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Tracing the Representation of African American Artists

2008-2018 Tracing the Representation of African American Artists National Heat Map of Acquisitions and Exhibitions by Region NORTHEAST WEST MIDWEST MA\NY CA \ WA MI\ OH\ MO \ IL 199 EXHIBITIONS 1,472 3 ЕХHIBITIONS 350 ACQUISITIONS 1,559 ACQUISITIONS 57 EXHIBITIONS ACQUISITIONS 43 EXHIBITIONS 996 ACQUISITIONS SOUTH MID-ATLANTIC VA \ GA \ TX \ NC \ AR 69 EXHIBITIONS DC \ PA \ MD 1,089 ACQUISITIONS ACQUISITIONS >1,550 < 350 NUMBER OF MUSEUMS SURVEYED IN EACH REGION WEST MIDWEST SOUTH NORTHEAȘT MID-ATLANTIC 5,466 ACQUISITIONS 7 4 6 7 6 401 EXHIBITIONS 30 MUSEUMS Timeline of Acquisitions and Exhibitions TOTAL ACQUISITIONS 5,466 TOTAL AUCTION SALES $460.8 MILLION USD* $116.7 A ACQUISITIONS AUCTION SALES IN MILLIONS 822 Shrinking Numbers EXHIBITIONS 717 727 516 $59.1 $57.8 439 ARTISTS WHOSE WORKS HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED $54 451 $47.7 449 438 $52.6 775 348 339 BY MUSEUMS 2008 - 2018 220 $20 $13.4 $16.4 $14.2 $8.9 315 ARTISTS WITH AN AUCTION HISTORY! 2008 • 2009 • 2010 2011 • 2012 2013 2014 • 2015 2016 2017 • 2018 37 20 18 38 35 37 37 45 38 63 33 19 ARTISTS WHOSE WORKS HAVE BEEN RESOLD MORE THAN ONCE2 *This reflects the combined auction sa n sales for 775 African American artists whose work was acquired by 30 museums between 2008 and 2018, excluding Jean-Michel Basquiat 1. Datasupplied by artnet 2.Data supplied by Sotheby's Mei Moses index Timeline of Major Social, Political and Economic Events 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 US Government passes the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, a huge bailout for the US financialsystem Rise of the Tea Party, a conservative faction within the Republican Party Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (nicknamed "Obamacare") Occupy Wall Street protest begins in New York Fatal shooting of African American teenager Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, a member of a community watch organization, in Sanford, Florida US stock market booms #BlackLivesMatter hashtag first appears on social media after Zimmerman is acquitted on a charge of second-degree murder Museum Acquisitions by the Dates Works Were Created* passes Obama signs the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reformand Consumer Protection Act into law Barack Obama elected Obama is re-elected Supreme Court strikes down a crucial provision of the Voting Rights Act, allowing several states to change their election lawswithout advance feder al approval US president 47 WORKS 568 WORKS AFTER 1989 1% 2008 • 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 > 2017 2018 2,632 WORKS 11% 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 ТОTAL 52% Flint water crisis begins Debate about Confederate monuments begins after white supremacist Dylann Roof shoots and kills nine people in a predominantly black church in Charleston, South Carolina San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other players begin to kneel during the national anthem, protesting racial oppression and police brutality Special Counsel launches an investigation into the Russian government's attempts to interfere with the 2016 election Black Panther movie breaks box office records 5,105 36% Nationwide WORKS Congressional midterm elections to take place in November #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations after the police killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eriç Garner in New York City A violent clash at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia leaves one counter-protester dead #MeToo goes viral online, sparking a movement against sexual harassment and assault Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage Donald Trump elected US president Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico 1946-1989 GOP's tax reform bill passes 1,858 WORKS *We chose theearliest date where there was arange. We did not indude undated works. Market Taste vs Museum Taste There seems to be little overlap between market and institutional success. Here, we chartthe auction results for the 25 artists who had the most solo shows at the 30 US museums we surveyed. Mark Bradford Charles Gaines 10 SOLOEXHIBITIONS $117.2m $84k /2 SOLO EXHIBITIONS Kerry James Marshall Archibald Motley 7 SOLO EXHIBITIONS\ $46.6m $30.5k 2 SOLOEXHIBITIONS Odili Donald Odita Jacob Lawrence $27k /2 SOLOEXHIBITIONS 5 SOLO EXHIBITIONS $5.1m Julie Mehretu $42.8m /2 SOLO EXHIBITIONS Jean-Michel Basquiat Howardena Pindell 5 SOLO EXHIBITIONS $1.7b $73k 3 SOLO EXHIBITIONS Hale Woodruff Kara Walker $5k /3 sOLO EXHIBITIONS 5 SOLO EXHIBITIONS $5m Trenton Doyle Hancock $147k SOLO EXHIBITIONS Theaster Gates Titus Kaphar 5 SOLO EXHIBITIONS $2.5m $167k /3 SOLO EXHIBITIONS Shinique Smith Gordon Parks $77k 3 SOLOEXHIBITIONS 4 SOLOEXHIBITIONS $221k Njideka Akunyili Crosby $16.6m /3 SOLO EXHIBITIONS Barkley L. Hendricks Nick Cave 4 SOLOEXHIBITIONS $8.2m $1.4m /3 SOLO EXHIBITIONS Hank Willis Thomas Dawoud Bey 4 SOLO EXHIBITIONS $105k $42k /3 SOLOEXHIBITIONS Kehinde Wiley Carrie Mae Weems 4 SOLO EXHIBITIONS $5.2m $1.4m /3 SOLO EXHIBITIONS Martin Puryea Romare Bearden NUMBER OF SOLO MUSEUM EXHIBITIONS 2008-2018 4 SOLO EXHIBITIONS $5.3m I TOTAL AUCTION SALES 2008-2018 $8m 4 SOLO EXHIBITIONS Top Heavy Art Market Total Auction Sales: Basquiat vs. Everyone Else $460.8 MILLION Total auction sales for work by Jean-Michel Basquiat THE FIVE BEST-SELLING ARTISTS AT AUCTION 1. Mark Bradford $117.2 $163.8 MILLION 2. Glenn Ligon → $47.7 $1.7 $297 BILLION 3. Kerry James Marshall $46.6 310 AFRICAN AMERICAN ARTISTS MILLION + $42.8 $460.8 MILLION 4. Julie Mehretu 5. David Hammons + $42.7 MILLION Total combined auction sales for work by all other African American artists* "Exdluding Jean-Michel Basquiat *This reflects the combined auction sales for 775 African American artists whose work was acquired by 30 museums between 2008 and 2018 The Artists Most Acquired by Museums The artists whose work was acquired most frequently by museums, shown alongside their total auction sales between 2008 and 2018 299 252 ITOTAL NUMBER OF ACQUISITIONS BY MUSEUMS ITOTAL AUCTION SALES 162 149 138 110 98 74 72 68 60 60 60 59 55 50 49 48 45 43 41 37 37 36 36 $42.8m $46.6m $47.7m $117.2m *224 are likely photographers from themid-20th century Proportion of the Whole: Exhibitions Proportion of the Whole: Acquisitions* Exhibitions focused on work by African American artists* Acquisitions and gifts of work by Áfrican American artists 401 5,466 7.7% 2.3% 92.3% All other acquisitions and gifts 97.7% All other exhibitions 4,822 230,595 "Based on data from 30 museums between 2008 and 2018. The numberofexhibitions focused on work by African American artists includes solo shows as well as thematicexhibitions that included work by a majority of African American artists. "Based on datafrom 30 museums between 2008 and 2018 Made for | Sotheby's | 2018 EXHIBITIONS TOTAL BEFORE 1900 1900-1945 Gordon Parks Unknown* $221k NA Mingering Mike Eldzier Cortor Dawoud Bey $299k $42k Carrie Mae Weems /1.4m $5m Kara Walker Hank Willis Thomas Louis Draper Martin Puryear $5.3m Kerry James Marshall Hale Woodruff $105k Thornton Dial $1.4m Marvin Harden $429k $160 Anthony Barboza Romare Bearden $12K Mark Bradford Jacob Lawrence Lonnie B. Holley $5.2m Julie Mehretu Elizabeth Catlett Glenn Ligon I3.9m Elisabeth Sunday 854 David Clyde Driskell Faith Ringgold $98k /$768k

Tracing the Representation of African American Artists

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Commissioned by Art Agency, Partners and Sotheby’s. Published in “Special Issue: Tracing the Representation of African American Artists“.





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