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5 Oceans, 5 Dives, 1 Planet

One of the largest catamarans in the world serves as the mothership for the Virgin Oceanic Sub. Guam, 210 miles northeast of Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench. 265m / 869ft Deepest free dive. 318m / 1044ft Deepest SCUBA dive with recreational equipment. 1000m / 3281ft Average Sperm Whale dive depth. 2388m / 7835ft Deepest dive recorded by an Elephant Seal. 1609m/5280ft Deepest depth of Angler Fish. 1020m / 3346ft Deepest operational combat submarine, Russian K-278. 2100m / 6890ft Average hydrothermal vent depth. 2383m / 7818ft Deepest production oil rig, Perdido Spar. 3000m / 9843ft 2438m / 8000ft Deepest military sub. Maximum operational water depth, Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform. 3759m / 12333ft Depth attained by Chinese Jialong submersible. 3500m / 11483ft Dumbo Octopus average habitat depth. Deepest Dives In Each Ocean 3780m / 12400 Final resting depth of Titanic. 5607m / 18396ft Molloy Deep, Arctic Ocean O 6000m / 19685ft Maximum depth of Russian Mir submersible. 4500m / 1476ft (current) 6500m / 21325ft (future) Maximum depth, Alvin submersible. 6500m / 21325ft Maximum depth of Japanese Shinkai submersible. 7235m /23737t S. Sandwich Trench, Southern Ocean 8047m / 26401ft Diamantina Trench. Indian Ocean 25 8380m / 27493ft Puerto Rico Trench, Atlantic Ocean 11,277m / 37.000ft 1-person Virgin Oceanic Sub, full ocean depth capable. 6500m / 21325ft Bioluminescent creatures are found throughout the ocean depths. 9144m / 30000ft Maximum drill depth of Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform. 10912m / 35800ft Maximum depth attained by. Bathyscaphe Trieste. 5 OCEANS • 5 DIVES • 1 PLANET 10902m / 35786ft Ozeanic Maximum depth of Nereus ROV, deepest unmanned submersible. 11034m / 36201ft Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean Image By: Eric Nyquist 1.000m 2.000m 3,000m 4,000m 5.000m 6,000m 8,000m 9,000m 10,000m 11,000m

5 Oceans, 5 Dives, 1 Planet

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This infographic provides information the Virgin Oceanic Submarine. It shows the depth the submarine goes and what it finds in the water.


Virgin Oceanic


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