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Top Ten Infomercial Celebrities

TOP TEN TOP TEN TOP TEN TOP TEN TOP TEN TOP TEN TOP TEN INFOMERCIAL CELEBRITIES RICHARD SIMMONS GEORGE FOREMAN "Only 1 Easy Payment of $39.951" "It's so good, put my name on it!" 1996 Foreman's inspiring comeback 17 years afterretir- ing from his illustrious boxing Frizzy-haired fitness guru Richard Simmons promoted "Richard's Farewell to Fat System" based on a regime of "tonin'+ sweatin". Richard encouraged women and men to "shake their booties"-ultimately on their way to amazing weight loss. career made him a natural fit for Salton's branding oftheir new contact grills-the Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. With over 100 million grills sold worldwide, there's never been a better time to 3 3 BILLY MAYS discover your passion for flavorful, heathy food by cooking with George. "a full-volume pitchman, amped up like a candid ate for a tranquilizer-gun takedown" 1993 CHUCK NORRIS William Darrell 'Billy Mays, Jr. was most noted for promoting OxiClean, and other cleaning prod- ucts. His distinctive beard and impassioned sales pitches made him a recognized television presence. Writer Frank Ahrens called him "a full-volume pitchman, amped up like a candidate for a tranquilizer-gun takedown". 30-Day Mal Only $1.0ON Then just 10 easy payments of S96.81 and shipping is FREEI TOTAL GYM spokesperson actor Chuck Noris has relied on this workout for more than 30 years and internationally-renowned celebrities, super models and professional athletes have since followed his lead. 30 PLUS YEARS | 1996 50 THE JUICEMAN" "LA.'s fitness guu to the stars." h JAY KORDICH 6 BILLY BLANKSrium Billy Blanks, a karate champion and seventh degree black belt, created Tae Bo: The Future of Fitness. The infomercial extols the virtues of Billy Blanks, LA's fitness guru, and Tae Bo, 'an amazing blend of tae kwon do, boxing, aerobics, and dance into one complete system.' Try Tae Bo"one time," and you'll immedi- ately be hooked-in 3 easy payments of $19.95" "the power of life from Mother Earth" Are you looking to ward off premature death? Jay "The Juiceman" Kordich enthusiastically recom- mends you buy his Juiceman II Automatic Juice Extrac- tor. Sporting sneakers and a jogging outfit, the person of Kordich himself is supposed to represent the greatest testament to the benefits of consuming large quantities of juice every day. If a 70-year-old man can have that much vigor and energy, then so can you-when you're juicing. 1999 Get "The Ultimate Party Machine" in "Just 3 Easy Payments of Just $33.331" MICK& VINCE SHLOMI O The Magic Bullet infomercial occurs in the moning aftermath of some vaguely-described 'barbecue' held the day before by a perky blonde named Mimi and her British husband Mick. Mick and Mimi provide entertainment for their guests using the Magic Bullet to prepare food. After all, why hire a magician to perform at your party when you've already paid for a "personal countertop magician." 2000's Offer Vince" Shlomi known as Vince Offer or the ShamWow! Guy, is a writer, director, and comedian. Offer's first major workwas the 1999 comedy film The Underground Comedy Movie, which was met with negative reception. In the late 2000s, Offer began appearing on television commercials for the products ShamWow!, a super- absorbent towel, and the Slap Chop, a kitchen utensil. 100 UTS RICK HUNTS 9 MISS CLEO 1997 "You'l be saying WOWI every time you use this towell" Call foryour free readin'! Just $0.99 a minute! "Take my husband Take my kids. But don't take my FowBeel The product's inventor and host of the "FlowBee Miss Cleo, a "Jamaican", peddling pay-by-the-minute psychic advice, reportedly eamed $13.5 million as the "phone-in psychic" Home Haircutting Show is a good ole boy with the name of Rick Hunts. 'I'm a carpenter. I'm not a hairdresser," reveals Rick yet he can easily give 1980's *CLOSURE. Direct Response Markating himself a haircut with the FlowBeel!

Top Ten Infomercial Celebrities

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Infomercial celebrities are usually the ones that are the most flamboyant and get the audiences attention. This playful infographic takes a look at the best infomercial celebrity personalities and exp...


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