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Which Star Wars Planet would you live on?

WHICH STAR WARS PLANET WOULD YOU CHOOSE? HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHICH PLANET YOU'D LIKE TO LIVE ON IN THE STAR WARS GALAHY? Maybe you've thought about hanging out in the forest with the Ewoks, or perhaps you could put up with the swamp smell if it meant having Yoda as a neighbour. Here's your chance to take a logical approach to choosing your new Cif somewhat imagined) home, ready for the new film release on December 18th 2015. 01: TATOOINE TENANTS O DANGER O LEISURE INSURANCE (04 "IT'S KNOWN AS THE STAR WARS II CESSPOOL OF THE GALAXY" You will never find amore wretched hive of scum and villainy. Although it's known for producing some extrerhely talented pilots, * Tatooine isn't the best of areas. It's known as the cesspool of the galaxy Crime levels are high with renowned gangstet Jabba the Hutt dperating his criminal empire from his Tatooine palace not to mention those freaky, unpredictable sand people. Honest work is scarce and the jobs that are available arg a hard graft for little pay. Good access to trade • rdutes, galactic pod racing and a good old dingy rogue bar, but you'l have to put up with Tatooine the sweltering heát and a whole lot of sond 02: ENDOR DANGER O INSURANCE 04 WARS I • "YOU COULD DO WORSE THAN EWOKS FOR NEIGHBOURS" Whether you think they're cute as a button or treacherous little rodents, you could do worse than the Ewoks for. neighbours. Stay out of their way and everyone can live a peaceful life among the trees on this beautiful mobn. It's been the location of a number of important battles, so history buffs will be in their element, just beware of the occasional Endor laser strike or storm trooper attack. 03: ALDERAAN TENANTS 01 H. LEISURE 09 INSURANCE DANGER STAR "...BEING ONE OF THE FEW PLACES WHERE NATURAL BEAUTY STIL PREVAILS." The Beverly Hills of a galaxy far, far away, Alderaan has produced many a galactic hero on its surface, not to mention being one of the few places where natural beauty still prevails This is all down to the Alderaanians, a Tesas peaceful race of humans dedicated to. protecting and preserving their home. Unfortunately, being this peaceful could leave them open to attacks Alderaan 04: DAGOBAH TENANTS 03 DANGER D LEISURE INSURANCE 01 *.THERE'S A MYSTERIOUS LITTLE GREEN GUY JUST DOWN THE ROAD.." A swampy, humid planet, Dagobah isn't a particularly exciting place to live. Howeer, if you're everin need of a cup dt sugar or some Jedi training, there's a mysterious little green guy justidown the road, named Yoda, you might have heard af him, he's kind of a big deal. Other than him, you might struggle for, good company or entertainment and you have to travel a long, long way for your nearest ba. Dagobah ALDERAAN Oa 08 DEATH STAR NABO OБ HHH 04 DAGOBAH 01 TATOOINE ENDOR нотH ов (©) 05: NABOO TENANTS 01 LEISURE INSURANCE "..GRAND ARCHITECTURE AND CULTURE SPILLING OUT ONTO EVERY STRETT...“ This planet is a paradise. It's a wash with natural beauty, not to mention the grand architecture and culture spilling out onto every street in the cepital of Theed and all of Its other major cities. Visit the beautiful Lake Country, the hills, the plains or the grasslands, It is all beautiful, every inch of it. Let's not Dungem forget about the people either. This planet has produced some strong, courageous, and damn right beautiful people, oh and Jar Jar Binks. Naboo 06: HOTH TENANTS 04 "...GRAND ARCHITECTURE AND CULTURE SPILLING OUT STAR WARS II ONTO EVERY STRETT..“ The planet Hoth is a brilliantusite for the hidden base of the Rebel fighters so you'll be in good company. Unfortunately the reason It's such a good hide out is its incredibly remote location and completely undesirable and frankly, demn right uncomfortable environment. If you brave it outside on this ice crusted planet beware, not only will the Tesaats freezing air shock you, but also those giant walkers, yetis and occasional volcanic eruptions. Hoth 07: CORUSCANT TENANTS DANGER LEISURE INSURANCE gel "ALL THE FUN AND. EXCITEMENT OF THE LIKES OF NEW YORK AND LONDON.." The epicentre of activity, Ceruscant is one gigantic, epic city. All the fun and excitement of the likes of New York and London just spread acrqss the entire planet. It's essentially the centre of the galaxy and so the home of many councils and headquarters, including the Jedi Order and the Jedi Temple, so you won't struggle to find work here with the right skills or powers, Take a tripto the upper lavels and youll be treated to spectacular views of layer upon layer of buildings all ascending into the clouds. Just beware of the city's underworld, it can get nasty Coruscant 08: DEATH STAR TENANTS O DANGER LEISUREOs INSURANCE 03 "THE ONLY THING TO WORRY ABOUT WOULD BE ATTACKS FROM REBEL FIGHTERS" Not a planet but given the vast amount of space, apartments are available to rent or buy on the mighty Death Star. Ok, so your nhighbours are a tad evil but the views are spectacular and youll have all the mod cons at your fingertips. The only thing to worry about would be attacks frebm Rebel fighters. but with such a high tech spaceship you'd Tenata expect the deftences to be pretty much impenetrable. Josran Death Star So many deciding factors! At least you'll be covered come galactic attack or laser strike with Out of this galaxy property solutions! (UKinsuranceNET !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !! !

Which Star Wars Planet would you live on?

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To celebrate the release of the new Star Wars film we've posed the important question, which Star Wars Planet would you live on?


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