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Who Will Be This Year's Top Dog?

Who Will Be This Year's TOP DOG? According to legend, every summer since 1916, an annual hot dog eating contest has been held at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island, New York, where those intent on seeing the reigning champs and their challengers shove their faces with hot dogs gather by the thousands. The American tradition of gluttonly will take place again this year on July 4. RULES TIME LIMITS CONTESTANTS REVERSAL OF FORTUNE The length of the contest has varied over the years, There are usually about 20 contestants, including the defending champion and winners of regional qualifying contests. Contestants are automatically disqualified for vomiting. from 3.5 to 12 minutes. In 2013, it was 10 minutes. CONDIMENTS AND BEVERAGES TEMPERATURE SCOREKEEPING Scorekeepers keep track of how many hot dogs contestants eat by flipping a number board. Partially eaten hot dogs go toward the total, and are counted in eighths. Condiments are allowed, though they are not usually used. Most contestants have water available during the contest, though other The hot dogs are allowed to cool for a few minutes after being grilled, to prevent contestants from burning their mouths. drinks are allowed as well. RECORDS FOR YEARS 2011-2013 Prior to 2011, women and men competed together. MEN WOMEN WINNERS 1994 20 MIKE DEVITO 1995 19.5 ED KRACHIE 1996 22.25 ED KRACHIE 1997 24.5 HIROFUMI NAKA JIMA 1998 19 HIROFUMI NAKAJIMA 1999 20.25 STEVE KEINER 2000 25. 125 KAZUTOYO ARAI 2001 50 TAKERU KOBAYASHI 2002 50 TAKERU KOBAYASHI 2003 44.5 • TAKERU KOBAYASHI 10 minute time limit 2004 53.5 TAKERU KOBAYASHI 2005 TAKERU KOBAYASHI implemented in 2008 2006 53.75 TAKERU KOBAYASHI 2007 66 JOEY CHESTNUT 2008 59 JOEY CHEST NUT 2009 68 JOEY CHESTNUT 2010 54 JOEY CHESTNUT 2011 62 JOEY CHESTNUT 2011 40 SONYA THOMAS 2012 68 JOEY CHESTNUT 2012 45 RECORD SONYA THOMAS 2013 69 RECORD JOEY CHESTNUT 2013 36.75 SONYA THOMAS TECHNIQUES "SOLOMON METHOD" "CARLENE POP" "KOBAYASHI SHAKE" "DUNKING" Breaking each hot dog in half, eat the two halfs at the Jumping up and down to force the hot dogs Move side to side to help the hot dogs move through the esophagus. Soaking buns in water, then squeezing them out to make them easier to swallow. same time, then eat the bun. into the stomach. THE HUFFINGTON POST Sources: Nathan's Famous, New York Daily News, ESPN2,, Splatter by HyeSoo Kim from The Noun Project

Who Will Be This Year's Top Dog?

shared by alissascheller on Jul 02
Americans eat a lot of hot dogs, but few (probably) eat 69 in one sitting.


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