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10 Facts About Plastic Recycling

10 facts about PLASTIC RECYCLING 1 The first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle was recycled 1977 in PET 2 Recycling a ton of PET containers saves 7.4 cubic 3 The energy saved by recycling a single plastic bottle is enough to yards of landfill space power a 60-watt 4 The recycling rate for bulb for 6 hours plastic bottles in the U.S. remains steady at about 27%; the rate is 5 It takes 20 about 80% in Sweden, 70% in sixteen ounce Japan and 55% in Brazil plastic bottles to make a bennu 6 In 2006, the average American used 167 disposable GREENPACK water bottles, but only recycled 38 20 x = GREENPACK Fabrio made trom 100% Recyoled PET 7 Using recycled plastics 8 Over 36 billion PET water bottles are sold in the United instead of virgin raw materials to manufacture products saves 70% of the energy by States each year comparison; therefore, using recycled products is one of the simplest ways to fight climate change 10 An estimated 9 In recent years, the number of U.S. plastics recycling businesses has nearly tripled 9,400 curbside collection programs and 10,000 drop-off programs currently collect PET plastic in the U.S. to more than 1,600 businesses For more info, check out @Bennuworld, @Earth911 & @Greenopolis To learn more about Bennu,visit our website at Bennu is a social mędia marketing company that develops and executes corporate social responsibility (CSR) solutions. Our campaigns increase enterprise value and promote sustainability by combining purpose, fun and engagement. Bennu's mission is greening the standard for a new lifestyle. bennu

10 Facts About Plastic Recycling

shared by Angel on Dec 28
Recycling is good for the planet, but how much does it really help? This infographic provides information about plastic recycling, when it began and how it helps to improve the environment.




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