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To Travel the Stars in Our Dreams: An Armada of Spaceships and Vehicles

TO TRAVEL THE STARS IN OUR DREAMS AN ARMADA OF SPACESHIPS AND VEHICLES THAT REFLECT OUR VISION OF STAR TRAVEL THE MILLENNIUM THE ARK MOYA GALACTICA NEBUCHADNEZZAR FALCON STAR WARS: EPISODES IV, v, VI (1977, 1980, 1983) FARSCAPE (1999- 2003) TRANSFORMERS BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (2004- 2009) THE MATRIX (SERIES) (1999 - 2003) (SERIES) Not originally a military ship, the Millennium Falcon and its sometimes This Vanguard-class Deep Space Interceptor is sometimes called the most powerful ship created in Cybertron's history. Optimus Prime is its commander. It crashes into Earth after coming under attack by Megatron and the Decepticons. A bio-mechanical Part aircraft carrier, part battleship, a battlestar is a capital ship capable of dishing out and receiving massive damage in combat. The Galactica The Nebuchadnezzar is a spaceship belonging to a species of creatures called Leviathan. ship in the hovercraft fleet of Zion. Zion's hovercrafts are designed to be stealthy and sneak through tunnels under Machine controlled areas reluctant pilot Han Solo join up with the Rebel Alliance. It fires the shots that destroy the Second Death Star, proving that it's the size of the fight in a dog, not the size of the dog in a fight that really Leviathan can bond with a Pilot, another species, and share thoughts, emotions, and biological systems. Every Leviathan is unique and can adapt to the needs of their was one of the first of Earth. Their crews twelve constructed. The series follows the ship as its crew searches for a new home for humanity. enter the Matrix to free fellow humans and take them aboard to rescue matters. crew. them. SERENITY RAGNAROK DURANDAL THE SSV NORMANDY I T-65 X-WING STAR- FIGHTER MASS EFFECT (SERIES) (2007- 2012) FINAL FANTASY VIII XENOSAGA (SERIES) (2o02 - 2006) STAR WARS (FIRST APPEARANCE IN EPISODE IV, 1977) FIREFLY (2002) (1999) A 03-K64-Firefly class ship owned by Captain Malcolm Reynolds, named after the last battle in a devastating civil war, brought back The "Super-High- Mobility-Flying-Ship" Ragnarok was created as the flagship of an advanced nation's fleet of warships. Ragnarok is capable of space flight and uses jet engines to perform, as its title suggests, incredible feats of mobility. After the Sorceress War, it was sent into space to watch over the tomb of the Commander Shepard's loyal steed. The Normandy crisscrosses the galaxy righting wrongs, battling injustice, and defending all sentient life from the Reapers, Collectors, and A powerful military ship that when docked at its home, the Kukai Foundation, enables the space colony to travel Originally, the X-Wing was designed by the Incom Corporation for the Empire, but Incom's engineering team defected to the Rebel the stars. It also houses the Zohar Emulators, devices created in the image of a device of incredible power. Alliance and brought the plans and prototypes with them. Rogue Squadron, the Alliance's most skilled and deadly pilots, use X-Wings. After the events of Episode IV, it became known as "the from the brink of destruction in a boneyard, and emblematic of the other threats. Co-developed by Turians and the human Alliance, it represents cooperation and strength through diversity, in more ways than one, throughout the course of the Mass Effect freedom of space travel. Sorceress Adel. fighter that destroyed the Death Star." series. THE SCYTHE HYPERION DARK ASTER USS ENTERPRISE GEONOSIS SOLAR SAILER PLANETSIDE 2 (2012) STARCRAFT GUARDIANS OF THE STAR TREK (SERIES) (1966 - PRESENT) STAR WARS EPISODE 2: ATTACK OF THE CLONES (2002) (SERIES) (1998, 2010-2013) GALAXY (2014) Ronan the Accuser's ship, Not the fastest but certainly the most agile empire specific fighter in the game. The Scythe glides through cities, forests, and other crowded areas as easily as a bird on the wind. On a mission to "boldly go where no man has gone before," the USS Enterprise has seen its fair share of combat. It has also served as fertile soil for peacekeeping missions, culture exchanges, and a greater balance of understanding within the universe. A Behemoth-class Famously used by Count Dooku in his escape from Geonosis. This ship shares with its owner a battlecruiser of immense strength, it has weathered betrayal after betrayal but always comes through in the nick of time to save the from which he unleashes Kree vengeance upon the galaxy, primarily directed at the Xandarian Empire. A dark and fearful ship that is conquered by the bonds shared between the sense of old-world day. It is armed with the powerful Yamato Cannon, a Terran developed particle charm. Environmentally efficient and friendly, perhaps it represents traditions and values that we hope to take with us into space. Guardians of the Galaxy. weapon. VALLEY FORGE USCSS NOSTROMO ALIEN (1979) THE HEART OF GOLD I THE EVENT HORIZON THE MILAN0 THE HITCHHIKER'S EVENT HORIZON SILENT RUNNING GUARDIANS OF THE GUIDE TO THE (1997) (1972) GALAXY (2014) GALAXY (1979, 1981) A prototype ship powered by the Infinite Improbability Drive. According to the Hitchhiker's Guide, it "passes through every conceivable point in Perhaps a tale of the potential horrors of future technology more than anything. The Event Horizon housed an In the future presented by Silent Running, all plant life on Earth has Peter's agile little fighter craft. As plucky and full of heart as the Guardians A commercial hauler owned by the futuristic Weyland-Yutani Corporation of Earth. Unknown to its crew, it takes a Xenomorph on board, after a disastrous landing on a foreign planet. It's difficult to imagine the strange things we may discover exist in our universe. gone extinct. The last specimens are kept in biodomes on a fleet of themselves; its profile resembles a hawk or a experimental gravity engine that opened artificial black holes to ships near Saturn. Valley Forge becomes joyful songbird swooping through the sky. every conceivable universe almost cross large gaps in space-time. Unfortunately, the portals it opened went to places beyond human comprehension.and brought things back with representative of something that humanity has lost - or is in danger of losing - and must be preserved in simultaneously." Meaning that once the ship jumps to faster than light.whatever happens next could be literally anything. So make sure to dress accordingly! outer space. it. THE BORG CUBE STAR DESTROYER THE TARDIS MOBILE SUIT: HEIGHLINER GUNDAM DR. WHO (SERIES) (1963 - PRESENT) STAR WARS: EPISODES III IV, V, AND VI (1977 - 2005) STAR TREK: THE GUNDAM (SERIES) DUNE (SERIES) (1965 - PRESENT) NEXT GENERATION (1979 - PRESENT) AND VOYAGER (1987-1994, 1995- 2001) A"Time And Relative Resistance is (almost) futile against the overwhelming power of a Borg Cube. A single one of these vessels is supposed to be able to assimilate an entire planet into the Borg. The Borg themselves represent a dangerous part of the human psyche-but heroes like Captain Picard have proven that they can be A tremendous starship capable of interstellar travel. They are used as cargo carriers for the Spacing Guild and are piloted by Guild Navigators, who are capable of prescience and psychic vision. The ships never land; instead, they travel from planet to anet and remain ir As the name suggests, Star Destroyers of every class are some of the This particular example is maybe the most well-known, called the RX-78-2 Gundam, or White Mobile Suit, in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. There are many types of Gundam, however. Some of them most powerful capital ships of the Star Wars universe. "Episode IV: A New Hope" opens with an iconic long shot demonstrating the imposing size of a Star Destroyer. But for all the terror they inspire, it's interesting to reflect that the smaller X-Wings and Millennium Falcon may be shown doing more damage over the course of the films. Dimension In Space" traveler capable of moving through time and space, either-or, at your leisure. Developed by the Time Lords and capable of disguising its appearance with a unique chameleon circuit. Unfortunately for the Doctor, his obsolete Type 40, Mark 1 TARDIS's chameleon circuit is broken.leaving his space craft stuck in the shape of a 1960s London police box. Bigger on the inside, always faithful, sometimes sassy. are more reflective of their pilots than others. In the series, they serve as the warriors and soldiers of the future - a orbit. Their tremendous size and economical overcome. new, but somehow nature make them similar to modern day familiar, way for humans to wage war with themselves. tractor-trailers. Sources: Mesothelioma

To Travel the Stars in Our Dreams: An Armada of Spaceships and Vehicles

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