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35 Fish Facts that Will Make You Never Want to Eat Fish Again

35 fishing facts that will make you never want to eat fish again 2. When you buy 1lb O = shrimp from Thailand, you support slave labour. Men are bought, kept on fishing vessels and forced to do 20-hour shifts. 26lb 3. There are no legal requirements for the humane slaughter 1. For every 1lb of shrimp on your dinner table, 26lb of other sea creatures were killed of fish. and tossed back into the sea. 5. In tuna farms, small tuna are 6. 70-80% of the dumped into netted pens, fattened on pellets of concentrated fish flesh, and killed if they don't die first from parasites. salmon marked "wild" is actually farmed. WILD 59% 4. 59% of the fish sold as 'tuna in the U.S. is not actually tuna. -90% 55 years 7. In 55 years, humans have managed to wipe out 90% of the ocean's top predators. These include sharks, Bluefin swordfish, marlin, and king mackerel. 8. If current trends continue, researchers 9. A 2006 study of catch data predicted, if predict aquaculture could outgrow the fishing rates continue apace, the globes fisheries will all have collapsed by the 2048. supply of fishmeal by 2020. 2020 10. Imported farmed shrimp is often filthy, containing: 11. Research has shown fish feel pain and stress and fishing practices usually entail evisceration, starvation and Antibiotics Chemical Mouse/ Pieces of residues rat hair insects asphyxiation. Wild Salmon Farmed Salmon 12. Farmed salmon has 10x the amount of cancer-causing organic pollutants than wild salmon. 14. Chicken faeces is 13. Farmed salmon is one of the main grey in colour. A pink colour and fishy smell ingredients in farm fish feed. are artificially added. 15.Farm-raised mussels 6x contain 6x more Dibutlyin more than wild mussels. Dibutlyin Dibutlyin is used in PVC plastics and can impair immune system functionality.. 16. Between 2005-2010, 17. 31.5 million tonnes of fish caught from 25% of food-borne illness the world's oceans each year is ground up for caused by imported food 25% animal feed. involved seafood. 31.5 million tonnes 86% 18. 86% of fish is imported, half of those imports are factory farmed. 19. 300,000 Whales, dolphins and porpoises die each year after becoming entangled in fishing equipment. 20. Around 73 million sharks are thrown back into the ocean each year, with their fins cut off. x 600 21. 27 million tonnes of fish is thrown away each year. That's enough to fill the Titanic 600 times. 22. Farmed Tilapia in China are fed pig and goose manure - this manure contains salmonella. 5ft 23. If you were served a plate of sushi alongside all the animals that had to die to get it to you, the plate would be 5ft wide. 24. In 2009, illegal 25. In Vietnam, fish is kept antibiotics were found in fresh with ice made from three types of imported bacteria filled tap water. fish from China. 27. 50% of Swordfish caught are tossed back. 50% 77% 26. More than 28,000 sea turtles are captured each year in the skimmer-trawl nets used to catch shrimp. 77% of those tossed back are already dead. $10 billion 29. 20 of the world's Albatross species are under threat from illegal fishers. 31. 20% of the weight of 28. Globally, illegal fishing is tuna catch is chucked back estimated to be worth as as "bycatch". Casualties much $10 Billion. typically include: turtles, rays, dolphins, sharks and endangered albatross. 30. The fishing of wild salmon impacts 137 species. 137 species 20% 32. Longlines with baited hooks can extend up to 50 miles. These unintentionally attract and kill a huge range of sea mammals. 33. Sharks kill 12 people per year. 34. According to the World Wildlife Fund, 90% of the ocean's large fish have already been fished out. 12 per year -90% People kill 11,417 sharks PER HOUR. 3.2 . million 11,417 per hour 35. In a year, Scotland's fish farming creates as much nitrogen as the sewage of 3.2 million people. Sources 9. 1. food-raised-on-pig-feces-approved-for-u-s-consumers.html seafood-production.html 10. 2. 5869/t/52e898b9e4b0f39355157956/1390975162485/ 9-farmed-fish-facts.aspx#_edn4 overfishing_infographic.jpg 3. 11. facts-about-overfishing/ 12. 4. features/whats-the-catch-is-albacore-tuna-truly- third-of-fish-caught-worldwide-used-as-animal-feed.html sustainable-1824074.html 5. 13. 6. 14. infographic/ salmon-640x1493.png 7. 15. asian-aquaculture-2012-10?IR=T 16. 8. #sthash.LIVPYBII.dpuf NUIQUE II

35 Fish Facts that Will Make You Never Want to Eat Fish Again

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The fishing industry is astronomically large, and it's a sad fact after years of overfishing the world's seas (and using industrial methods to catch fish) have left a situation where demand far outstr...







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