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The Ultimate List of Musicians Lost to Drugs

LOST TO ULTIMATE MUSICIANS DRUGS THE LIST OF Vocals Saxophone Guitar Drums Turntables Piano I Harmonica Bass Guitar Keyboard Trumpet Sound Board JAZZ R&B DINAH WASHINGTON Barbiturate.. (The Drifters) 19 1963 RUDY LEWIS 1964 .............Heroin (The Teenagers) R&B FRANKIE LYMON JAZZ JUDY GARLAND 1969 Heroin. 1968 Barbiturate & (Canned Heat) BLUES ALAN WILSON Barbiturate AROCK (The Doors) JIM MORRISON (The Jimi Hendrix ROCK (1970O Experience) 1971 Heroin JIMI HENDRIX Barbiturate FOLK ROCK (The Association) BRIAN COLE 1 ROCK ........ Heroin JANIS JOPLIN Heroin SKIFFLE ROCK'N ROLL (1972 RORY STORM Alcohol Sleeping pills COUNTRY ROCK (The Byrds) GRAM PARSONS Alcohol Morphine.. HARD BO (New York Dolls) BILLY MÜRCIA Methaqualone ROCK (1973 (The Stooges) ZEKE ZETTNER ROCK 7 (Crazy Horse) DANNY WHITTEN Diazepam & Alcohol Heroin ...... FOLK ROCK Heroin Alcohol TIM BUCKLEY Morphine FOLK NICK DRAKE Amitriptyline (1974 ROCK (Uriah Heep) 1975 GARY THAIN Heroin НARD ROCK (Deep Purple) (Blood, Sweat & Tears) TOMMY BOLIN Alcohol Cocaine= JAZZ POCK 1976 Heroin GREGORY HERBERT Heroin PUNK ROCK (Sex Pistols) SID VICIOUS ... Heroin (1978 ROCK (The Who) КETH MOON Clomethiazole. ROCK (Little Feat) LOWELL GEORGE Heroin HARD ВОСК (AC/DC) 'A BON SCOTT (1979 ROCK HARD ВОСК (Wings) JIMMY MCCULLOCH Morphine Alcohol ** (Led Zeppelin) ROCK HARD ROCK FOLK 1980 ROCK JOHN BONHAM Alcohol ·........ JUDEE SILL Cocaine= PUNK ROCK ............. (Germs) DARBY CRASH BLUES BLUES ROCK MIKE BLOOMFIELD Heroin Heroin .... FOLK 1981 TIM HARDIN Heroin ROCK MEW WAVE (Pretenders) JAMES HONEYMAN-SCOTT NEW ROCK WAVE (Pretenders) (1982 Cocaine PETE FARNDON NEW WAVE (Tubeway Army) PAUL GARDINER Heroin ...... 1983 (Heavy Metal Kids) GLAM HARD ROCK ROCK (1984 Heroin GARY HOLTON Alcohol Morphine..... HARD BLUES (Thin ROCK ROCK Lizzy) 1985 PHIL LYNOTT Heroin JAZZ 1986 CHET BAKER Heroin = Cocaine BLUES BLUES ROCK ROCK BLUES (1987 PAUL BUTTERFIELD Heroin JESSE EDWIN DAVIS Heroin CLASSICAL DISCO (Red Hot DALIDA FUNK PUNK ROCK ROCK HILLEL SLOVAK Chili Peppers) 1988 **………· Barbiturate & Heroin = Cocaine COUNTRY KEITH WHITLEY Alcohol (Mother Love Bone) ANDREW WOOD Heroin ALTERNATIVE ROCK GRUNGE 1989) HARD HEAVY ROCK METAL (Def Leppard) STEVE CLARK Diazepam Alcohol Morphine Cocaine= BOCK PSYCHETELI ROCK (Grateful Dead) BRENT MYDLAND Heroin =Cocaine. 1990 PUNK (New York ROCK Dolls) ROCK PUNK ALTERNATIVE ROCK ROCK 1991 IOSU EXPÓSITO JOHNNY THUNDERS Cocaine= Methadone Heroin... (1992 ROCK'N ROLL T R&B SQUL (The Temptations) RICKY WILLIAMS Heroin DAVID RUFFIN Cocaine PUNK ROCK GRONGE ALTERNATIVE ROCK (Nirvana) GG ALLIN KURT COBAIN ........ Heroin Heroin ....……. PUNK (Reagan Youth) ROCK DAVE RUBINSTEIN ALTERNATIME ROCK (Hole) (1993 1994 KRISTEN PFAFF Heroin . Heroin ALTERNATIVE ROCK (The Wonder Stuff) ROB "THE BASS THING" JONES NOUSTRIAL TECHNO Puppy) DWAYNE GOETTEL Heroin Heroin (1995 A GRUNGE ROCK (Blind Melon) ALTERNATIVE SHANNON HOON REGGAE PUNK ROCK (Sublime) BRADLEY NOWELL Cocaine Heroin.. NEW WAVE (The Associates) BILLY MACKENZIE ROCK (Jerry Garcia Band) JOHN KAHN Heroin (1996 · Paracetamol HARD BLUES BOCK ROCK (The Outpatience) WEST ARKEEN Morphine PUNK ROCK (Link 80) NICK TRAINA Heroin (The Smashing Pumpkins) JONATHAN MELVOIN ALTERNATIVE POP ROCK Heroin 1997 JAZZ RONNIE SCOTT Barbiturate ... (Milli Vanilli) POP RAP ROBERT PILATUS ALTERNATIVE GRUNGE ROCK (Mad Season) JOHN BAKER SAUNDERS Alcohol Unidentified prescription medicátion (1998 新 介 (1999 ROCK (The Triffids) (The Allman Brothers Band) HARD BLUES ROCK ROCK DAVID MCCOMB ....* Heroin ALLEN WOODY Heroin E anUk (Blues Trovele) ROCK BOBBY SHEEHAN Cocaine= Heroin ROCK (2000 ALTERNATIVE JOACHIM NIELSEN Heroin ..... GRUNGE ROCK (Tripping Daisy) WES BERGGREN Methamphetamine COUNTRY ROCK EDDY SHAVER Heroin... A TECHNO (Atari Teenage Riot) HIPHOP DJ SCREW Alcohol Diazepam Codeine Phencyclidine CARL CRACK Unidentified prescription (2001 O Alcohol medication (Alice in Chains) LAYNE STALEY Heroin = Cocaine ALTERNATIVE ROCK ROCK (Tom Petty and GRUNGE the Heartbreakers) HOWIE EPSTEIN .....Heroin PUNK ROCK 2002 A QUB (Ramones) DEE DEE RAMONE (De Facto) JEREMY MICHAEL WARD Heroin Heroin ... (2003 GLAM HARD PUNK ROCK (GOD) TIM HEMENSLEY Heroin (Ratt) METAL BOCK RÓBBIN CROSBY Heroin· (The Who) JOHN ENTWISTLE A SOUL (The Righteous Brothers) ВОВBY HАTFIELD Cocaine Cocaine 0 ROCK HEAVY HARD METAL ROCK (Quiet Riot) ROBERT QUINE Heroin KEVIN DUBROW 2004 Cocainet BLUES ROCK Various RICK JAMES prescription medicátions= IKE TURNER Cocaine (2007 Cocaine = Methamphetamine A HPHOP (UGK) HIPHOP (Wu-Tang Clan) OL' DIRTY BASTARD PIMP C Codeine Promethazine Cocaine &Tramadol ALTERNATIVE (Marilyn Manson) GIDGET GEIN ROCK (Wilco) JAY BENNETT •Fentanyl & POP ALTERNATIVE МЕТAL Heroin ... 2008 (2009 MICHAEL JACKSON PUNK ROCK Various prescription medications Propofol JAY REATARD Cocaine FOLK ROCK DEATH HEAVY (2010 VIC CHESNUTT Muscle relaxers METAL METAL (Slipknot) PAUL GRAY Morphine &Fentanyl HEAVY METAL HARD ВОСК (Alice in Chains) MIKE STARR THE REV (Avenged Sevenfold) Diazepam& ALTERNATIVE GRUNGE METAL Alcohol Oxycodone & Antignxiety medicatioh Methadone (2011 R&B POP R&B SOUL AMY WINEHOUSE Alcohol WHITNEY HOUSTON 2012 Cocaine = GLAM HARD METAL BOCK HIPHOP (Kris Kross) (Warrant) JANI LANE Alcohol CHRIS "MAC DADDY" (2013 KELLY ALTERNATIVE POP ROCK PUNK (Weezer) Cocaine Heroin MIKEY WELSH Heroin• INDIE ROCK JASON MOLINA Alcohol HEAVY PUNK ROCK (Gwar) DAVE BROCKIE Heroin METAL (2014 ALTERNATIVE BOCK (Stone Temple Pilots) SCOTT WEILAND Cocaine= HARD ROCK 2015 (Survivor) JIMÍ JAMISON Methamphetamine FUNK POP INDUSTRIAL ALTERNATIVE METAL METAL PRINCE Fentanyl & 2016 (Static-X) WAYNE STATIC 4 Antignxiety Oxycodone medicatioh Alcohol & Hydromorphone · Sources: WhiteSands TREATMENT :...... .................. 20 ン ...

The Ultimate List of Musicians Lost to Drugs

shared by jmcneely109 on Oct 12
There have been many casualties in the war on drugs, with one of the most susceptible groups being the beloved musicians that allow us to rock out to their beautiful tunes while sober. From Jimi Hendr...


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