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Treasures Lost at Sea

TREASURES A LOST AT SEA The ocean floor is littered with sunken treasures. Some real and some probably not-so-real, many people devote their lives to searching for these long lost riches. Big Ocean = Big Treasure ANCIENT Found off the coast of Sicily. BRONZE COINS Divers located this hidden treasure in fairly shallow waters next to a large stone anchor. They were stamped with the same icon and appeared to be some form of currency. It is believed they were intentionally hidden by a Carthaginian ship that intended to come back and retrieve the coins at a later date. 3,422 of them to be exact, from 264 and 241 BC FOOD JARS Treasure hunters found a large Found 18 miles off the Roman merchant vessel with a coast of Italy. remotely operated vehicle. Further excavation is The ship crashed over 2,000 years ago. currently on hold til the Italian government decides what steps to take next. Containing pickled fish, grains, wine, and oil. Yum! GOLD AND SILVER COINS n Discovered in the Spanish ship Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes. The ship was sunk in 1804. Found by Odyssey Marine Exploration, a treasure hunting company. Was eventually given back to Spain after a 5 year legal battle over custody The treasure was valued at over $500 million. Over 570,000 silver coins and 212 gold coins PLATINUM BARS A hunter claims he has located the SS Port Nicholson which was Sunk by a German U-Boat, it is said that the ship is filled with platinum. sunk in WWII. This treasure could be worth over $3 billion! You know.if it's real. | AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF GOLD After 16 years of searching, Mel Fisher finally located Nuestra Senora de Atocha This Spanish merchant ship sank in 1622 during a hurricane After over 100 court battles, Mel finally won the rights to his treasure Over $450 million treasure including: Şilver and gold coins Emeralds 1,000 silver bars Now that's a lot of bling... A ship belonging to Captain Morgan was discovered in Panama CANNONS On it were: Six cannons the pirate used to defend his ship during battle, swords, chests, and barrels Unfortunately they have yet to locate any of his famed rum Want to strike it rich? It is estimated that the total value of all shipwreck treasures is over $60 BILLION. The following treasures are waiting to make someone rich! Disclaimer: They might not exist. FLOR DE LA MAR This Portuguese ship sank in 1512 near Sumatra while carrying jewelry, precious stones, bronze lion and Melakan embroidery. BRITISH CURRENCY During WWII, eyewitnesses reported seeing Nazi's dump crates into Lake Toplitz in Austria. FR Twice, once in 1959 and once in 1983, divers have brought up forged British pounds. That isn't to say that there aren't crates down there with real money in them. If not why would the Nazi's dump them in a lake? SAN JOSE A Spanish galleon was trying to escape a British warship fleet but was unfortunately sunk. It was estimated to be carrying between $4 to $7 billion worth of jewels and gold. The ship has been located but not excavated because of disputes over ownership between the treasure hunting company and the Colombian government. Since no proof of the wreck or treasure has been unearthed, it is still open for discovery by amateur hunters. CROWN JEWELS OF KING JOHN OF ENGLAND While traveling back to Newark Castle, King John's soldiers carting his personal possessions were trapped by the tide in an area known as The Wash. All the men drowned and the treasure carts were lost forever. They are said to be worth over $70 Million. Whether you are a treasure hunter yourself or just love learning about what the sea has hidden there is much to be gleaned from what is at the bottom of the ocean. Sources: SELF STRAGE SSF FINDERS Fastest Growing Self Storage Directory on the Internet

Treasures Lost at Sea

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You’ve seen the movies, you’ve read the stories, and you’ve dreamed the dreams about finding sunken treasure, but have you ever spent time learning about what hidden gems actually exist at the b...




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