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TV Licensing - UK TV viewing statistics and trends Infographic

U TV LICENSING,uk The changing ways we're watching the box Television is a regular part of our daily lives, but how much are we aware of what, when and how we watch it? The latest data shows we watch more than we think, watch more online, and watch more during winter evenings WE WATCH MORE THAN WE THINK People routinely understate how much television they watch by around a third. When asked, adults estimated watch less they than 20 hours week, but the actual figure is over 30 hours a week. And the amount of time 25-34 34-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Reality (BARB Data) Perception (TV Licensing/1CM poll) spent watching is increasing. WE'RE WINTER WATCHERS 23% of money spent on largescreen TVs (33"+) in Britain in December 2010 went on 3D-enabled sets Winter Spring Summer Autumn Winter WE WATCH ONLINE BBC iPlayer usage Online catch-up services have seen a huge increase in 2010 - with BBC iPIlayer receiving more than 887m requests over the year and by December 2010 receiving an average of almost 2.9m online requests per day. This is happening in tandem with an increase in the average number of hours people spend watching on TV sets. Top 10 moat requeated programmes on BBC IPlayer per saries in 2010 pon Users All of PC broadband users viewers listeners TV radio IPlayer 15-34 35-54 55+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Despite the rise in popularity of catch up services, only around Doctor Vi (The Eeeret Hoa S5, Enti 0.2% Shoviock auoy in Pirk Enti ounisrd sa P1E Live at th Apola s, ti of UK adults exclusively watch TV online across The Aooeto foy psode E Dodor Whe The End of Time part 2, Epa Fs Has Good Nws E an average week WE'RE WATCHING MORE REALITY TV Peak viewing figures for selected programmes 2001-2010 (millions) ICoronation Street I Eastenders Britain's got talent 11% 20 of flat IX-Factor I Big Brother Pop Idol screen TVs sold during 2011 were internet- enabled 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 70% of us have TVs in our bedrooms, compared with 57% a decade ago WHEN DO WE WATCH? Catch-up TV hasn't changed the times we tend to consume our media: the average individual wakes up to radio, uses the internet all day and enjoys the bulk of their TV viewing in the evening. What catch-up TV has done for many is extend TV viewing hours later into the night. Linear TV viewing increases through the day to an evening peak between 8-9pm, while the BBC IPlayer requests follow a similar patterm, but tend to peak around an hour later. Radio listeners peak 28.8m Internat users peak 26.2 BBC IPlayer peak 235,000 iPlayer Note: each line has a very different scale - see peaks - Radio listeners- Internet users jany website) TV viewers - BBC IPlayer TV requests Women believe prime time to be earlier than men, with 64% opting for 7pm-9pm as their preferred time compared to 53% of men. In contrast, the majority of men preferred siightly later viewing, with 59% opting for 8pm-10pm compared to 53% of women. WHAT AND WHERE WE WATCH Top ten of the decade 1 2001 Only Fools and Horses 21.4m 2 2004 Euro 2004 England V Portugal (BBC) 20.7m 3 2001 Eastenders 20.1m 4 2003 Coronation Street 19.4m 5 2006 World Cup England V Sweden (ITV) 18.5m 6 2009 Britain's Got Talent final result show 18.3m 24% of men compared to 17% 2004 Euro 2004 England V Croatia (BBC) 18.3m 8 2004 Euro 2004 England V France (ITV) 17.8m 9 2010 X-Factor Final 17.7m 10 2010 World Cup: England V Germany (BBC) 17.5m of women have a TV in their kitchen 68% 20m (56% of population) watched the Queen's Coronation in 1953 on TVv of the UK usually eat their evening meal in front of the TV, making it the most popular TV meal 3bn worldwide are expected to watch Prince William and 39m watched Prince Charles and Lady Diana marry in 1981 - the highest of any TV programme in the last 30 years Kate Middleton marry on April 29 this year Statistics source: TV Licensing/ICM pell - conducted online for TV Licensing in December 2010 and January 2011. Sample size was 2,066 UK adults BARB (Broadcasters Audience Research Board) - TV viewing statistics GIK Retad and Technology -GB Panekmarket Flat TV sales statistics, Regional Statistics exclude online sales and sales by Mail Order Houses and Pure Online Players BBC - udience research statistics (including BBC Player data) Please visit to read the full report

TV Licensing - UK TV viewing statistics and trends Infographic

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TV Licensing has put together an interesting Infographic which covers how the British public's tv viewing habits have changed over time, and what impact BBC Iplayer and other tv ondemand services have...


TV Licensing


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