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The Top 50 Animated Movies of All Time

THE 50 BEST ANIMATED MOVIES OF ALL TIME IMDD IMDB RATINGS ROTTEN TOMATOES RELEASE DATE MOVIE STUDIO DOMESTIC GROSS REVENUE 01 TOY STORY 2 02 SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS 03 INSIDE OUT IMD 7.9 7.7 IMO 8.7 INSIDE OUT TOY STORY 100% 98% 98% 10/2/2009 12/21/1937 6/19/2015 Buena Vista (Disney) Disney Buena Vista (Disney) $245,852,179 $184,925,486 $307,830,350 Plot: Woody gets kidnapped by a toy Plot: With the evil Queen in pursuit, Snow Plot: Transferred to San Francisco from her collector and it's up to Buzz Lightyear and White hides with The 7 Dwarfs. She's then Midwest life, young Riley has to face her friends to save the day. poisoned, but a prince comes to her rescue with a kiss. new environment guided by her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. 04 TOY STORY 3 05 UP 06 FINDING NEMO 8.4 8.3 8.2 99% 98% 99% 6/18/2010 5/29/2009 5/30/2003 Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) NEMO $415,004,880 $293,004, 164 $380,843,261 Plot: As Andy gets ready to leave for Plot: Join 78-year old Carl Fredricksen as he Plot: Follow the adventure of a father college, his loyal toys are mistakenly sent fulfills his dream of travelling to Paradise clownfish as he search for his son, Nemo to the day care center. Falls in his house tied with a thousand who was taken from the Great Barrier Reef balloons. Joining his adventure is Russel, into a fish tank in a dentist's office. the Wilderness Explorer who stowed away with him. 07 PINOCCHIO 08 TOY STORY 09 WALL-E IMD 7.5 IMON 8.3 IMD 8.4 TOY STORY 100% 100% 96% WALL E Pinocchio 2/9/1940 11/22/1995 6/27/2008 Disney Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) $84,254,167 $191,796,233 $223,808,164 Plot: In order for the puppet, Pinocchio to Plot: WALL-E is set in the near future where a waste-collecting robot finds a new Plot: Toys come alive in this movie where become a real boy, he must prove himself Woody, a pull-string talking cowboy worthy by being brave, honest and competes with Buzz Lightyear, the newest meaning in life when he met EVE, a sleek generous. toy collection of Andy. search robot who realized that he may have the key to save planet Earth. We've gone through the most popular, top earning, and the best-reviewed animated movies of all-time to select what we believe to be the 50 best animated movies ever. 10 THE LEGO MOVIE 11 HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 12 RATATOUILLE IMDE 7.8 8.2 IMO 8.0 DRAGON 96% 98% 96% 2/7/2014 3/26/2010 6/29/2007 Paramount Warner Bros. Buena Vista (Disney) (DreamWorks) $257,760,692 $217,581,231 $206,445,654 Plot: Emmet, an ordinary Lego construction Plot: To prove his worth to the tribe, a Plot: Remy, the rat partners with Linguini, a worker was thought to be the "Special" one who will save the Lego world from an young viking must hunt and capture garbage boy and chase his dream of dragons that began a new friendship with becoming a great chef. evil tyrant. these creatures. 13 THE INCREDIBLES 14 FANTASIA 15 CHICKEN RUN IMDD 8.0 7.8 7.1 97% 96% 97% E 11/5/2004 1/29/1941 6/23/2000 A Buena Vista (Disney) Disney DreamWorks CHICKEN RUN THE INCREDIBLES ENTISA $261,441,092 $76,408,097 $106,834,564 Plot: Mr. Incredible and his wife Elastigirl are Plot: Fantasia is inspired by famous Western Plot: Set in the Chicken Farm in England in now retired from superhero-missions and classical music interpreted in animation. the 1950s, Chicken Run follows the plan of trying to live normal lives with their three kids until a top-secret assignment given to escape of Rocky the Rooster and Ginger the chicken together with their fellow chickens from their evil owners. Mr. Incredible forced the whole family into action. 16 101 DALMATIANS 17 SPIRITED AWAY 18 MONSTERS, INC. IMD 7.2 8.6 IMO 8.1 MIYAZAKI'S SPIRITED AWAY 98% 97% 96% 1/25/1961 9/20/2002 11/2/2001 Disney Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) SDALMATIANS MONSTERS, INC. $144,880,014 $10,055,859 $289,916,256 Plot: Follow the story of canine pets Plot: hiro's family outing became an Plot: The screams of human children are Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita as they the source of power in the world of Sullivan and Wazowski, two monsters working at scream processing company. Their view of human children as adventure to the world of supernaturals. searched for their missing pups stolen by the minions of Cruella De Vil. Monster, Inc., a toxic changed when they met a little human girl named Boo who followed them back into the monster world. Must-see Animated films! SCREEN ..... ...... 19 THE IRON GIANT 20 WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 21 SONG OF THE SEA 8.0 7.7 IMDD 8.2 IREN GIANT 96% 97% 99% 8/3/1999 6/24/1988 12/19/2014 SONG SEA Warner Bros. Buena Vista (Disney) GKIDS $23,159,305 $156,452, 57,522 Plot: A film about friendship between a boy Plot: Roger Rabbit's only chance to be Plot: Follow the adventure of Ben and named Hogarth and an alien giant robot who is wanted by a government agent. Saoirse, who can turn into a seal, as they save the spirit world. cleared from an accusation of murder is through Eddie Valiant, a toon-hating private detective. 22 WALTZ WITH BASHIR 23 PERSEPOLIS 24 YELLOW SUBMARINE 8.0 IMD 8.0 IMDD 7.4 WALTZ WITH BASHIR PERSEPOLI BEAȚLES 96% 96% 96% ellow Sebansrins 12/25/2008 12/25/2007 11/13/1968 Apple Films, King Features Production TVC London Sony Pictures Classics Sony Pictures Classics $2,283,849 O $4,445,756 $3,875,892 Plot: Follow Captain Fred as he is accompanied by The Beatles in his yellow their mission to free Plot: This Israeli film is an animated Plot: Based on Marjane Satrapi's novel, it follows a young girl's coming of age during the Iranian Revolution. documentary of the 1982 Lebanon war where Folman, the main character is a submarine on veteran and is in search of his lost Pepperland from the blue meanies. memories of his experiences of that conflict. WALLACE AND GROMIT: THE CURSE OF THE WERE RABBIT THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 25 26 27 ANTZ 7.2 8.0 IMDD 6.6 ANTZ 95% 94% 95% 10/5/2005 E 10/15/1993 10/2/1998 DreamWorks Buena Vista (Disney) DreamWorks Wr im $56,110,897 $75.082.668 $90,757,863 Plot: The film is about inventor Wallace and Plot: Bored of his job and find life lacks Plot: The movie's hero, Z longs for some meaning Skellington, the Pumpkin King discovers his mute and intelligent dog. Gromit, as Halloweenland, Jack individuality and tries to break from his in they come to save villagers from a mutant rabbit that threatens their yearly giant totalitarian society. The success of a Christmas Town and decides to celebrate revolution he led finally gets the interest of Bala, colony's Queen daughter, of which he is in love. vegetable growing contest. the yuletide season there with some funny consequences. The growth of mainstream animation has changed the landscape of entertainment. THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY 28 29 ERNEST AND CELESTINE 30 FANTASTIC MR. FOX 7.7 IMDH 7.9 7.8 95% 97% 92% 2/17/2012 2/28/2014 11/13/2009 Buena Vista (Disney) GKIDS Fox FANTASTIC Arietty ERNEST & CELESTINE $19,202,743 $262,075 $21,002,919 Plot: The Secret World of Arrietty tells a story Plot: Based on the classic Belgian book Plot: The comedy film is about Mr. Fox who of a 14 year old tiny girl Arrietty and her series by Gabrielle Vincent, Ernest and steals food from three farmers that endangers his family and the animal community. The urbane fox must help in fighting against the farmers' retaliation. secret friendship with a human boy on Celestine is a story of an unlikely bond of which if discovered might drive Arrietty friendship between a bear and a mice. and her family away from home. 31 ALADDIN 32 BAMBI 33 CORALINE 8.0 7.4 7.7 Aadklin Coraline 94% 91% 90% Bambi 8/21/1942 11/13/1992 2/6/2009 Buena Vista (Disney) RKO Focus Features $217,350,219 $102,247,150 $75,286,229 Plot: To marry Princess Jasmine, Aladdin Plot: Follow the story of Bambi, a male deer Plot: Coraline Jones discovers an alternate uses the magic lamp to become a sultan as he faces the challenges of living in the version of her life when she uncovers a and defeat his rival, Jafar. forest after his mother is shot by hunters, his secret door of their new home. Follow her courtship of lovely Faline the doe and how adventures as she enters into the world he saves his friends during a forest fire. that has its sinister secrets. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 34 35 THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE 36 THE LITTLE MERMAID 7.9 IMD 7.8 7.6 MiiMaib 92% 94% 92% E 6/13/2014 11/26/2003 11/17/1989 BELLE Sony Pictures Classics 20th Century Fox Buena Vista (Disney) $177,002,924 O $7,007,149 $111,543,479 Plot: Viking Hiccup and his faithful dragon Plot: Madame Souza raised his grandson, Plot: Ariel is the youngest daughter of the Toothless must protect the peace from Champion and trained him in cycling. She King of the Sea who longs to be with encourages him to reach his dream of winning the Tour de France. During a race, Champion Drago and save the future of men and humans on surface. She falls in love with a dragons in this second chapter of How to Train Your Dragon. One of their adventures handsome human and enters an goes missing. Madame agreement with the evil sea witch to be with him. lead to the discovery of a secret ice cave which is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider. Suzanne and her companion pooch Bruno team up with the Belleville Sisters to rescue her grandson. This movie is awesome! 37 JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH 38 FROZEN 39 PONYO 6.7 7.6 7.7 FROZEN 93% 89% 92% imes 4/12/1996 8/14/2009 11/22/2013 Giat PEACH Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) PONYO $28,946,127 O $400,738,009 $15,090,399 Plot: Journey with James as his discovery of Plot: Frozen is a story of Anna who teams up with a mountain man, his reindeer and a snowman to find her sister Elsa and put an end to her icy spell. Plot: The animated film centers on Ponyo, a giant peach leads him to meeting a goldfish princess who longs to be human creatures that becomes his new friends and her friendship with a five year old boy. and his travel companions to New York City. 40 A BUG'S LIFE 41 PRINCESS MONONOKE 42 THE SIMPSONS MOVIE M VIE IMD 7.2 IMD 8.4 7.4 bugs life MONONOKE 92% 92% 90% 11/20/1998 10/29/1999 7/27/2007 Buena Vista (Disney) Miramax 20th Century Fox $162.798,565 $159,300,000 $183,135,014 Plot: Flik, a misfit ant, is looking for a group Plot: Ashitaka is in a journey to find a cure Plot: Homer irresponsibly pollutes the of bugs that are tough to save his colony from greedy grasshoppers. However, the for a Tatarigami's curse and finds himself in town's water supply and is now declared a fugitive of EPA. He must make a move to the middle of a battle between Princess bugs he recruited turn out to be an inept Mononoke and a mining village. save the world from the disaster he circus troupe. created. 43 ARTHUR CHRISTMAS 44 MARY AND MAX 45 MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO Iмоь 7.1 IMDE 8.2 My Neighhor IMDO 8.3 ARTHUR TOTORO 92% 95% 93% E 11/23/2011 1/15/2009 1/1/1988 Sony Pictures IFC Film Studio Ghibli $46,462,469 $1.444,617 $5,000,000 Plot: Santa Claus' clumsy son, Arthur Plot: The film follows the story of 2 pen pals. Plot: A story of two girls, Satsuki and Mei discovers that their high-tech ship has failed to deliver one present for a young Mary, a lonely, eight-year-old girl living in Melbourne, and Max, a forty-four-year old, and their magical adventures with the friendly wood spirits. severely obese man living in New York and a bond that forms between the two beyond their distance. Will they ever meet girl. He goes on a mission to deliver the misplaced present before Christmas morning dawns face to face? I'll make sure to watch these movies! Thanks! No problem! Happy to list them for you! 46 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 47 TANGLED 48 BIG HERO 6 8.0 7.8 7.9 93% 90% 89% 11/15/1991 11/24/2010 11/7/2014 Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) $218,967,620 $200,821,936 $222,527,828 Plot: The film focuses on Belle, whose father Plot: The film tells a story of Hiro Hamada, a was imprisoned by a Beast, a prince who is transformed into his present form due to arrogance. To be a prince again, he must fall in love with Belle and in return win her Plot: Rapunzel who has 70 feet of magical, golden hair has been locked in a tower for years. An opportunity to discover the world young robotics prodigy who develops a special bond with Baymax, a plus-sized inflatable robot and forms a superhero for the first time and her real identity unfolds when she hostage the bandit Flynn team to fighta masked villain. love. Rider. 49 BOLT 50 THE WIND RISES IMDE 6.9 IMD 7.8 THE WIND RISES 89% 89% BOLT 11/21/2008 2/21/2014 Buena Vista (Disney) Buena Vista (Disney) $114,053,579 $5,209,580 Plot: Bolt, having spent his entire let on the Plot: The Wind Rises chronicles the life of set of a sci-fi action show thinks that he has Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of fighter real superpowers. He begins his biggest aircrafts used by the Empire of Japan adventure yet when he was accidentally during World WarlI shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City SOURCE GAME O DESIGNING

The Top 50 Animated Movies of All Time

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