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What's Dr. Who's TARDIS worth in real life?

IT'S BICE IT'S BIG GER INSIDE POLICE "AF BOX IT'S BIGGERON THE INSI BIGGER ON TH GER ON THE HOW BIG IS DOCTOR WHO'S TARDIS? It's close to impossible to figure out the size of the TARDIS, as it changes shape based on the Doctor's personality (and the show's writers!). There are two very distinct & challenging facades to the TARDIS - the outside & inside. POLICE E BOX THE OUTSIDE: "IT'S STILL A POLICE BOX! WHY HASN'T IT CHANGED?" OnnnnO All TARDIS models come equipped with a "chameleon circuit" so they can change into a structural design that will blend best with the environment of a particular time. The Doctor's old TT Type 40, Mark 3 TARDIS, however, has a faulty circuit. EVERY TIME THE TARDIS MATERIAL IN A NEW LOCATION, WITHIN THE F NANOSECOND OF LANDING, IT ANAL ITS SURROUNDINGS, CALCULATES TWELVE-DIMENSIONAL DATA MAR EVERYTHING WITHIN A THOUSAND-I As such, it's stuck in the shape of A 1963 LONDON POLICE BOX. 1960'S POLICE BOX MEASUREMENTS: 10 FT X 4.42 FT (44.2 SOFT) DETERES 0UILII ULLL OULD BEST BLEN WITH THE ENVIRONMENT. AND THI DISGUISES ITSELF AS A PO TELEPHONE BOX FROM 1963. THE INSIDE: "IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE." The inside is constantly The interior is larger than the exterior because the TARDIS is changing, and might be infinite. The best guess* for a "dimensionally transcendental," meaning the inside and outside definitive size of the inside is exist in separate dimensions. the size of the Empire State Building. The interior walls are circular or hexagonal depending on the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING'S FLOOR AREA: Doctor. 2,248,355 SQFT There's no known complete list of rooms in the TARDIS, however the rooms that appear to be in the most use are: CONSOLE ROOM THE DOCTOR: I SHOULD PUT YOU IN A NEW BEDROOM; YOU'D LIKE THAT, WOULDN'T YOU? LIBRARY WARDROBE CLOISTER ROOM AMY POND: OK, DOCTOR, THIS TIME CAN WE LOSE THE HOLDING RING (ROOMS FOR PAST COMPANIONS) SWIMMING POOL THE DOCTOR: NO, BUNK BEDS ARE COOL. A BED WITH A LADDER, YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT! BONUS ROUND THE PRICE: GOOD LUCK FINDING COMPARABLES. To calculate the price of the TARDIS, the Doctor would need to multiply the price per sqft of homes in London ($1,147.65, or €859.92) and the sqft of the outside & inside. FOR SALE TARDIS OUTSIDE PRICE: $50,497 (e37,836) TARDIS INSIDE PRICE: $2,580,324,616.75 (€ 1,933,405,432) A designed by MOVOTO Negan Radich *Based on the episode "The Invasion of Time" Sources: play&board=policebox&thread=549&page=2

What's Dr. Who's TARDIS worth in real life?

shared by MovotoRealEstate on Mar 01
Dr. Who is the longest-running SciFi show on TV. How much is Dr. Who's time-traveling spaceship worth? A LOT!




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