS OCCURRED: NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS crueltyfree Sources Dr Hadwen Trust- - HSI international. Colgate

Animal Cruelty for Cosmetics

shared by milkwhale on Dec 08
Describing about cosmetic production that use animal for testing its product


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