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What the world is listening to...

What THE WORLD is LISTENING to. One of the great things about music is that everyone thinks their taste is right, creating endless pub arguments about the merits of different genres and bands. But while you and your friends may agree on some artists and disagree on others, just what are people around the world listening to? Jacamo has taken a look at data compiled by the International Music Summit to find out.. 49 of SOUTH AFRICANS LISTEN TO COUNTRY MORE THAN IN THE USA! South Africans also lead the way in dance music - 20% over half the population listen to it. A fifth of South Africans listen to techno - the highest proportion of any country. 53% TECHNO DANCE 73% of GREEKS 38ROCR! but fewer FRENCH people do. HARD ROCK Only 14% of French people listen to Rock Music The 1% 47 SWEDES are BIG fans of RETRO Reck'w Rell Look to Sweden for fans of retro Rock and Roll - 47% enjoy it. The Swedes also love hard rock - the highest proportion of any country listen to it (38%). 28% The FINNS are the BIGGEST fans of HEXUY METAL You'll find the highest proportion of metalheads in Finland - more than a quarter (28%) listen to heavy metal. The 75% SPANISH Mostly enjoy LISTENING to 27% The AMERICANS LOVE their 27% of Americans listen to hip-hop - a higher percentage than anywhere else in 25% JAPANESE the world. The Love LISTENING to JAZZ 2 44% INDIANS lasical 44% of Jndians Love LISTENING to The 34% BRITISH 34% of British people LOVE listening te GIRLIBOY BANDS 63% NEW ZEALANDERS 63% Love LISTENING to DANCE ELECTRONIC 36% 38% DUBSTEP TECHNO WHAT KIDS are LISTENING to.. POP REB DANCE 34% 62% 38% Classical DENMARK MoWZEALAND NEW UK 43% INDIA 70% SWEDEN FINLAND Source: International Music Summit 2012 Consumer Report

What the world is listening to...

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Every country has its own taste in music, some quite surprising. Jacamo has created a graphic that unravels data from the International Music Summit and shows us where the biggest, pop, rock, country ...




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