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A 4 Degree Warmer World - We can and must avoid it

A 4°C WARMER WORLD We Can and Must Avoid it Climate change is happening – now. Turn Down the Heat, a report on the latest climate science prepared for the World Bank, notes we're on a path to a 4° Celsius warmer world by the end of this century. The social, environmental, and economic consequences could be devastating. Every region of the world would be affected, but the poor and most vulnerable will suffer the most. This is not inevitable, however – with sustained policy action and climate-smart solutions, warming can still be held below +2°C. Human impact on the climate system is unequivocal. Pre-industrial Times (around 1750) Ice Age Since the last Ice Age to The global mean temperature rose by 4.5–7°C. The same warming is taking place from pre-industrial times to 2100 (only about 300 years). 4-7°C pre-industrial times (thousands of years ago): Pre-industrial Times (around 1750) Today Sea levels have The global mean Ice sheets in both risen 15-20 cm, Greenland and the temperature is 0.8°C higher. Arctic are losing mass at an accelerating rate. Since 2002, 13 extreme weather events like floods, heatwaves, and hurricanes have been linked to man-made change. Today Future By 2100: If present emission trends continue, the world is on a path to a 4°C warming. Likely sea level rise: 0.5-1 meter. 4° warmer What could a 4°C warmer world look like? Warming is likely to have more severe impacts on the tropics. Drought and aridity would likely increase in tropical developing countries. There would be larger impacts on agriculture and ecosystems. Bangladesh The Caribbean India Vietnam Philippines Venezuela Mozambique O Madagascar Sea level rise is likely to be 15-20% higher in the tropics than the global Flooding and rising sea-level hotspots mean. Corals Driven to Extinction Current Amazon Rainforest Dieback 0.8°C warmer - Threatened with increased bleaching Current 0,8°C warmer - Home to rich biodiversity Water Resources Threatened 2030 2°C warmer 1.4°C warmer - Growth slows down 2050 2°C warmer - Forest fires could double Mean annual run-off decreases by 20-40% in the Danube, Mississippi, Amazon, and Murray Darling Basin 2060 2.4°C warmer – Begin to dissolve 2100 4°C warmer - Large sections transform into low biomass woodlands 4°C warmer 2100 4°C warmer - Extinction possible All above changes likely to double What can we do? The steps we take today can help countries transition to low carbon and climate resilient growth paths for the future. WE MUST: Make economic growth Scale up affordable Invest in climate-smart green and inclusive technology solutions infrastructure Increasing finances to fight climate change World Bank lending in 2012: $7.1B $4.6B Mitigation Adaptation Making development climate-smart Agriculture Transport Energy Kenya First soil carbon project Nigeria Green urban transport in Lagos Bangladesh Solar panels for off-grid homes Higher yields, greater resilience, and lower emissions on Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system used by ~200,000 commuters/day 1.4 million+ low-income rural homes have electricity 450,000 hectares Water Policy Risk Analysis Vietnam China India Integrating water resource management with pollution control Development Policy Loan Decision-making under uncertainty Launching transformative actions in energy, water, industry, and tourism in Himachal Pradesh Helping policy-makers make the right decisions on infrastructure in Họ Chi Minh 20 million+ people benefit To learn more, go to Visit the World Bank on Faceb0ok, and follow us on twitter @wbclimatechange Source: Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C warmer world must be avoided

A 4 Degree Warmer World - We can and must avoid it

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Climate change is happening-now. Turn Down the Heat, a report on the latest climate science prepared for the World Bank, notes we're on a path to a 4 degree celsius warmer world by the end of this century.




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