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Traditional Books vs Digital Readers

TRADITIONAL BOOKS VS. DIGITAL READERS: How do these newfangled devices stack up? They warmed up in front of Bherburn's paling a thdek a they op and you couldnt hear yo polse. I was ale tw ung out "Tear down th fencel Then there w teartng and amashing And the front wall off PROS They're eantly obtainable They're eastly portable PROS Don't need power to funetion Very legible, with features such as zooming Don't normally cause eye straining Can cary multiple books on one device More environmentally friendly Juat then Sherbur Note taking is much more powerful his litle front por in hie band, and cam and delibere cket atopped Can ad in the dark and has low light feature Can cross reference and access links CONS CONS Paper books are bulky and beavy You need a light souroe to read them If you make notes in them, they're permanent Sherburn neve there, looking creepy and u eye alow alo atruck the p tye straining Can only last an average of 4-6 hours Cant read eflooks without a device Fewer books to choose from DEVICES 000000000000 00000000o0000 OOD0000O0000 iPad Kindle Nook Traditional STORAGE BEOLUTION 1066/4266 books STORAGE 266 books STORAGE 133/533 books T/1024x600px 1 book 9.7/1024x768ox RESOLUTION 6/600x800px RESOLUTION PRICE $499-S829 PRICE N/A $139/$189 PRICE S139 $249 9.56"x7.31"x034 SIZE. Price: $1- $5.100.,000 75'x 48"x0.33 SIZE 81xSx048 SIZE Varies CONSUMING INFORMATION OLD SCHOOL NEW SCHOOL VS Join book clubs Discuss them on book logs Find them in libraries, bookstores and bookmobiles 24/7 access to lbraries and bookstores for purchasing, borrowing and downloading material Scribble notes in the margins Use Kindle's Public Notes virtual annotation application Write to a favorite author, hope for a response by mail Visit a favorite author's Facebook page to send a message and a friend request: follow that author's Twitter feed Collect an author's autograph at a bookstore signing Use Autography, which debuts next month. It's a software program that allows writers to autograph an e-book using an iPad Want to publish a book? Youl need a proposal, an agent, an editor, a publisher and a marketing department Want to publish a book? There's an app for that "Donate used books to charity, sell them to a secondhand bookstore "Used books" don't exist. Purchased books remain indefinitely on e-readers Swap books with friends Limited to loaning your e-reader to friends, or resorting to pirated files Find an unfamiliar word in a book? Get a dictionary and look up the meaning Use your e-reader to highlight the word and click on it, and the definition will display at the bottom of the page There's no egquivalent so far E-BOOKS RAKED IN $313 MILLION IN 2009, GROWING BY 176.6 PERCENT COMPARED TO 2008. IN 2010, E-BOOK SALES ARE CURRENTLY GROWING AT A RATE OF 217.3 PERCENT IN COMPARISON TO 2009, ACCORDING TO ESTIMATES BY THE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PUBLISHERS. SALES GROWTH CATEGORY 100 150 150 400 450 Adult Paperback -18 E-Books Adult Hardcover -23 Religious Books Children's/YA Hardcover Adult Mass Market 30 Children'YA Paperback I 2010 YTD I 2011 YTD *Sales numbers are inons DIVIDING THE MONEY E-BOOKS Author S13.99 PER BOOK $2.27 Publisher $6.54 Marketing Design s50 Retail 53.90 TRADITIONAL BOOKS Author $3.90 Publisher $4.05 $28 00 PER BOOK Marketing Desion Retail Print/Ship S3.25 SALES NUMBERS KINOLE $9.9 M NOOK 523 M тамитин WHO'S USING E-READERS 5% 5% 7% MILLENNIALS GENERATION 12% YOUNGER BOOMERS 47- 56 35-48 11% 3% 6% OLDER ROOMERS SILENT GENERATION GL GINERATION 57-65 66-74 75+ hetpi// http// httpi// httpi// httpi// http://publü hetpi// httpi//nost-eupensive het/book-sold-world Infographic Brought to you by MASTERSINEDUCATION.ORG Created by Designed by Shawn Murdock

Traditional Books vs Digital Readers

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E-Books renked in $313 million in 2009, growing by 176.6 percent compared to 2008. In 2010, e-book sales are currently growing at a rateof 217.3 percent in comparison to 2009, according to estimates b...


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