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27 Interesting Facts about Gnats step by step

27. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT GNATS 300 Female gnats can lay up to 300 eggs in a day 4 A Average life span of gnats are 4 months 02 01 1|| 02| 03|| 04 03 04 Gnats use fermenting or decaying substance as a medium to breed Gnats feed themselves and live on rotten or decay substances 05 06 Not all the gnats bite - Only few gnats bites and only females in the biting species of gnats actually bite Male gnats don't bite and primarily lives on nectar and flower juices. 07 08 40 Biting female gnats require & uses blood as an effective protein for reproduction. miles Sometimes biting female gnats will travel more than forty miles for blood to breed 10 09 Gnats are primarily attracted to bright colors Gnats are also attracted towards Strong scent or odor 12 ┬░co, 11 Female biting gnats are attracted to carbon dioxide and black moving objects. Gnats usually appear in your home during winter months 13 14 15 Sewer or drain fly gnats 1 WEEK Fruit fly gnats are attracted to ripened or rotting fruit and vegetables are attracted to bacteria, sewage and other organic materials available in drains A larva will turn into adult gnat within a week. 16 Fungus gnats - Got named after they feed and groom the fungus develop in the plants due to over watering 17 Fungus gnats - can reach from egg to adult within 25-30 days. 25-30 18 Fungus gnats have small head and long antenna & legs when compared to their body size. 19 20 10 DAYS Yellow sticky traps are the most effective way to trap the adult fungus gnats Females of fungus gnat lives only about 10 days 21 22 23 Female fungus gnats lay eggs up to 150 eggs (eggs are Oval shaped and white colored) Fungus Gnat Eggs can hatch within 2-7 days Fungus gnat can transmit diseases such as Rhizoctonia (causes root rots, stem rots, damping-off) 24 Sand Flies are Called "sand" flies because of their color and not the habitat where they live 25 Only female sand flies transmit Leishmania when they feed blood 26 27 5 WEEKS Sand flies develop slowly - It takes 5 weeks for an egg to develop into an adult fly, whereas it takes 2 weeks for the mosquitoes. Sand flies need blood meal to lay eggs Sources:- Brought to You By I Remove Pest

27 Interesting Facts about Gnats step by step

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Looking for some interesting facts about Gnats. We have compiled 27 interesting facts about gnats that you will find it very interesting to share. Here the info graphics shows the most 27 interesting ...


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