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The Walking Dead- The Evolution of Michonne

THE WÄLKING DEAD Michonne LADASS ZOMBIE KILLING Michonne is a new addition to The Walking Dead world, a bad ass, zombie cutting warrior woman with a bad attitude and a sharp sword; not an easy combination to get along with at the best of times and this world ain't the best of times. Vara Her Katana An ancient weapon used by the Samurai of Japan, this is a kick ass meat cleaver, perfect for cutting up walkers or humans stupid enough to mess with a pissed off black chick. Seriously, do not get in Michonne's face! She is not only prepared to use her sword but knows how. The girl has skills and she ain't afraid to use them. Just think of The Bride from Kill Bill but more gruesome and less friendly. SEASON 2 we see her only in the season finale, dragging her chained walkers along, sans their jaws and arms. She saves Andrea from certain death and we instantly like her stubborn determination and ingenuity. Michonne is one bad bitch and is not afraid to show it. This promises to be a fun ride when she is on the show so sit back and enjoy the hacking and slashing. THE BETRAYAL During the early part of Season 2, Michonne and Andrea are taken in by The Governor's cronies, in particular the hillbilly Merle. Michonne is quick not to trust them and soon finds herself out of the compound of Woodbury and taken to her execution by Merle and his goons. They are supposed to be setting her free but instead attempt to murder her. She escapes, kills them like the punks they are, and breaks free to continue her badassery. SEASON 3 Michonne is still one bad mutha by the time several months have passed and she and Andrea are still hiding out in the woods, surviving and killing walkers. They hook up with Mr. Big Shot the Governor and if Michonne does not trust him, he must stink. The Girl Who Swings a Katana dumps Woodbury like a bad habit and joins up with Rick's group, after almost being traded off to die. Not a problem, if anything, we know our girl Michonne is a survivor and she'll outlast them all. THE BETRAYAL PART II When Michonne breaks free of Merle and his men, she jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire with Rick's camp. Rick is still all, psycho because his wife died and all that and doesn't trust her. When The Governor promises to leave them alone if Rick gives up Michonne, Rick agrees to the trade-off, stabbing the poor girl in the back as surely as she might stab a zombie in the face with her katana. It all works out in the end, but it's damn tense in the meantime. SEASON 4 wading through legions of undead and backing up her fellow survivors, Michonne is only racking up more kills with her blade, kicking ass and taking names. She is the video vixen of blade and severed body parts and it will be interesting to see how many more walkers she can chop up before it is all over. The season is young but Michonne is still the ultimate tough girl, sassy and clever.

The Walking Dead- The Evolution of Michonne

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Michonne is an imaginary character from the comics series The Walking Dead and is represented by Danai Gurira in the tv series of the same name. Manufacturer Frank Darabont stated in a meeting with Fe...


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