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50 Amazing Holes

50 Visualizing the 50 most amazing natural and artificial holes in the world. Ranked #47 on the list is the well of Chand Baori in India. It was hand-dug in the gth century and has 3500 narrow steps, with a depth of 10om. With the aid of technology, we have been digging increasingly deeper into the Earth for treasures such as the Since ancient times, humans have searched under the earth's floor for minerals and energy Sources as well as for the The Earth also has naturally formed holes such as blueholes, sinkholes, caves EMPIRE STATE BUILDING NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES Featuring holes such as picturesque blueholes, impressive open-pit mines, unforgettable sinkholes and some of the deepest and lakes. These 381m most basic necessities such as wells for water. breathtaking sites often carry unique habitats with unique species (1] KOLA SUPERDEEP BOREHOLE KOLA PENINSULA, RUSSIA 1500om lakes on Earth. AMAZING HOLES TauTona Gold Mine in South Africa, ranked #5 -that is 390om deep. 31 34 40 17 12 11 36 18 26 49 16 14. 15 29 25 24 20 22 33 8 43 41 45 23 21 50 19 28 38 42 37 47 30 44 46 39 35 ears EYEVIEW 13 32 CAVE SINKHOLE 10 27 1cm- coom DEEP ALL DEPTHS BEGIN WITH CONTINENTAL CRUST ADDITIONAL s sm CENTER AS AN ANCHOR OCEANIC CRUST RANK OF DEPTH 35km ASTHENOSPHERE 70okm (MORE DEEP) Cave MANTLE O Copper Diamond 2885km Gold Natural Gases LIQUID OUTER CORE O Nickel 5155km Oil DEPTH (LESS DEEP) SOLID INNER CORE •O Water 6371km THE GREATER THE DEPTH, THE LARGER THE DIFFERENCE Zinc BETWEEN THE BLACK INNER CIRCLE AND THE OUTER CIRCLE. 36 POZZO DEL MERRO 16 21 41 GUATEMALA SINKHOLE KOLA SUPERDEEP Kola Peninsula, Russia 1500om active 1970-1992 SAVUKA GOLD MINE KIDD CREEK MINE GOUFFRE MIROLDA SARMA CASPIAN SEA UDACHNAYA PIPE GLORY HOLE West Wits region, South Africa Abkhazia, Georgia 1543m Ontario, Canada The Alps, Samoëns, France East Europe Guatemala Sakha, Russia 6oom Italy California, United States 2927m 1733m 1025m 472m 10om since 1966 since 2007 O 12 27 CHUQUICAMATA Chile • 37 CAVE OF SWALLOWS San Luis Potosi, Mexico 17 32 ARGYLE DIAMOND MINE SHAKTA VJACHESLAV PANTJUKHINA Bzybsky Massif, Georgia 1508m WELL OF CHAND BAORI Rajasthan, India SAKHALIN-I PROJECT DRIEFONTEIN MINE CREIGHTON MINE LAKE BAIKAL DEAN'S BLUE HOLE Okhotsk Sea, Russia West Wits region, South Africa Ontario, Canada Bahamas Siberia, Russia 1637m Kimberley region, Australia 85om 12376m active 1996-present 340om 250om 579m 37om 202m 100m since 1939 since 1991 active 1985-present • 18 VOGELSHACHT & LAMPRECHTSOFEN Salzburg, Austria 1632m 23 SIMA DE LA CORNISA Picos de Europa Mts., Spain • 28 XIAOZHAI TIANKENG Chonqing District, China 662m 38 13 GREAT NOLIGWA GOLD MINE 48 DEVIL'S WELL 33 43 QATTARA DEPRESSION SINKHOLE AL SHANHEEN OIL FIELD Persian Gulf, Qatar RED LAKE Dinaric Alps, Croatia ZACATON Tamaulipas, Mexico KUSASALETHU GOLD MINE Cairo, Egypt West Wits region 3276m Vaal River, South Africa Vouliagmeni, Greece 1229om 240om 1507m 53om 339m 133m 35m active 1992-present 19 RÉSEAU JEAN BERNARD • 29 CRATER LAKE 34 MIRNY DIAMOND MINE 14 44 49 NEMO 33 POOL Brussels, Belgium BERTHA ROGERS HOLE MOAB KHOTSONG GOLD MINE KRUBERA-VORONJA CAVE CEHI 2 SARISARIÑAMA SINKHOLES GREAT BLUE HOLE The Alps, Samoëns, France 1602m Belize Oklahoma, United States 958zm since 1974 Western Julian Alps, Slovenia Oregon, United States 65sm Vaal River, South Africa Gagra Range, Georgia Mirny, Russia Bolivar State, Venezuela 3054m 2191m 1502m 525m 314m 125m 34-5m since 2007 discovered 1959 • 45 DEVIL'S SINKHOLE Texas, United States 20 O 30 DASHIWEI TIANKENG Guangxi, China 613m 10 15 ILLUZIA-SNEZHNAJA MEZHONNOGO Abkhazia, Georgia 35 MINYÉ SINKHOLE 50 TAUTONA GOLD MINE SOUTH DEEP GOLD MINE TORCA DEL CERRO DEL CUEVON BINGHAM CANYON MINE BEREZNIKI SINKHOLE DARVAZA GAS CRATER Picos de Europa Mts., Spain 1589m West Wits region, South Africa Utah, United States Perm Krai, Russia 238m Gauteng Province, South Africa Nakanai Mts., Papua New Guinea Karakum desert, Turkmenistan 390om 2995m 1753m 120om Siom 121m active 1962-present BOREHOLE IMINE aNV1/310H3n1a

50 Amazing Holes

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Visualizing the 50 most amazing natural and artificial holes in the world. Featuring holes that are out of this world such as picturesque blueholes, impressive open-pit mines, unforgettable sinkholes ...


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