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Why Americans Love Die Hard

5 DIE HARD REASONS WHY AMERICANS LOVE Production Costs Burn More Dollars: Live Free or Die Hard (2007) $110,000,000 Die Harder with a Vengeance (1995) $90,000,000 Die Hard 2 Die Harder (1990) $70,000,000 Die Hard (1988) $28,000,000 Die Hard Won't Die The fourth film costs nearly four times as the first Worldwide gross earnings: Live Free or Die Hard (2007) $383,531,464 Die Harder with a Vengeance (1995) $366,101,666 Die Hard 2 Die Harder (1990) il $240,031,094 Die Hard (1988) $140,767,956 SEASON Americans Love the Underdog (and Underpaid) The only diminishing return is Bruce Willis's hairline It's the small-fry NYPD officer who saves the day for these helpless big shots: The U.S. Government from being given the slip by an extradited dictator-drug warlord Nakatomi Plaza from losing $640 M 056e#41569 156#DDFS%ASF GOLD The American nation The World from weapons The U.S. Federal Reserve from cyber terrorism of mass destruction Bank of New York from losing gold bullions worth $140 B EASO "Yipee-Ki-Yay!" Americans Want Terrorists Dead 11 19 terrorists killed Chief terrorist falls off building he terrorized terrorists killed Die Hard with a Vengeance Die Hard Chief terrorist dies in helicopter that explodes in midair 24 13 Die Hard2 Die Harder terrorists killed chief terrorist in a terrorists killed chief terrorist killed Live Free or jumbo jet exploded in midair Die Hard at close range by his own gun EASON Americans Love Guns 8 out of 10 Americans own a gun Top Guns in Die Hard series: 10 Heckler & Koch submachine guns 7 Beretta handguns 5 Heckler & Koch handguns 3 Smith & Wesson handguns 3 M16 rifles 3 M60 machine guns EASON Americans Relate to John (Not Bruce) You can't get more American than John: John vs Bruce He's divorced #!% His children hate him He disobeys orders He's unkept, soiled, dirty He assumes his foreign adversaries understand English, including his Yippe-Ki-Yay John McClane's paycheck: $50,000 He's likely to stay on the lower rung of the NYPD salary grade for disobeying orders Cuss words Bruce Willis's paycheck: $52,000,000 Total earnings for the first four Die Hard films SEASON Americans Love that Undershirt It always starts pearly white and ends up soiled beyond laundry, Yet it finds itself in the Smithsonian Institution as part of the American film heritage exhibit in July 2007, where it shares museum with Abraham Lincoln's top hat. Not-So-Hard Facts about Die Hard RODERICK THORP OIE HARD NOTHING LASTS "Nothing Lasts Forever," FOREVER Die Hard is based on the book, Frank Sinatra was offered the John McClane role by Roderick Thorp BRUCE WILLIS WAS THE SIXTH TO BE OFFERED THE ROLE. BEFORE HIM JOHN MCCLANE WAS OFFERED TO: Sylvester Štallone Harrison Ford Richard Gere Mel Gibson Arnold Schwarzenegger So Why Do You Think Die Hard Won't Die? References: Designed for: E by: Ruby Media CORPORATION TRIVIA GOLD

Why Americans Love Die Hard

shared by Netta on Feb 17
You thought you’ve seen the last of him. Yes, John McClane is back with the latest Die Hard flick and it begs the question the world is asking: why won’t Die Hard die?




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