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What Goes Into Making Game Of Thrones?

GAME OF THRONES IT TAKES A VILLAGE One of our favorite shows, Game of Thrones, is back. George R.R. Martin may be the mastermind behind this fantasy world, but there are many, many (many!) others who have helped bring that world to life on our TV screens. 3,589 Tot Individuals Ə = 50 Individun's 88 THE HÔOUSE OF DIRECTORS When filming wraps on one episode, not everybody moves on to the next one. It's rare for directors to be able to work on more than one episode at a time, so multiple directors are used throughout a season., 88 Individuals THE HOUSE OF ACTORS Characters die left and right. It'll actually be interesting to · see which happens first: George RR Martin finishes writing the series or they actually run out of actors to use and have to start repeating. 728 Individuals 2-51 THE HOUSE OF CAMERAS The world of GoT is so vast that it's impossible to shoot the series linearly. In fact, at times, units film simultaneously in places like Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, Morrocco, and Spain -- with each location needing its own crew'and support. 251 Individuals 95 THE HOUSE OF SOUND Aside from capturing clear (and sometimes purposefully not-so-clear) dialogue, each sword strike, animal noise, door closing, and punch thwap needs to be added individually. 95 Individuals 56 THE HOUSE OF EDITING The Red Wedding alone was the result of 11 and a half hours of footage cut down to fit the one hour episode. 56 Individuals THE HOUSE OF DESIGN 669 There are the costumes. And the sets. And that fantastic title sequence that won its own 'Emmy. And all the other custom elements created to make the fantasy world real. 699 Individuals 54 THE HOUSE OF EFFECTS Those dragons don't just animate themselves! 1.154 Individuals 518 THE HOUSE OF OTHERS Beyond the positions that seem obvious, there's plenty of support. Drivers and caterers and make-up people and other roles just to keep the whole production moving. 518 Individuals HUEMOR 1855 New Highway Farmingdale, New York 11735

What Goes Into Making Game Of Thrones?

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