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What Do Beer and Wine Labels Say About You?

WHAT DO Beer &Wine LABELS SAY ABOUT YOU? When it comes to buying drinks for a party, it's not just what's inside that counts. The bottle's label sends a clear message about the drinker. So before you buy drinks for your next party, make sure you know what message you're sending. LITE BEER G Boxed Wine FOOD PAIRINGS PAIRINGS FOOD Nachos Whatever leftovers Personality: Getting drunk on a budget. Distinguishing Features: No confusion here, this is a LITE beer. Personality: Mama needs a drink after a long day. Also, you might own a cat. Distinguishing Features: Cascading wine. Let's not kid ourselves. Vague name that isn't a varietal. are in the fridge. Serve ice cold to numb the taste buds. Favorite Activities: Favorite Activities: BEER PONG BASEBALL GAMES BILLIARDS WEARING SWEATPANTS BINGE- WATCHING TV ONLINE DATING Cheap BRAND AMERICAN NAME PAIRINGS FOOD PAIRINGS FOOD. Salmon Mixed Nuts Personality: You don't understand kids these days. Distinguishing Features: Unchanged since your grandfather's time. Made-up award to convince you it's drinkable. Personality: You know what you like and you won't pay more than $5.99 for it. Distinguishing Features: As far as cheap stuff goes, it's not bad! No bells and whistles. Just great use of white space. Favorite Activities: Favorite Activities: DIVE BARS HOCKEY GAMES ICE- FISHING GIRLS' NIGHT! GAME NIGHT! KARAOKE NIGHT! WINERY HAUSTRATIONS PAIRINGS SEASONAL FLAVORS FOOD PAIRINGS FOOD Chicken Pumpkin anything parm Personality: You don't really like beer, but you're at a party so...when in Rome. Distinguishing Features: Personality: You want to impress the in-laws. Distinguishing Features: This is from a vineyard. Don't trust us? Here's a picture. You'll go there someday. Orange=Fall, Yellow=Summer, Red=Winter, Green=Spring Transports you to a crackling fireplace, far from this party. Favorite Activities: Favorite Activities: BLOGGING BUY SCENTED CANDLES I PINTEREST BOARDS WINE TASTINGS EUROPEAN VACAYS INTERNATIONAL ARTSY FOOD PAIRINGS BEERS PAIRINGS BOTTLES Kale and quinoa salad Personality: You want to look sophisticated and worldly with your BYOB. Distinguishing Features: Green bottle: Must be imported. Personality: You'll end up saving the bottles for a DIY project. Distinguishing Features: Like the back of a cereal box. But for grown-ups. Sure to elicit "oohs" and "aahs". Gold or silver crest: Must be a royal drink. Favorite Activities: Favorite Activities: DISCUSSING LITERATURE SWAPPING TRAVEL STORIES Dawrime CRAFTING WINE-AND PAINT PARTIES ART MUSEUMS CRAFT FOOD PAIRINGS Bubbly FOOD PAIRINGS BREWS BRUT Organic, locally-sourced small plates Egg white omelette Personality: You knew about this beer before it was cool. Distinguishing Features: Looks like your next tattoo. Personality: You like to live, love, and laugh. Distinguishing Features: It's ok. You took French in high school. 750 ml, but it never seems to be enough. Shows people your refined taste in art as well as beer. Favorite Activities: Favorite Activities: BRUNCH SELFIES $ VEGAS RIDING YOUR FIXIE BUYING RECORDS INDIE CONCERTS The best label shopping experience in the world. OLABEL VALUE .COM

What Do Beer and Wine Labels Say About You?

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So you’re planning on showing up to a party and are stopping to pick up drinks. Don’t make the mistake of taking this decision lightly. The beer or wine label you choose to go with says a lot abou...






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