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10 Ways to Live Greener

10 WAYS TO LIVE GREENER O SAVE TIME S SAVE ENERGY O SAVE RESOURCES SAVE FUEL $ SAVE MONEY SAVE HEALTH COMMUTE BY BIKE what could be belter than exercising everyma on your way to uni or work? Plus you get to avoid and Cxclude yoursel from traffic, and well, save fuel TAKE SHORTER SHOWERS USE FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS The average daily shower produces 83 kg of pollutants annually for an electric-powered water heater, according to the NRDC. You can also help by turning off the water while shaving or brushing your teeth. or showering with your significant other They're greener, cheaper and last longer. Or better yet use our natural sli BRING REFILLABLE CONTAINERS instead of buying water or colfee The same goes for taking reusable bags everywhere. It wil become a handy habi that you get used to TAKE THE STAIRS Life is so mechnical these days Be a human and ditch the olevator. BUY AND SELL USED ITEMS DRIVE CALMLY One man's trash is another man's treasure. Besides you could meet your soulnmate in the next garage sale. Who knows Aggressive driving- from speeding and rapid acceleration to braking -can decreases your as mileage by up to 33% CARPOOL According to The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook, gas used by commuter createa34-ton cloud of dioxide. Ride with one extra friend and shrink that number by S0% and enjoy quality time Public transportation isn't so bad either WASH YOUR LAUNDRY IN COLD WATER TURN OFF ELECTRICAL DEVICES BEFORE BED because 80% of the energy consumed by the washing machine goes to heating the water romy our microwave not a g y and money through the long hours of the night now, is it? Radiations alfect you as you sleep to. Sources WWWINFOGRAPHICLY

10 Ways to Live Greener

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With the current garbage shituation in Lebanon, I thought, why not work on something that would not only be informative, but also contextual and helpful on the greater level. During my information hu...


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