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The United States Of Nickelback

THE UNITED STATES OF NICKELBACK THE STATES THAT LOVE AND LOVE TO HATE Nickelback, eh? Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that the Canadian post-grunge rock band has had commercial success. We gauged how each state felt about the band using data from AccuRadio playshare across all channels. How does your state feel about Nickelback? LOVE LIKE NEUTRAL DISLIKE HATE WA ME MT ND Vт. OR MN ID WI SD NY MA MI CT WY RI IA PA NE NJ NV Он IL IN UT DE CO wV MD CA KS мо VA KY NC OK TN AZ NM AR SC MS AL GA TX LA AK FL HI ** LIKE LOVE HATE DISLIKE RHODE ISLAND 1 NEVADA It Well, it's "Gotta Be Somebody," and it's Nevada. Their Sin City has been a big may be the smallest state, but "Believe It or Not," it is large on dislike for Nickelback. fan of Candian talents like Celine Dion, Cirque du Soleil and Shanja Twain - now add Nickelback. 2 HAWAII Nickelback is one of the most commercially successful Canadian groups, having All love has “Left" the state, even though Nickelback's bass guitarist, Mike Kroeger, currently calls Hawaii his home, and their No Fixed Address album has songs recorded in the state. sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. 2 WYOMING It may be the least populated state, but it is the second most "Deep" in love with Nickelback. In 2013, the readers of Rolling Stone magazine named Nickelback the second worst band of the 1990s, behind only Creed. 3 VERMONT ALASKA 4 MARYLAND In 2006, Nickelback received the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Rock Artist, beating some well- known artists like Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplay. "Rock and roll is dying because people became O.K., with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world." 4 IDAHO - Patrick Carney, drummer of The Black Keys Idaho comes in at No. 4, even though the Boise Weekly published a piece in 2012 telling readers every- thing they could buy instead of a concert ticket. Guess they are "Trying Not to Love You," Nickelback. MASSACHUSETTS Not “Diggin' This." The Boston Phoenix called Nickelback "the worst band in the history of music." "Chad Kroeger is a genius because he knows exactly what people want and precisely how far he can go. He turned out an extremely racy album that's loaded with songs about gettin' drunk and doin' it all without breaking any taboos." CONNECTICUT - ChartAttack. In 2011, more than fifty thousand people signed an online petition to protest the fact that Nickelback had been hired to WEST VIRGINIA play the halftime show at the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving game. 6 INDIANA # NEW YORK The Hoosier state is "Feelin' Way Too Damn Good." According to, Fort Wayne is home to the 3rd highest This state is the No. 1 tourist concentration of destination in the U.S. for Canadians - Nickelback fans. but "The Hammer Is Coming Down" when it comes to being Nickelback fans. Hey Canada, New Yorkers will take your tourist dollars, not your rock bands. MISSOURI ARKANSAS Nickelback has released 35 singles worldwide, 22 of which have made a top-10 chart in the United States. "Hating Nickelback is the last form of pop music monoculture." It is, in other words, the only thing on which music fans can seem to agree. 8 NORTH DAKOTA - Steven Hyden, Grantland In 2014, Nickelback was the most searched term in South Dakota. “Too Bad," North Dakota beats them out by showing their love for Nickelback. WISCONSIN NEW JERSEY 10 IOWA 10 WASHINGTON LET'S "They keep ragging on the band. If they had stopped writing all this stuff about us, there would be no controversy left in the band and we probably would have died out years ago. They don't know that they're still responsible for us being around today." - Chad Kroeger, Nickelback AccuRadio DO

The United States Of Nickelback

shared by t1handy on Apr 14
A map of the US showing which states like or hate Nickelback. Nevada, Wyoming, and Alaska top the list.





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