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What's Your TV Watching Personality?

WHAT'S YOUR TV-WATCHING PERSONALITY? DO YOU LIKE TO ON-DEMAND TUNE IN OR WATCH ON-DEMAND? TUNE IN 2+ HOW MANY HOURS DO YOU WATCH PER DAY? DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH MORE THAN ONE EPISODE AT A TIME? YES NO 0-2 YES ARE YOU BEING HONEST? - NO NO DO YOU SCHEDULE SOCIAL EVENTS AROUND YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS? YES DO YOU PREFER MOVIES то ту? DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH NO YES ALONE, IN THE DARK WITH A WHOLE PIZZA? NO YES DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH OBSCURE INDIE OR FOREIGN FILMS? MOVIE NERD NO YES DO YOU WATCH TV AT THE SAME TIME ARE YOU HUMAN? EVERY DAY? NO NO YES YES DO YOU LIKE то CHECK SOCIAL MEDIA WHILE YOU WATCH? NO YES BINGE WATCHER YES WEIRD. WELCOME TO EARTH. ARE YOU ABLE TO FINISH AN EPISODE FROM START TO FINISH? NO YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT BEING HONEST & EMBARRASSED BY HOW MUCH TV YOU DO WATCH TUNER INNER CHANNEL FLIPPER BINGE WATCHER You like when the next episode starts without having to press a button. Netflix is your main squeeze. You have an Amazon Prime account not for the free 2-day shipping, but for the access to media streaming. A wild Friday night is finishing an entire season of "Lost." It's not that you don't like to leave your house, but with the convenience of streaming media... why would you want to? Take your streaming to the next level with a Roku 2 Streaming Player. ROKU 2 MOVIE NERD "What's your favorite movie?" isn't a question... it's a topic for discussion. The closing of video stores isn't only the end of an era, but also a cause for mourning. And forget bookshelves. Your living room looks like a media storage closet. When it comes to movies, you've seen 'em all.. and if you haven't, well, you know what's queued up for the weekend. Bring the cinematic experience home with a Bose SoundTouch® 130 Home Theater System. CHANNEL FLIPPER You have a hard time making decisions, and the way you watch TV is no different. While you'd like to spend a lazy Sunday lying around watching your favorite shows, you know that means flipping through the channels to see what else is on... and really, when it comes to a lazy Sunday, you're probably also doing 15 other things while you're watching TV. You're not ambivalent to TV itself-you just can't sit still long enough to finish a show. Do everything at the same time with a LG 65" Curved 4K Ultra HD 3D webos OLED Smart TV. TUNER INNER SAMSUNG 12:45 You have a calendar at home, at work and on your phone. Oh, and also in your car. Everything is color-coded and "penciling-in" isn't a Thu Sectembera coy response-you really need make sure you don't have other plans. While you have a full social life, you're not afraid to turn someone down if your favorite show is on. While you appreciate the convenience of streaming it later, what about spoilers?! You're not willing to take that risk. Take the safe route and tune in from anywhere with a Samsung 32GB 9.7" Black Android™M 5.O Lollipop Galaxy Tab S2.

What's Your TV Watching Personality?

shared by hhgreggoffsite on Dec 02
Your TV-watching habits say a lot about you. How you consume your favorite television shows and movies is a distinct part of your personality! With so many viewing options out there – streaming, DVD...




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