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The World's Most Expensive Cars

BROUGHT TO YOU BY MoneySupermarket com The Worlds MOST EXPENSIVE CARS For most of us mere mortals, buying a car can be a lengthy, arduous process where getting the most for your money is a top priority. But for the fortunate few, a vehicle's price tag is merely a number, and what really matters is status and extravagance. So what's on offer if money is no object? Here we take a look at some of the most expensive cars in the world. *All prices are approximate MAYBACH LANDAULET 0 - 60 Top Speed Engine Power Price MPH £890,000 5.2 Seconds 155 MPH 604 BHP Optional extras for this car include electric sliding fabric curtains, an intercom system and an external communicator so the driver doesn't need to lower the windows to talk to someone on the street! KOENIGSEGG AGERA R 0 - 60 Top Speed Engine Power Price МРН £1,000,000 2.9 Seconds 260 MPH 1115 BHP The 2013 version of this car was launched at the Geneva Motor show in 2012. It broke six land speed records during testing. ZENVO ST1 0 - 60 Top Speed Engine Price MPH Power £1,150,000 2.9 Seconds 233 MPH 1250 BHP Zenvo boss, Jesper Jennson, stated that the objective of the ST1 was to build a car that is easy to drive but which could also double as a track weapon. ASTON MARTIN ONE-77 0 - 60 Engine Top Speed Price MPH Power £1,200,000 3.4 Seconds 220 MPH 750 BHP Called the One-77 due to the fact that only 77 of these cars have been made and with that price tag there won't be many more who can afford it! PAGANI ZONDA CINQUE ROADSTER 0 - 60 МРН Top Speed Engine Power Price £1,200,000 3.4 Seconds 217 MPH 678 BHP With a torque-to-weight ratio similar to that of the Bugatti Veyron, the Cinque Roadster has truly made the jump to hypercar status. FERRARI 599XX 0 - 60 Top Speed Engine Power Price MPH £1,300,000 2.9 Seconds 196 MPH 720 BHP The rev. limiter has been raised to 9000rpm! However, this car is for track purposes only and isn't road legal. BUGATTI VEYRON 16.4 SUPER SPORT 0 - 60 Top Speed Engine Power Price MPH £1,500,000 2.7 Seconds 268 MPH 1001 BHP Made from 100% carbon fibre to keep the car as light as possible, the Super Sport is the fastest road car in production. LAMBORGHINI VENENO 0 - 60 Top Speed Engine Power Price MPH £2,000,000 2.8 Seconds 221 MPH 750 BHP This incredible-looking car takes the name Veneno' from the one of the strongest and most aggressive fighting bulls in history. ROLLS-ROYCE HYPERION PININFARINA 0- 60 MPH Top Speed Engine Power Price £2,300,000 5.7 Seconds 155 MPH 460 BHP Designed by Pininfarina in 2008, this special edition of the Rolls Royce Phantom was built to evoke memories of the 1930s. MAYBACH EXELERO 0 - 60 Top Speed Engine Power Price МРН £3,100,000 4.4 Seconds 218 MPH 700 BHP Maybach are known for producing the ultimate in luxury cars. However, with its V12 twin turbo engine, this one really raises the bar. Most expensive cars at auction: The cars above are among the most exclusive and expensive in the world. However, just because a car has a few miles on the clock it doesn't mean it isn't as valuable. In June, 2012 Sir Stirling Moss's apple-green 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for a staggering $35 million (approximately £22.5 million) -enough to make it the most expensive car in the world. Just to put that into perspective - $35 million could buy you more than 300 Porsche 911s or 2,886 Kia Picantos! £22,500,000 300 x PORSCHE 911s 2,886 x KIA PICANTOS OR Prior to the sale of Stirling Moss's Ferrari, the most expensive car on the planet was a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, which sold for an estimated £20 million. The car, one of just three built, was bought by a mystery bidder at the Gooding classic car auction in Santa Monica, California. Most expensive car insurance claim: Of course, if you own one of the most luxurious and pricey cars in the world, you are going to be facing an astronomical insurance claim if you crash. One of the best examples of this is comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson and his beloved McLaren F1. Bought originally for £640,000 in 1997, Atkinson first crashed the iconic supercar in October 1999, when he rear-ended a Rover Metro. However, this was nothing compared to the whopping £910,000 it took to repair the car after a crash in 2011. Atkinson lost control on a slippery patch of road and span several times before hitting a tree. The result was the most expensive car insurance claim in British history. £910,000 The unnamed insurance company decided the repairs were worthwhile as a McLaren F1 in immaculate condition costs over £3 million. £3,000,000 SOURCES: | | | | | | || | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |.

The World's Most Expensive Cars

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