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Top Earning Dead Celebrities of the Decade

TOP EARNING DEAD CELEBRITIES OF THE DECADE $340 THE DEAD NEVER DIE, OR AT LEAST THEIR MONEY-MAKING EMPIRES NEVER DO. HERE ARE THE TOP CELEBRITIES WHO $253 MAKE THE BIG BUCKS FROM THE GRAVE. *DATA IN MILLIONS **DATA TAKEN FROM FORBES $200 %24 $179 %$4 $115 $79 $76 $69 $57 $53 $50 $50 $38 $33 $20 15 14 13 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 HEATH LEDGER KURT COBAIN GEORGE HARRISON 15 RIP 01.22.08 11 RIP 04.08.94 07 RIP 11.29.01 VIA OVERDOSE VIA SUICIDE VIA LUNG CANCER THEODOR GEISEL JOHN LENNON MICHAEL JACKSON CHARLES SCHULZ ELVIS PRESLEY TUPAC SHAKUR BOB MARLEY JRR TOLKIEN RIP 10.24.91 RIP 12.08.80 RIP 06.26.09 RIP 02.12.00 RIP 08.16.77 14 10 06 RIP 09.02.73 RIP 09.13.96 RIP 05.11.81 VIA NATURAL CAUSES VIA MURDER VIA DRUG OVERDOSE VIA COLON CANCER VIA HEART ATTACK VIA MURDER VIA LUNG & BRAIN CANCER VIA NATURAL CAUSES Better known as whimsical The creator of the classic Years after their last concert, the Beatles continue to be a Mystery still envelops the The Undisputed King of the "Big Bucks Graveyard." Elvis may have died of a heart attack in 1977, but his legacy continues through Graceland, album sales, documentaries and anything else you can stamp his name on. ALBERT EINSTEIN MARILYN MONROE comic strip "Peanuts," Schulz' cast of lovable losers, know- it-alls and smelly kids rocketed the artist to fame. childern's author Dr. Suess, Geisel's beloved characters, death of the Gloved One. A 13 RIP 04.18.55 09 RIP 08.05.62 household name, Jackson dominated the music scene VIA HEART FAILURE VIA UNKOWN relevant force in the music TOP 5 industry. Lennon's solo including the Grinch and Horton, still remain popular with tykes of today. DVDs, memorobilia and a theme park ride still bring in millions of dollars every year. during the 80's and early 90's. Although the value of his estate is unclear; one thing is certain- Jackson's legacy continues beyond his death. DALE EARNHARDT ANDY WARHOL albums as well as Beatles records, music publishing and a new video game generate a massive income for Lennon's Syndicatioon, merchandising fees and TV specials provide the Schulz estate with a 12 RIP 02.18.01 08 RIP 02.22.87 VIA CAR CRASH VIA SURGERY COMPLICATIONS BEWARE! Yoko One owned estate. steady flow of cash. %24 %24 24 %24 %24 %24 %24

Top Earning Dead Celebrities of the Decade

shared by rmmojado on Mar 25
The dead never die, or atleast their mone-making empires never do. Here are the top celebrities who make the big bucks from the grave.


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