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What every nerd oughta know about Star Wars

What every nerd oughta know about TAR WAFS 24 2$ %24 After Disney purchased Lucasfilm last year for $4 billion, George Lucas' net worth more than doubled to $7.3 billion over night! That's $4.3 billion more than his friend, Spielberg and $4.6 billion more than Oprah! George Lucas Net Worth $7.3 Billion $12 BILLION OY SALES How Did He Do It? Instead of accepting the typical $500,000 director's fee for A New Hope Lucas agreed to film the movie for $150,000. In exchange, he negotiated the right to own 100% of all Star Wars merchandise and any future sequels. Record Breaker! The Star Wars Franchise has broken numerous records but did you know it has the 49th, 85th, and 92nd highest on screen body counts of any movie? Revenge of the Sith 115 & A New Hope 75 A Legend = 10 %3D Return of the Jedi 69 A What Almost Was Lucas toyed with the idea of casting the principal characters as dwarves. He also entertained the notion of changing 2- Luke Skywalker into a woman and cutting Leia from the script. wry. Lil Han Mini Chewie Luke-et? No More Leia Studio executives were unhappy about Chewbacca not wearing any pants. Our favorite sidekick almost wore more than a man purse. That's Bantha Fodder! Banthas were actually an elephant wearing a fur coat. Mardji, a female Asiatic elephant played the part of all the Banthas during their shoot in Death Valley, the hottest location in the U.S. A wolf in sheep's clothing... or an elephant in Bantha's clothing? The Frank Oz Connection Frank Oz performs Yoda & Miss Piggy. As well as Cookie Yoda was originally a frog creature named Minch. And Yoda/Minch's home was the Bog Planet, not Dagobah. Monster, Fozzy, Animal, Bert, & Grover. The oamers areme the and Who is Darth Vader? It has taken six actors to portray Darth Vader: David Prowse (Muscle in the Suit), James Earl Jones (Voice), Bob Anderson (Duelist), Jake Lloyd (Anakin: Ep.I), Hayden Christensen (Anakin: Ep.I & II), & Sebastian Shaw (Unmasked Vader). Give 'em a Hand! Star Wars and hand chopping go, well, hand in hand. Episode I had no hand chopping and some say thats why it was the worst of the saga (Unless you count being cut in half, which I don't 0). Severed hands are used in parallels and foreshadowing as an extra level in the Star Wars story tying the Classic Trilogy to the New Trilogy. New Trilogy Count Dooku's Sith name General Grievous is is Darth Tyranus. He was a Jedi for nearly 70 years. Zam Wesell is the Mace Windu is second Anakin's visit to first chronologically to lose a limb. Anakin lost an arm and his first lightsaber battle at the same time! II the only non-Jedi or Sith to Yoda in both wisdom Mustafar was the last time to wield a lightsaber. and power. he was known as Anakin. II IV Classic Trilogy VI 13 Hands Chopped Total C-3PO was had the first line Many think Ponda The Wampas originally Baba was first. They are wrong. Luke's original ever in the universe, and the first dismemberment. had a much larger part, attacking the base on Hoth. Starkiller. Darth Vader wins, hands down, for the most severed limbs. He lost both arms and legs, and his right hand again. last name was GEORGE LUCAS: "That's what happens when you play with swords." Movies Revenue Ep. I The Phantom Menace Ep. IV A New Hope $924,317,558 22% $775,398,007 18% VI Ep. Il Attack of the Clones Ep. V Empire Strikes Back $649,398,328 16% $538,375,067 13% II Ep. II Revenge of the Sith Ep. VI Return of the Jedi $848,754,768 20% $475,106,177 11% II IV Episodes l-III $2,422,470,654 Episodes IV-VI $1,788,879,251 Saga Total $4,211,349,905 Sources 44910 BO

What every nerd oughta know about Star Wars

shared by jonnyraygun on Sep 27
A collection of fun and interesting Star Wars facts illustrated for your pleasure.


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