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What Horoscopes Say about Career Goals

WHAT HOROSCOPES SAY fbout Caneer Goals Your horoscope says a lot about your career goals, expectations, and passion. Brand Red Resume shows you each of the twelve Zodiac signs and the career goals associated with the horoscopes they represent. Look for your Zodiac sign and see what career goals best match with your horoscope. ZODIAC: ARIES Aries are active, adventurous and outgoing. Career goals for Aries include occupations in the Public relations, Sales and Advertising arenas. ZODIAC: TAURUS Taureans possess a desire for both good feeling and stability. Career goals for Taureans include occupations in the Public Speaking and Entertainment arenas. ZODIAC: GEMINI Geminis are productive and curious. Good career goals for Geminis include occupations in the Writing, Teaching, and Customer Service arenas. ZODIAC: CANCER Cancers enjoy going through phases of experience. Good career goals for Cancers include career paths in the Banking, Investing, and HR arenas. ZODIAC: LEO Leos are compassionate and faithful. Good career goals for Leos include career paths as Doctors, Lawyers and Executives. ZODIAC: X, VIRGO Virgos are retentive and creative. Good career goals for Virgos include career paths in the Teaching, Researching, and Hospitality arenas. ZODIAC: LIBRA Libras are strong-willed and independent. Good career goals for Libras include career paths in the Arts, Entertainment, and Sales arenas. ZODIAC: SCORPIO Scorpios are intense and self-motivating. Good career goals for Scorpios include career paths as Surgeons, Courtroom Lawyers, and Executive Secretaries. ZODIAC: SAGITTARIUS Sagittarians are optimistic and persistent. Good career goals for Sagittarians include career paths in the Fitness Coaching, Training and Arching arenas. ZODIAC: CAPRICORN Capricorns enjoy responsibility. Good career goals for Capricorns include career paths in the Manufacturing, Administrative, and Management arenas. ZODIAC: AQUARIUS Aquarians are social and trendsetters. Good career goals for Aquarians include career paths in the healthcare, Science, and Engineering arenas. ZODIAC: PISCES Pisces are imaginative and open-minded. Good career goals for Pisces include career paths in the Psychology, Nursing, and Social Work arenas. O BRANDRED RESUME Career Service Company 1 2 - 3 - 4 -

What Horoscopes Say about Career Goals

shared by lawyerj on Mar 11
Infographic that depicts the 12 zodiac signs and how each horoscope plays into your career goals.


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