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Which Celebrities Have the Most Autobiographies?

THE 23 PEOPLE WITH THE MOST Autobiographies in the WORLD WRITES GREEN HILLS OF AFRICA UNDER KILIMANJARO HEMINGWAY, THE WILD YEARS BY-LINE: ERNEST HEMINGWAY THE SUN ALSO RISES TRUE AT FIRST LIGHT A MOVEABLE FEAST ERNEST HEMINGWAY: CUB REPORT NOTHING IS THERE MOM & ME&MOM A SONG FLUNG UP TO HEAVEN THOSE DARK DAYS SPEAKING UP OR SPLIT INTO TWO GUSTY WIND ERNIE: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY MY GIRLHOOD IAM NOT FINE, BUT YOU STAY WELL GATHERING TOGETHER IN MY NAME THE HEART OF A WOMAN ALL GOD'S CHILDREN NEED TRAVELLING SHOES I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS SINGIN' AND SWINGIN' AND GETTIN" MERRY LIKE CHRISTMAS MY BELOVED COUNTRY ERNEST HEMINGWAY MAYA ANGELOU TASLIMA NASRIN (1899-1961) (1928-2014) (BORN - 25th August 1962) American author and journalist. His life of adventure and his African-American author, poet, dancer, actress and singer. She received dozens of awards and Bengali author physician. Gained global fame through her and former public image influenced later generations. feminist-tinged over fifty honorary degrees. essays and novels. LIES THAT CHELSEA HANDLER TOLD ME ARE YOU THERE, VODKA? ITS ME, CHELSEA UGANDA BE KIDDING ME CHELSEA CHELSEA BANG BANG IBADAN: THE PENKELEMES YEARS AKÉ: THE YEARS OF CHILDHOOD ISARA: A VOYAGE AROUND ESSAY YOU MUST SET FORTH AT DAWN THE MAN DIED: PRISON NOTES STAY ME, OH COMFORT ME: JOURNALS AND STORIES TO BEGIN AGAIN LONG AGO IN FRANCE MY HORIZONTAL LIFE: A COLLECTION OF ONE-NIGHT STANDS LAST HOUSE: REFLECTIONS, DREAMS AND OBSERVATIONS CHELSEA HANDLER WOLE SOYINKA M. F. K. FISHER (BORN - 25th February 1975) (BORN - 13th July 1934) (1908 - 1992) American comedian, actress, food Nigerian playwright and poet. He was awarded the 1986 Nobel Preeminent American author, writer and producer. Hosts late-night writer. Was also one of the founder of the Napa Valley Wine Library. talk show Prize in Literature as the first 'Chelsea Lately'. African to receive the prize. THE MIDDLE YEARS NOTES OF A SON AND BROTHER A SMALL BOY AND OTHERS HENRY JAMES: AUTOBIOGRAPHY |ALL RIVERS RUN TO THE SEA NIGHT AND THE SEA IS NEVER FULL BOY: TALES OF CHILDHOOD GOING SOLO MORE ABOUT BOY HENREY JAMES ELIE WIESEL ROALD DAHL (1843-1916) (BORN - 30th September 1928) (1916-1990) short story writer, poet, fighter pilot, and Anglo-American writer, spent Romanian born, Jewish American British novelist, most of his career in Britain. professor, political activist, author, Regarded as a key figures of 19th-century literary realism. and survivor of the Nazi WWII screenwriter. One of the world's concentration camps. best-selling authors. CELEBRITIES LOVE, LIPSTICK AND LIES YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE PUSHED TO THE LIMIT BEING JORDAN A WHOLE NEW WORLD JUST FOR THE RECORD IF ONLY JOURNEY TO BELOVED OPRAH: MAKING THE CONNECTION KATIE PRICE GERI HALIWELL OPRAH WINFREY (BORN - 22nd May 1978) (BORN - 6th August 1972) (BORN - 13 July 1934) Previously pseudonym Jordan, is an English celebrity, former glamour model, and businesswoman. American media proprietor, talk show host, actress and producer. Best known for her multi award known by the English pop star and songwriter, fashion designer, author and actress. Began her career in the Spice Girl. winning talk show. POLITICAL FIGURES ENDING THE VIETNAM WAR WHITE HOUSE YEARS YEARS OF UPHEAVAL CRISIS YEARS OF RENEWAL LIFE AND TIMES OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS (REVISED) READ MY PINS LIFE AND TIMES OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS THE MIGHT AND THE ALMIGHTY MY BONDAGE & MY FREEDOM| NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, AN AMERICAN SLAVE PRAGUE WINTER MADAM SECRETARY HENRY KISSINGER FREDERICK DOUGLAS MADELINE ALBRIGHT (BORN - 27th May 1923) (1884-1895) (BORN - 15th May 1937) American diplomat and political scientist; recipient of the Nobel African American social American politician diplomat, was the first woman and reformer, orator, writer and Peace Prize. Served as National statesman. Leader of the to have become the United Security Advisor. abolitionist movement. States Secretary of State. THE SMALL LAND REBIRTH VIRGIN LANDS MARGARET THATCHER-THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY THE PATH OF POWER THE DOWNING STREET YEARS RN: THE MEMOIRS OF RICHARD NIXON IN THE ARENA THE CHALLENGES WE FACE LEONID BREZHNEV MARGARET THATCHER RICHARD NIXON (1906-1982) (1925-2013) (1913-1994) Secretary Communist Party of the Soviet Union, presiding over the country Longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century and is the only woman to have held General of the 37th President of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974, when he became the only president to resign the office. from 1964 until his death. the office. THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HARRY TRUMAN YEARS OF DECISIONS YEARS OF TRIAL AND HOPE HARD CHOICES LIVING HISTORY THE UNIQUE VOICE OF HILLARY CLINTON THE DIARY OF MALCOLM X THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X HARRY S. TRUMAN HILLARY CLINTON MALCOLM X (1884-1972) (BORN - 26th October 1947) (1925-1965) 3rd President of the United Former United States African American Muslim States of America. The final mate Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady of the United States. human rights activist. Advocate for the rights minister and running of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944. of black Americans. MY LIFE VOLUME I MY LIFE VOLUME II THE AUDACITY OF HOPE DREAMS FROM MY FATHER BILL CLINTON BARACK OBAMA (BORN - 19th August 1946) (BORN - 4th August 1961) American 44th and current President of politician served from 1993 to 2001 as who the United States, and the first the 42nd President of the African American to hold the United States. office.

Which Celebrities Have the Most Autobiographies?

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