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True Blood Season 5 Characters

TRUEBLOOD ROman Zimgdic Also known as the Guardlan, Romanwas an anclent, powerful and imposing vamplre. Romanwas the 500-year-old leader of the Vamplre Authority, and, by extenslon the supreme ruler of allvam- plres on earth Angela Robinson, writer of Episode5, sald, "He'sstruggiing with how to buld consensus, butina True Bloodway. Roman had a lotof people opposing his goal of having humansand vamplres peacefully co-exist. Romanwas klled by Russell Edgington. RUSSELL EdgiNGtOn Russellwas the former vamplreking of Mississipp, and former Chancellor of the Authority. An anclent vamplre of almost 3,00oyearsold, Russelwas considered by many to be the oldest, and mostpoworful vamplre In existence, aswell as the crazlest. Russellwas sentenced to the True Death by Roman.The IStake nmachine that was strapped to his body to dl him, was rigged, and Russell didnot dle. Russell turmed and droveastake Into Roman's body. EricNorthmanklled Russell by drvinga stake Into his body, after faerles shot beams of ight at hlm. TBBN 399a6eden Sp1DUnaa Lafayette Reynolds is the shortorder cook at Merlotte's Bar and GrlI, cousin of Tara Thornton and nephow of Lettle Mae Danlels. Lafayette recently discovered that he ls a medlum that has maglcal ablitles. Lafayette Rey nolds turned Into a demon after he dumped a bottle of bleach Into gumbo hewas cooking. Lafayette turmed Into a demon afterhe cast acurse on Sookle'scar. Lafayette turned Into a demon struggling with his magical ablities. Tara mae Tharnton Taralsa strong-wlled personwho hashad to deal withamultitude of abusesin herlife. Shewas shot In thehead by Debble the werewolf. Sookle Stackhouse and Lafayette Reynolds persuaded the vamplre Pam to tun Taralnto a vamplre. Taraand Pamela romantically mouth kissed after Tara freed Pamelafrom a holding cell Inthe Authorty bullding. Jessica Hamby Jessica Hamby (born 1991, turned 2008) Isayoung vamplre and the progenyof Bll Compton. Shewastumed as decreed by theMagister, In reparation for Bl's murder of Longshadow, a fellowvamplre. Jessica was tumed Intoavamplre as a virgin. Evenafter shehas sex, she will become a virginagaln because as a vamplre her hymenwill always heal back to Itsvirginal state. As BIlhasturned Into an Incarnation of Ulth, Jessica isnot friendly with hlmby the end of Season 5. Libith Ulth Isknown as the Progenitorand is supposedly the "first vamplre" made In God'sImage. She's belleved by many vamplres to have been createdbefore Adam and Eve,who, according to the Original Testamentor the Vamplre bible, weredeslgned to sustaln Ulth;her progeny in turn would be sustalned by theirchldren, the human race. Llthis worshiped as a god by many vamplres. Creator/Executive Producerof True Blood, Alan Ball, sald, "I always thought Itwas Interestingthat the Vamplres wereusing scripture to Justify, what is basically, unjustiflable BII Compton drank the blood of Ulth, he exploded Into abloody puddle, and rose out of It to become an Incarnatlon of Ulth. BIlth:) Developed by: neal rodriguez True Blood Mythology Source: HBO True Blood Serles True_Blood_Wid

True Blood Season 5 Characters

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Some of the main characters from the HBO Original Series True Blood are featured as 3D cartoons.




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