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Is Your Favorite TV Show the Clue to Your Career?

IS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW THE CLUE TO YyOUR CAREER? 8 Shows to Influence Your Course Selections Our favorite TV shows say a lot about us-and they may offer hints to the careers we'll find most satisfying. This infographic takes a look at the biggest hits on the small screen. Find your favorite and see which courses, majors and careers are perfect for you. THE WALKING DEAD Look past the blood, guts, and gore of this post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare and you’ll see a series that focuses on complex HOUSE OF CARDS group dynamics through the lens of a pressure-cooker situation. FUN FACT #1: Columbia College in Chicago features a course titled Zombies in Popular Media that delves into zombies as a representation of conformity, capitalism, and racial / cultural divisions in society. A modern day tale of vengeance of Shakespearean proportions, House of Cards focuses on unscrupulous Congressman / Majority Whip Frank Underwood's retaliation against opponents who sabotaged his political ascent. FUN FACT #2: The University of California, Irvine offers a free inter-disciplinary course called Society, FUN FACT #1: Frank Underwood graduated from Harvard Law School following an undergrad stint at "The Sentinel" military college-based on The Citadel of Charleston, SC. Science & Survival: Lessons From AMC's The Walking Dead. It is taught by four instructors (from the schools of Social Sciences, Public Health, Math, and Physics & Astronomy). FUN FACT #2: Students at Claremont COURSES: Leading and Managing, Psychological and Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Health, Sociology 101, Fundamentals of Organizational McKenna College created an online game called Fantasy Congress, modeled after fantasy football. The game allows students and teachers to "draft" teams comprised of U.S. legislators and monitor their activity in the House and Senate, racking up points and awareness of the U.S. government. Behavior MAJORS: Organizational Behavior, Management Studies, Sociology CAREERS: Law Enforcement Official, Clinical Laboratory COURSES: How To Rule the World, American Politics, International Relations, US Government 101 Scientist MAJORS: Political Science, International Relations, Law Studies CAREERS: Politician, Lawyer SCANDAL Ex-presidential Communications Director Olivia Pope's crisis management firm sees her “fixing" the problems and maintaining the images of Washington D.C.'s most powerful. Olivia has assembled a loyal staff of associates- many of whom she's helped along the way-not to mention several powerful allies. Brilliant young scientific minds Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter room together across the hall from Penny, an attractive, outgoing waitress who (sort of) helps them beef up their social skills. While street smarts can certainly get you very far, science never goes out of style and it's always hip to be square. Bazinga! FUN FACT #1: The character of Olivia Pope is based on Scandal producer Judy Smith. Smith is a crisis manager and former Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to President George H.W. Bush. She graduated with a B.S. in Public Relations from Boston College and obtained her law degree from American University's Washington College of Law. FUN FACT #1: Sheldon Cooper (Ph. D., Sc. D.) obtained his first Ph. D. at the ripe old age of 16. The character is currently employed as a member of the California Institute of Technology's department of Theoretical Physics. FUN FACT #2: Scandal star Kerry Washington is no slouch herself. She graduated with a dual major in Anthropology and Sociology from George Washington University. FUN FACT #2: Cast member Mayim Bialik (who portrays Amy Farrah Fowler) actually does hold a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCLA. COURSES: Differential Equations for Engineers and Scientists, Electronics Out of the Box, Intro to Physics, Basic Astronomy, Calculus I COURSES: Strategic Management, Communication Law & Ethics MAJORS: Public Relations, Communication MAJORS: Physics, Mathematics CAREERS: Public Relations Specialist, Communications Lawyer CAREERS: AStrophysicist, Biomathematician BREAKING BAD MADMEN While we should certainly aspire to loftier-and less morally bankrupt-career goals than building a meth empire, you have Advertising's come a long way, baby! However, much can be learned from the Madison Avenue advertising wizards at the fictional Sterling Cooper ad agency during the swingin' '60s. to hand it to Walter White for thinking outside the box and applying creative ingenuity to solid scientific know-how. FUN FACT #1: Walter White graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in chemistry. FUN FACT #1: Betty Draper-ex-wife of Sterling Cooper creative director Don Draper-attended Bryn Mawr College, an exclusive private college for women with a legacy dating back to 1885. FUN FACT #2: University of Oklahoma professor Dr. Donna Nelson approved much of the dialogue and scripts for Breaking Bad, lending authenticity to the show thanks to her background in organic chemistry. FUN FACT #2: Middlebury College offers a course titled Mad Men and Mad Women which examines gender roles within the context of the show, as well as historically in the U.S. during the COURSES: Drugs and Behavior, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Chemistry 101, Sociology and the Family, Microeconomics 1960s time frame of the series. COURSES: Marketing: Core Concepts and Tools, Intro to Mass Communications, Fundamentals of MAJORS: Chemistry, Finance, Entreprenurial Studies Design, Writing for Media MAJORS: Advertising, Communication, Graphic Design CAREERS: Chemist, Entrepreneur CAREERS: Advertising Copywriter, Graphic Designer GAME OF THRONES Adapted from author George R.R. Martin's epic series of novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, the HBO series Game of Thrones features dragons, sorcery, and a complicated history that informs the characters' alliances, each jockeying for power. DEXTER By day, Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter analyst for the fictional Miami-Metro Police Department. By night (and part of the day), he's a sociopath / serial killer with a FUN FACT #1: Instructor and University of Madison-Wisconson carillonneur took to the campus's bell tower to play a rendition of the Game of Thrones theme song. A carillon is amusical instrument comprised of no less than 23 bells and is usually housed in a conscience who exorcises his "Dark Passenger" by using his criminology and forensic skills to track down other serial tower. The U of M-W's carillon has 56 bells. killers and take them out of the equation. FUN FACT #2: Drexel University offered a course that compared the TV version of FUN FACT #1: Dexter Morgan attended the University of Miami. Game of Thrones to the series of books by George R.R. Martin. The course was taught by Dr. Donald Riggs who had also led University courses on Lord of the Rings FUN FACT #2: Prior to being murdered by the Doomsday Killer, the character of Professor James Gellar was a professor of Religious Studies at the University of and Dune. Tallahassee. His killer later assumed his identity in an Internet chatroom. COURSES: Shakespeare and Film, Classical Mythology, The War That Never Ends, How to Rule the World, Strategic Management COURSES: Introduction to Psychology, Intro to the Criminal Justice System, Human Behavior, Biochemistry 101 MAJORS: History, Military Studies, Literature MAJORS: Criminology, Forensic Science CAREERS: Educator, Information Specialist, Publishing CAREERS: Blood Spatter Analyst, Crime Scene Investigator INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY semester lonline. BIG BANG THEORY

Is Your Favorite TV Show the Clue to Your Career?

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What does your favorite TV show say about your future career path?


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