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True Blood Mythology

TRUEBLOOD Dynamic in True Blood • Vampires are attempting to blend into society. Vampires want to coexist with humans. People accept Vampires. • A Japanese company created synthetic blood that the Vampires can drink so that they don't have to kill humans. As a result their behavior is not necessarily evil or dark. • They lead seemingly "human" lives. The Maker Vamps create their progeny or new Vampires. The relationship is like a parent or sibling or best friend relationship. • The Maker has command over its VAMPIRES Bill Compton & Eric Northman progeny. • The Vampires have a governing body. • Each state in the U.S. has a king or queen Vampire as well as a sheriff. How to Become a Vampire • To be made Vampire you have to be at the point of death when the Vampire drinks the victim's blood. The Vampire must be buried with the victim, for it to become a Vampire. Powers O • All powers increase with age. • They can fly. • They can put people in a trance. Weaknesses and Deatht • A wooden stake in the heart will kill. • They can be burned to death. • They can be bled out to death. • Severing the head from the body also • severs the spinal cord and they will die. Silver only weakens and wounds them. Crosses don't affect Vampires. Vampires can be seen in mirrors. Dynamic in True Blood WEREWOLF Alcide Herveaux • Werewolves are pure shape shifters because they become only one creature. • They have a pack mentality. eat first. • They are territorial and secretive. • There are good packs and evil packs. • A pack of evil werewolves have become addicted to a result, perform as soldiers for him. s blood and as a How to Become a Werewolf • Werewolves are born of two were-parents. Powers O • They are animals that shape shift at will, but will always shift on full moon nights. • They are extremely sensitive to smells, sounds and the hunt. Weaknesses and Death t • The werewolves can be killed with plain old bullets. oltotonmean IiamNan Dynamic in True Blood SHAPE SHIFTER • A human who shifts into an animal Sam Merlotte How to Become a Shape Shifter •2 Shape Shifters will have Shape Shifter children. One Shape Shifter and a human can have Shape Shifter children. 2 Humans with a recessive Shape Shifter gene cannot have shape shifter children. Powers O • They have to have a target animal to shift into, a picture of an animal or a living animal to clone. •They can change anytime into a "go to" animal that they have retained. They can retain some of the trace elements or character traits of that go to animal. Weaknesses and Death + •A shift wears off when they fall asleep. • They lose their clothes in the process of shifting and therefore may wake up naked in an awkward locations. • Shifters can be killed with plain old bullets. WITCH Dynamic in True BloodA Marnie Stonebrook • They are essentially neo-pagan Wiccans, benign and holistic in nature. • Whether they practice black magic or good magic is determined by the soul of the practitioner. • They can control the dead therefore they can control the Vampires. How to Become a Witch • There are powers within the humans that can be recognized, tapped into and nurtured into practice. It usually runs in the family. Powers O • They can access supernatural powers for the use of good or evil. • They can bring back things from the dead or Necromancy. Weaknesses and Death t • They are human. Dynamic in True Blood •They are an old race of intelligent creatures who pioneered consciousness and beauty. FAERIE •They have dabbled in human development. Sookie Stackhouse •They are also known as Finadrea, Ellyllon and Aliens. •They have settled in another dimension or Faerie plane. • Vampires drove the Faeries to the other plane because they almost drank them into extinction. •Vampires can walk in the daylight if they ingest Faerie blood. • Faeries cannot be turned by Vampires. • The Faerie Queen wants to collect the Faeries and keep them back in Faerie World and close the portal to their plane. How to Become a Faerie • You are born of Faeries. Powers O • They can channel nature. •They are su numans. • They abduct •They present the illusion of Utopia however there is a darker side to Faeries. to humans. Weaknesses and Death+ • Vampires can drink them to extinction. Dynamic in True Blood WERE PANTHER Crystal Norris • Were-Panthers are isolated in their own little community. • They stay away from the human world. • They are trying to extend their race. • They are inbred and unintelligent. are not very virile. • They create a new Were-Panther for their village women try to procreate with. How to Become a Panther. • Ghost Daddy and Ghost Mamma were the first to procreate and have a Were- Panther. • If you are attacked by a Were-Panther, on the next full moon you I become one Powers O • They are very animalistic, even when they haven't shifted. •They can shift at will. Weaknesses and Deatht •They are not virile and are becoming an endangered species. Developed by neal rodriguez Sources:

True Blood Mythology

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Vampires on the television series True Blood try to coexist with humans. Here are some facts and trivia about the tv show.


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