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World's Most Searched Car Brands

World's most GoogledCAR BRANDS What car brands are an infographic by people most interested in? TopSpeed World Map TOYOTA TOYOTA HYUNDAI TOYOTA ΤΟΥΟTA FIAT ΤΟΥΟTA TopSpeed North America TOYOTA ΤΟYOTΑ TOYOTA CHEVROLET NISSAN TopSpeed HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING COUNTRY VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME Toyota Chevrolet, Nissan United States 1500000 Mexico Canada 450000 165000 Toyota 2 United States of America TOYOTA Ford TOYOTA Fora SUBARU ΤΟYΟTA Ford Ford Ford ΤΟΥΟTA ΤΟΥOTΑ Ford Ford Ford Ford SUBARU TOYOTA Ford Ford TOYOTA SUBARU ΤΟΥΟTΑ SUBARU Ford TOYOTA Ford TOYOTA TOYOTA ΤΟΥΟTA TOYOTA ΤΟΥOTA Ford Ford TOYOTA ΤΟΥΟTA ΤΟYOTΑ TOYOTA ΤΟYOTA TOYOTA ΤΟΥΟTA ΤΟΥΟTΑ TOYOTA TOYOTA Ford TOYOTA TopSpeed HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING COUNTRY COUNTRY VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME California 246000 Toyota Toyota Toyota Nevada 14800 Toyota Subaru, Toyota Toyota Ford, Toyota Subaru, Toyota Ford, Toyota Техas 135000 Connecticut 14800 New York 110000 Alabama 14800 Florida 90500 Kentucky 12100 Hyundai, Toyota Toyota Ford, Subaru, Toyota Illinois 60500 Utah 9900 Pennsylvania New Jersey Michigan 49500 Oklahoma 9900 49500 Toyota Kansas 9900 Ford 49500 Ford District of Columbia 9900 Tesla, Toyota Virginia 40500 Toyota lowa 8100 Ford Ohio 40500 Ford New Mexico 6600 Toyota North Carolina Massachusetts 6600 6600 6600 40500 Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota New Hampshire Toyota 40500 Nebraska Ford Georgia Washington Toyota Toyota Ford, Toyota Ford, Toyota Toyota Toyote 40500 Mississipi 33100 Hawaii 6600 Maryland 27100 Toyota Subaru, Toyota Arkansas 6600 Colorado 27100 West Virginia 5400 Arizona 27100 Toyota Ford, Nissan, Toyota Rhode Island 4400 Tennessee 22200 Maine 4400 Missouri 22200 Ford Idaho 4400 Ford Minnesota Wisconsin Toyota Subaru, Toyota Ford 22200 Ford Delaware 3600 18100 Ford Vermont 2900 Oregon Lousiana Indiana South Carolina 18100 Toyota Noth Dakota 2900 18100 Toyota South Dakota 2400 Ford 18100 Ford Montana 2400 Ford, Subaru, Toyota 14800 Toyota Alaska 2400 Ford, Toyota Wyoming 1900 Ford Central America HYUNDAI CHEVROLET TOYOTA ΤΟΥΟTA TopSpeed CHEVROLET BRANDS MATCHING SEARCH VOLUME HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING HIGHEST SEARCH COUNTRY COUNTRY VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME VOLUME/ MONTH Hyundai Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota Jamaica BMW, Toyota Toyota Dominican Republic 6600 1000 Costa Rica 5400 Haiti 480 Guatemala 4400 Honda Bahamas 390 Honda Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai, Toyota 1000 BMW, Toyota Nissan, Toyota Toyota Hyundai Jaguar Mitsubishi, Toyota El Salvador 1900 Barbados 320 Panama Nicaragua Honduras 1300 260 1300 Belize 140 Jamaica Saint Lucia 110 Trinidad & Tobago 1300 Antigua and Barbuda 110 Toyota 4 South America HYUNDRI CHEVROLET TOYOTA O TOYOTA CHEVROLET CHEVROLET (FIAT HYUNDAI TOYOTA HYUNDAI CHEVROLET CHEVROLET HYUNDR CHEVLET TopSpeed HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING COUNTRY COUNTRY VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME Brazil 823000 Fiat Venezuela 22200 Chevrolet Argentina Colombia 165000 Chevrolet, Volkswagen Uruguay Paraguay 8100 Chevrolet 135000 Chevrolet 3600 Hyundai Chile 90500 Chevrolet, Hyundai Bolivia 3600 Toyota Peru 49500 Hyundai Suriname 590 Toyota Ecuador 33100 Chevrolet Guyana 210 Toyota Europe VOLVO TOYOTA HYUNDAI Ford TopSpeed HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING COUNTRY COUNTRY VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME Germany 550000 Audi, BMW, Mercedes Bulgaria Croatia 18100 вMW, Mercedes Turkey 450000 Ford, Renault 14800 BMW, Renault France 458000 Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen Ireland 12100 Hyundai, Volkswagen United Kingdom 368000 BMW, Mercedes Georgia Slovenia 12100 BMW 301000 301000 110000 0066 BMW BMW Spain Volkswagen Fiat, Volkswagen Italy Serbia 9900 Poland BMW, Skoda, Toyota Lithuania 9900 BMW 110000 74000 Belgium BMW, Mercedes Bosnia and Herzegovina 6600 BMW Sweden Volvo Latvia 4400 BMW Estonia Belarus Macedonia Russia 74000 BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes 4400 Skoda, Volkswagen Portugal Netherlands 74000 Mercedes 4400 Hyundai 74000 BMW, Volkswagen 3600 BMW Austria 60500 BMW Moldova 3600 BMW, Mercedes Switzerland 49500 BMW, Mercedes Luxemburg 3600 BMW, Mercedes Dacia, Volkswagen Peugeot Mercedes Romania 49500 Cyprus 3600 Mercedes Denmark 49500 Iceland 1900 Toyota BMW, Ferrari, Volkswagen Greece 40500 Albania 1900 Norway 33100 Tesla Montenegro 1000 BMW 880 BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes BMW, Volkswagen Slovakia 27100 Hyundai, Skoda, Volkswagen Malta BMW 27100 BMW, Volkswagen Hungary Finland Czech Republic Ukraine 27100 Andorra 480 Monaco 480 Mercedes 27100 Mercedes Hyundai BMW, Hyundai Liechtenstein 260 22200 San Marino 210 Audi Asia M HYUNDAI TOYOTA TOYOTA TESLA HONDA ΤΟΥΟTA HYUNDAI TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TopSpeed HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING BRANDS MATCHING SEARCH VOLUME HIGHEST SEARCH COUNTRY COUNTRY VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME VOLUME/ MONTH Japan 301000 BMW Jordan 3600 BMW, Mercedes Thailand 165000 Honda Cambodia 3600 Honda 165000 Honda, Hyundai 135000 Honda 74000 Honda 2400 Toyota BMW, Lamborghini India Qatar Vietnam Indonesia Bangladesh 1900 Uzbekistan 1900 Chevrolet 60500 Malaysia Philippines Pakistan Honda 22200 Toyota Turkmenistan 1900 BMW Laos 1900 Toyota 14800 Kuwait Mongolia Oman Lamborghini, Toyota 1900 BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes Iraq 14800 BMW 1600 Toyota Saudi Arabia 12100 Toyota 1300 BMW South Korea 12100 BMW Kyrgyztan 1300 BMW 12100 Mercedes, Toyota Toyota Israel BMW Bahrain 1000 Azerbaijan 12100 Hyundai 9900 Mercedes, Toyota 9900 Hyundai Afghanistan Tajikistan Nepal 880 United Arab Emirates 720 Mercedes Kazakhstan 720 Lamborghini Lebanon 8100 BMW 590 Toyota Toyota Ferrari, Honda, Lamborghini Yemen Sri Lanka 8100 Lamborghini 6600 Lamborghini Guam 590 Singapore Brunei 480 5400 Mercedes 390 Lamborghini 90 Hyundai Armenia Maldives China 4400 Tesla Bhutan Australia, New Zealand and Oceania HONDA TOYOTA TOYOTA MITSUBISHI TopSpeed HIGHEST SEARCH VOLUME/ MONTH BRANDS MATCHING COUNTRY SEARCH VOLUME Australia 135000 Toyota 9900 New Zealand Mitsubishi New Caledonia 1300 BMW French Polynesia 260 BMW, Ford, Peugeot Fiji Papua New Guinea 260 Toyota 140 Toyota 8 Africa TO Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz TOYOTA TOYOTA Mercedes-Benz TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYO O TOYOTA TOYOTA ΤΟΥΟTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA ΤΟΥΟTΑ TOYOTA HYUNDAI ΤΟΥΟΤΑ ΤΟΥΟTA TOYOTA AD TopSpeed HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING HIGHEST SEARCH BRANDS MATCHING COUNTRY COUNTRY VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME VOLUME/ MONTH SEARCH VOLUME South Africa 49500 BMW, Toyota Madagascar Democratic Republic of the Congo 590 BMW Morocco 22200 Mercedes 590 Toyota Algeria Egypt 22200 Mercedes 12100 BMW Zambia 480 Toyota Tunisia 9900 BMW, Mercedes Burkina Faso 480 Toyota Botswana Gabon Benin 4400 Toyota 390 Nigeria Kenya Tanzania BMW Toyota Toyota Toyota 260 Mercedes, Toyota 2900 Toyota 320 1900 Toyota 320 Libya 1900 BMW Mauritania 260 Cote d'Ivoire 1900 BMW, Mercedes Guinea Angola Mozambique Ghana Hyundai 1600 Toyota 1600 Bugatti, Toyota 1900 Congo 260 Toyota BMW, Toyota Togo Niger Cape Verde Rwanda Swaziland 210 210 Tovota Toyota Toyota Mauritius 1300 BMW 210 Zimbabwe 1000 BMW 140 Senegal Uganda Ethiopia 880 BMW, Mercedes 140 BMW Hyundai Toyota 720 Toyota Seychelles Malawi 140 720 Toyota 720 Mercedes, Toyota 140 Cameroon Djibouti 140 Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota Equatorial Guinea Somalia Namibia 590 Toyota 140 Mali 590 Mercedes 110 Burundi 110 * countries with an average monthly search volume less than 100 were not included * features searches performed using the Latin alphabet within the April 2014 - March 2015 period * countries where there was a tie between multiple brands are represented with a light gray color TopSpeed 240

World's Most Searched Car Brands

shared by Alexandrra on Aug 12
What car brands are people searching for on Google? The study features Google searches of car brands performed using the Latin alphabet. The data was gathered over 12 months, between April 2014 and M...




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