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TV Viewing Habits, Broadcast to Streaming

TV Viewing Broadcast to Streaming Habits THE EVOLUTION OF TV VIEWING The first color television First Introduced 1939 World Fair had an 11 .5 inch screen cost > $8,000 in inflation adjusted dollars and received a selection of three channels The 50s became the Golden Age of Television In the 2000s, TV became more interactive with the rise of American Idol American Idol The 2000s had also seen the digitization of television All networks have begun to only produce digital signals 8,000,000 TV units in the United States Aove Luay Most watched series TV viewing then took a different turn with the rise of high speed Internet are I Love Lucy, Father Knows Best and the Honeymooners Video streaming and digital recording had begun to increase in popularity and more and more people are going online when watching TV shows THE DECLINE OF TRADITIONAL VIEWING Traditional TV viewing is still the dominant viewing method but it is also quickly losing ground to online streaming Traditional TV viewing continues to remain strong in the 65+ age group, however, it continues to decline in all other age 107:52 brackets Monthly Time Spent in Hours: Minutes 18 to 24 25 to 34 85:34 years old years old 18:38 17:30 3:36 2:34 Video on a Smartphone Traditional TV Video on a PC All live + DVR/time-shifted TV viewing Excludes untagged content among active publishers or has been tagged for less than one full month Includes apps and sites specifically designed to view video content TV viewing is experiencing a great decline with the younger generation, particularly those from the 18-34 age groups Monthly Online TV Program Viewers by Age Group This is due to the increase of Internet-ready devices and digital viewing time Monthly Viewers Indexed to Online People aged 18-24 are 45% more likely to watch TV shows online 170 145 141 150 Adult Average (100) 130 108 110 80 61 40 90 70 50 30 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ FROM CABLE TO SATELLITE AND NOW STREAMING The 80s saw the birth of cable television with an ever expanding alternative channel selection to the limited broadcast channels Now the world is immersing itself with online streaming with thousands of on demand Afterwards, it was followed by satellite TV progamming selections BR 45% of the total respondents say they had use a smartphone the last time they had watched TV This is even greater with younger audiences with Rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, streaming has become a popular method of watching TV 55% The increase in Internet-ready devices gives people access to numerous streaming channels such as Binge Out, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Cnet, HBO GO and Disney People can also go binge watching old TV shows via online streaming channels and the best part is that you can access these channels through any Internet ready device like an Internet TV, android devices, iPhones and iPads "What to Watch" TV shows would include Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead among others ZERO TV The younger generation, specifically those who are in their 20s, are choosing to cut the cord, meaning they no longer watch video via broadcast, cable or satellite In fact, according to Nielsen, about 5 million US homes have zero TV But zero TV does not mean they don't watch TV anymore, it means people choose to watch them on different devices Also, zero TV doesn't mean the absence of TV, in fact, about 75% of Zero TV households still have a TV set, but only oftentimes used for DVDS, videogames and sometimes watching Internet videos 33% of Zero TV households cite the lack of interest as the driver & 36% of these households are influenced by costs BINGE References: OUT

TV Viewing Habits, Broadcast to Streaming

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Ever since the birth of Television in the late 1930s, it is undeniable how it has taken over the world entertainment. Television has become the world’s largest source of entertainment. But as old as...




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