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Air Quality Statistics (US)

BREATHING EASY? AIR QUALITY Rabbit Air DISEASES CAUSED BY POOR AIR QUALITY POLLUTION AGENTS Millions of people and some % Millions breathing polluted air BRAIN 50% OZONE 119.5 Breathing ozone can trigger a variety of health problems including chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, and conge- stion. It can worsen bronchitis, emphy- Children with autism disorders in the San Francisco Bay Area were 50% more likely to be born in neigh- borhoods with high amounts of seve- ral toxic air contaminants, particular- ly mercury, according to a first-of- its-kind study by the California De- partment of Health Services. Accor- ding to a study done by University of North Carolina, neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's may begin early in life with air pollutants playing a crucial role. Studies have also found brain Inflammation and sema, and asthma. Ground-level ozone also can reduce lung function and inflame the linings of the lungs. Repeated exposure may permanently scar lung tissue. PM2.5 36.9 Alzheimer's-Like Pathology in Indivi- duals Exposed to Severe Air Pollu- tion. A study suggests children's IQ can be affected by mother's exposu- re to urban air pollutants Particulate matter less than 2.5 microme- ters in aerodynamic diameter. The effects of inhaling asthma, lung cancer, cardiovascular issues, and premature death. particulate matter include RESPIRATORY SYSTEM 2.8 PM2.5 14.9 People with Asthma – Over 2.8 mil- lion adults and nearly 1.1 million children with asthma live in counties Particulate matter less than 10 microme- ters in aerodynamic diameter with unhealthful levels of year-round particle pollution. Air pollution also spurs allergies. LEAD 4.8 Depending on the level of exposure, lead can adversely affect the nervous system, kidney function, immune system, repro- ductive and developmental systems and the cardiovascular system. Lead expo- sure also affects the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. BRONCHI 1.2 Chronic Bronchitis and Emphyse- ma - Nearly 1.2 million people with chronic bronchitis and nearly 556,000 people with emphysema live in counties with unhealthful year- round levels of particle pollution. NO2 0.0 Nitrogen dioxide is linked with a number of adverse effects on the respiratory system. HEART 12.2 0.0 Cardiovascular Disease - Nearly 12.2 million people live in counties with unhealthful levels of year-round particle pollution. Cardiovascular diseases include coronary heart disease, eart attacks, strokes, hyper- tension and angina pectoris. CO Carbon monoxide can cause harmful health effects by reducing oxygen delivery to the body's organs (like the heart and brain) and tissues. SO2 0.2 Particulate matter less than 10 microme- PANCREAS 2.6 ters in aerodynamic diameter Diabetes – Nearly 2.6 million people live in counties with unhealthful levels of year-round particle pollu- tion. Research indicates that because NAQQS 126.8 diabetics are already at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, they may face increased risk due to the impact of particle pollution on their cardio- vascular systems. National Ambient Air Quality Standards for six common pollutants Source: Epa, National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment for 2002 - Fact Sheet Source: Environmental Protection Agency, US, National Air Quality - Status and Trends through 2007 THE RISK MAP The number of people exposed to the risk Median risk level of cancer associated with toxic air. 0 - 25 in a Million Most Polluted U.S. Cities By Year Round Particle Pollution 26 - 50 in a Million 51 - 75 in a Million 76 - 100 in a Million > 100 in Million DETROIT NEW YORK CITY GLEVELAND PITTSBURGH LANCASTER CANTON* WEIRTON YORK INDIANAPOLIS HAGERSTOWN * HANFORD CINCINNAT **VISALIA ST. LOUIS HUNTINGTOWN LOUISVILLE FRESNO * LOS ANGELES ROME ATLANTA BIRMINGHAM CHARLESTON MACON Source: Environmental Protection Agency, US, National Air Quality - Status and Trends through 2008 HOUSTON * Hawaii Alaska Puerto Rico 6 OUT OF 10 People exposed to ozone, short-term particle and year-round levels of pollution. ПИП 186.1 million AMERICANS LIVE IN THE 525 COUNTIES WHERE THEY ARE EXPOSED TO UNHEALTHFUL LEVELS OF AIR POLLUTION IN THE FORM OF EITHER OZONE OR SHORT-TERM OR YEAR-ROUND LEVELS OF PARTICLES. Source: American Lung Association, State of the Air 2009

Air Quality Statistics (US)

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An infographic about air quality, the air we breathe. It contains information about the air quality throughout the US, and diseases caused by poor air quality.


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