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Ultimate Music Venue at Home

TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO THE O ULTIMATE O MUSIC LISTENING VENUE Every music fan dreams of their ultimate at home setup. We take a peek at different music enthusiasts to see how they've set up their home to create the ultimate listening experience for their favorite music genre. HEAVY METAL Metal heads enjoy bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax. Headbanging is their signature dance move, though long hair is optional these days. 4 REQUISTE SLAYER & ANARCHIST POSTERS BLACK CURTAINS TO BLOCK OUT THE SUN CANDLES TO SET THE HANER GOTHIC MOOD 1 3 COLLECTION OF “RETRO" CDS FROM THE 1990s. רכ To get the most out of those banshee-screeching high notes and guitar power chords, a metal head's dream would be double stacked Of course, a brand-new 2 speaker set would be very un-metal. The ultimate prize would be the same speaker set used onstage at the last Slayer concert. Hooked up to these monster Even more important than the 3 speakers is the latest music 4 stacks of speakers are the sound-muffling walls. No need to worry about the neighbors calling the cops due to noise disturbances. technology, allowing for easy access from the black leather couch found behind speakers. the neighborhood Salvation Army. HIP НОР Hip-hop and R&B music listeners will listen to a wide variety of music: anything from West Coast hip-hop, Gangsta rap, Nerdcore, classic Lauryn Hill, or Usher. 3 DESIGNER PATTEREND WALLPAPER 4 PERSONALIZED PIMP CUP VIBRATION RESISTANT FURNITURE If there is one thing a hip-hop The custom-made floor Reinforced ceiling beams Of course, no hip-hop/R&B 2 speakers ensure that when the heaviest bass beats are listening experience is 4 complete without the 61-inch and R&B music fiend wants ensure the shock waves in their ultimate music room from these multiple stereos will keep the roof from blowing off. flatscreen TV playing a music it's excessive bass. Nearly every surface is covered in speakers wall inserts. playing you and everyone in a 10-mile radius feels it. video in unison with the sounds. TECHNO Techno music fiends are often strongly divided among house, ambient, synthpop, electro, and trance. But one thing they can all agree on is their dream to be a top DJ one day. 4 deadmau5 POSTER 2. LOUNGE STYLED FURNITURE AUTHENTIC DJ BOOTH Speakers set up in the corner Of course, no electronic experience is complete without an accompanying light show. Several tracks of colored lights give a DIY rave feel to the room. This DJ setup connects to a silver stereo and Techno junkies can't just listen to beats, they must mix 2 their own. An in-house DJ setup with turntables, phono sockets, and mixer is a necessity. of every room lets techno 3 junkies completely immerse 4 subwoofer combo. themselves in house and dubstep euphoria. ROCK & ROLL Classic rock followers will often be seen listening to The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Ramones, The Clash, any Heartland rock, and (secretly) post-grunge rock. SPOTLIGHTS 4 RED VELVET STAGE CURTAINS AC/OC 3 CONCRETE FLOOR FOR EASIER POST-PARTY CLEAN-UP שד All speakers with multi-subwoofer features Listening to rock and roll is one thing, but any true fan needs to be rocking along with their idols. In addition to the audio equipment, Bass traps are set up in Amps, amps, and more amps. The rock-and-roll listener 2 3 4 the corners of this room to are instrumentally angled for optimal sound reproduction. wants to fill their ultimate music room with enough amps to back a 20-person rock band. correct boomy, one-note bass and create the ultimate rock-out diehard rock lovers want their own stage. sensation. MUSIC PURIST Music purists will are very specific, choosing albums or songs adhere to that fit into their strict "good music" guidelines. to any genre music, selections ARTIC WHITE 3 WALLS MINIMALIST ART PRINT SLIGHTLY UNCOMFORTABLE MID-CENTURY MODERN CHAIR WAYWARD JUSTIN BIEBER ALBUM – HOW TIN BIE 4 DID THAT GET THERE? =דד Wirelessly connected to state-of-the-art speakers, the sound can be controlled The music purist wants their music in high-fidelity and with the latest technology. The Wireless HiFi System is the main of hub of this musical stronghold. The musical library is color The sparse interior of coordinated by album, genre, 4 the music purist's room 3 and personal rating. How by remote. They are optimally positioned to block out all external sound. does the system work? Only the music purist knows. is not only mid-century chic, but helps toamplify the sound quality. SUPER INDIE If you've recently heard good things about a new up-and-coming band then the indie music listener has already has known about them for months, bought their LP, and is already over them. FRAMED CONCERT HATCH SHOW PRINTS 4 "VINTAGE" FIXIE GRANDPARENT'S COUCH 3 VEGAN AREA RUG PURCHASED ON ETSY No indie enthusiast can call themselves a true The vintage speaker cabinet 2 unit features a 60-watt output. 3 They may not work all the time but their hipster-cred more than makes up for the For the weekly Thursday night The hipster indie music room is like a time capsule 4 vegan taco party, the indie lover likes to break out the vintage 4-way speaker with a 15-inch woofer. from the 1960s. A "new" mu: connoisseur without a turquoise Crosley turntable is used more as decor and less as a functional music player. large vinyl collection. Though many are still unused, they look mighty good on the wall. inconvenience. COUNTRY Country music listeners enjoy anything that comes out of Nashville, both classic and contemporary. They also maintain a large collection of Johnny Cash, Toby Keith, and Shania Twain. 3 4 OKS TEXAS PRIDE POSTER IN TEXAS 2001 CHEVY PICK-UP TRUCK 100% LEATHER COUCH CLASSIC CHARCOAL GRILL COW HIDE AREA RUG In addition to the complete aren't looking for the biggest 2 Toby Keith collection, many country lovers inherit great Country music enthusiasts To that end, no Speakers in all corners of the 3 room give the feel of an outdoor concert, the favorite listening mode of any true country fan. 4 quintessential country music setup is complete subwoofer or loudest bass. without an outdoor sound They want the cleanest sound from a "simple system" with a digital interface. country vinyls music and like to keep a turntable around to enjoy the hi-fi sound quality. system to serenade listeners while they barbeque. SONOS 2.

Ultimate Music Venue at Home

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Every music fan dreams of their ultimate at home setup. We take a peek at different music enthusiasts to see how they've set up their home to create the ultimate listening experience for their favorit...




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