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The World's Richest Superheroes

The World's RICHEST SUPERHEROES A guide to the richest and most powerful superheroes (and supervillains) in the the variety of comic book universes - brought to you by Buddy Loans .00000000000...0000000000...0....0000.........000.. Black Panther runs the entire country of Wakanada (a fictional African country), which is the world's only deposit of the most precious metal: Vibranium. Vibranium is stronger than adamantium and T'Challa (the Black Panther's real identity) owns all of it, making him incredibly rich in terms of assets and top of our list of characters Runs his own country Is one of the smartest in the Marvel universe Owns the world's entire BLACK PANTHER somewhere in Africa supply of vibranium ESTIMATED VALUE: $500bn Tony Stark is one of the richest men in the Marvel universe, or any universe for that matter. Owner of multi-billion dollar company Stark Industries, Tony Stark has a personal wealth estimated to be around $100 billion dollars. His company brings in billions from patents, inventions and weaponry and he has no problem spending it STARK INDUSTRIES Funded the superteam The Avengers Owns one of the biggest companies on Earth Spent $1.5bn on his Iron Man suits alone IRON MAN ESTIMATED VALUE: $100bn Bruce Wayne owns Wayne Enterprises, one of the biggest companies in the world, holding scores of patents, inventions and products. He also has a mammoth amount in the way of assets, including owning 1/3 of Gotham City, a huge mansion and estate and a collection of incredibly expensive gadgets, weapons and vehicles -W- WAYNE ENTERPRISES Owns a huge mansion with its own batcave Spent £80million on vehicles alone Owns a multi-billion BATMAN dollar company ESTIMATED VALUE: $80bn Lex Luthor is one of the most powerful, ruthless and morally-despicable characters in the DC universe. Owner of LexCorp - one of the world's most successful multi national companies - Luthor is a billionaire with a level of wealth comparable to real world Bill Gates. He even funded his own campaign for the American presidency LEXCORP Owns LexCorp, a huge multi-billion dollar setup Funds endless research Funded his own LEX LUTHOR and giant robots presidency campaign ESTIMATED VALUE: $75bn Victor Von Doom is one of the smartest characters in the Marvel universe, and also one of the wealthiest. He is the ruler of the fictional Eastern-European nation of Latveria, and has a great personal fortune to his name. He has is own army of robots and even built his own time machine, so money will never be a problem for Dr Doom Built and owns his own Built and commands Rules his own country in Eastern Europe DR DOOM time machine a robot army ESTIMATED VALUE: $35bn Oliver Queen is a billionaire businessman and owner of Queen Industries, which makes a phenomenal amount of money each year. He also became the Mayor of Star City, and uses his political influence not only to make his superhero life easier, but to invest in companies he knows to be corrupt to help bring them down when he wishes ueen NDUSTRIES Became the mayor Owns a multi-billion dollar company Owns stocks in lots GREEN ARROW of Star City of big companies ESTIMATED VALUE: $7bn Professor Charles Xavier M.D. Ph.D is the founder and leader of the X-Men. He was born into a wealthy family and his inheritence made him rich from an early age. He has built up this wealth with a series of shrewd investments (and probably patents) and is now seriously wealthy. He also has a LOT in the way of valuable assets Owns a huge mansion, home to the X-MEN Owns the X-plane, costing $33 million Can use his abilities to make PROFESSOR X money on stocks and shares ESTIMATED VALUE: $3.5bn Magneto - alter ego Max Eisenhardt - has an array of resources at his disposal, more than likely as a result of the Nazi gold he stole from Hydra. He was also given his own island nation of Genosha by the UN and can control all metal (including precious metals), meaning obtaining money will never be an issue for the classic antihero Owns his own island, called Genosha Can control metal so Has a huge amount of stolen Nazi gold MAGNETO can always get money ESTIMATED VALUE: $0.5bn Sources: Wikipedia | Comic Vine | Forbes | X-Men Wikia | DC Wikia | Screen Rant | D Vice Empire Online | Jarviscity | Ranker | Designbysoap BUY loans

The World's Richest Superheroes

shared by Designbysoap on May 23
This fun infographic brought to you by Buddy Loans takes a look at the most wealthy and powerful superheroes (and supervillains) in the variety of comic book universes. As well as their estimated net ...


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