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Wikia Year in Fandom 2013

wikia THE YEAR IN FANDOM 2013 The home of 100 million fans living at the heart of pop culture WINTER TOMB RAIDER GETS NEW LIFE The Wikia community tripled in size at the launch portrayal of Lara Croft as vulnerable and prone to desperation. BIOSHOCK FANS FLOCKED TO WIKIA QUINTUPLING THE SIZE OF THE BIOSHOCK COMMUNITY IN 4 MONTHS. BIOSHOCK INFINITE UNEARTHS A DARK PASSAGE IN 4 AMERICAN HISTORY. The stand-alone chapter racked up praises from gamers and critics alike. MONTHS THE WIKIA GAME OF THRONES COMMUNITY JUMPED BY 100,000 NEW FANS IN A WEEK THE RED WEDDING ARRIVES TO GAME OF THRONES RED WEDDING Even though it was published 13 years ago, fans were surprised by the events of the Stark-Frey nuptials. The Rains of Castamere received 700,000 livid mentions in social media. SPRING NEW STAR WARS INCHES FORWARD 2015 Disney cancels fan favorite Clone Wars, only to announce new animated series, Rebels. (Toward the end of the year, the studio makes its biggest announcement: Star Wars: Episode VII will be hitting theaters on December 18, 2015.) 18 DECEMBER STAR WARS FANPEDIA FANPEDIA RE-LAUNCHES APPROPRIATELY ON MAY 4", WARS AS A PLACE TO SPECULATE ABOUT WHAT'S NEXT. STAR NETFLIX BECOMES MAD MEN'S HIGHEST-RATED SEASON YET MUST SEE TV From the buzzed Kevin Spacey drama House of Cards to the new season of Arrested Development, hordes of first-time subscribers join the service, spawning rabid fanbases on Wikia. Finds the polished myth of Don Draper unraveling. BINGE WATCHING BECOMES A REALITY WITH NETFLIX ORIGINALS WHILE BINGE DRINKING IS CELEBRATED AROUND ICONIC MAD MEN-THEMED "FOOD FIGTION" CHALLENGE ON WIKIA. STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS NOT AS BRIGHT AS IRON MAN 3, MAN OF STEEL While the superhero sagas both cracked the $500 million barrier, the Khan-centered sequel came in at $462 million worldwide. WIKIA'S FANS WENT OFFICIAL WITH RODDENBERRY ENTERTAINMENT'S TREKINITIATIVE.WIKIA.COM A] SUMMER SAN DIEGO WIKIA GOES TO COMIC-CON! 2CON 150 COMMUNITY MEMBERS TAG ALONG FOR THE RIDE. INTERNATIONAL PACIFIC RIM SMASHES INTO THEATERS The "kaiju vs. giant robot" movie found international success. $100 MILLION (in China alone) JOURNAMENT WHILE ROBOTS WON THE BATTLE ON-SCREEN THE ULTIMATE KAIJU -GODZILLA- TOOK TOP PRIZE IN WIKIA'S KAIJU VS. ROBOTS TOURNAMENT. CHAMPION THE MORTAL - INSTRUMENTS CITY OF BONES WIKIA BECOMES A SHADOWHUNTER SHELTER TUNN DAK AND MNY ON OF MY MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. CITY OF BONES BOOK CLUB FAVORITE PART ABOUT BEING A SHADOWHUNTER? UNDERWHELMS Mortal Instruments sequel -City of Ashes- is set to arrive in 2015. THE MORTAINSTRUMENTS City of Bones SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT OPENS NEW EVERQUEST WORLDS SOE announced next gen of Everquest games Everquest Next and Landmark - with official Wikia fan platform ERQUEST LADMARK NEXT LANDMARK FALL GRAND THEFT AUTO V ORand thert auto GTA WIKIA TAKES LAUNCHES By collecting US $800 million in one day, GTÄ‚ V became the fastest selling entertainment product in history. #1 SPOT AMONG FANS SEEING 20,000 EDITS IN THE FIRST MONTH FIVE $800 MILLION gRand theFt auto (IN 1 DAY) PLAYSTATION 4 THE WALKING DEAD OPENS TO ITS AND XBOX ONE HIT THE MARKET The console wars mean an early holiday for gamers. PS4 and XBOX sold over 1 million consoles in the first 24 hours. HIGHEST RATINGS YET Once again beating every other show on network television, The Walking Dead remained a juggernaut 16.1 BREAKING BAD MILLION VIEWERS FINALE Walter White went from cult character to icon, just as Breaking Bad came to an end. Over 6 million viewers saw Walter get his comeuppance. CATCHING FIRE ARRIVES IN |THEATERS DOCTOR WHO CELEBRATES ITS Twice as expensive and with Oscar winners to boot, the Hunger Games sequel became a respectable blockbuster. 50TH ANNIVERSARY Matt Smith's tenure as The Doctor came to an end in an episode featuring four incarnations of the character. BREAKING BAD WIKIA SWELLED 8X FROM THE START OF THE FINAL SEASON TO THE EPIC FINALE. CATCHING FIRE KICKED OFF A HUGE JUMP IN USERS ON HUNGER GAMES WIKIA - GROWING 10 10X ITS SIZE IN NOVEMBER ALONE. Q&A TARDIS DATA CORE TOASTED THE 50TH WITH A DOCTOR TRIVIA CHALLENGE, EXPERT SHOWCASE, AND FOOD FICTION CHALLENGE. THE SECOND HOBBIT INSTALLMENT BRINGS TOLKIEN FANS TO THEATERS The Desolation of Smaug continues the tale set forth in The Hobbit. WIKIA AND WARNER BROS. INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT RALLY TOLKIEN FAN COMMUNITIES AROUND A NEW CHRONICLE OF MIDDLE-EARTH'S DARK HISTORY: SHADOW OF MORDOR! HOBBIT wikia

Wikia Year in Fandom 2013

shared by acardwell on Dec 23
What were the biggest moments in fandom in 2013? See what Wikia's 100 million fans did this year.





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