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Top 15 Richest Cartoon Voice Actors

TOP 15 RICHEST CARTOON VOICE ACTORS %4 FRANK OZ #15 Net Worth $20 Million One of the most iconic voice over actors of all time, Frank Oz has definitely earned his net worth of $20 million. Frank Oz has voiced Yoda, Grover, Bert, Miss Piggy... and so many more. He started to earn the really big bucks when he negotiated to be an executive producer of Muppet Treas- ure Island and The Muppet Carol. YODA MISS PIGGY FOZZIE BEAR COOKIE MONSTER (original voice) FUNGUS Monster Inc. GROOVER BERT ANIMAL (original voice) Star Wars (original voice) (original voice) (original voice) (original voice) BILLY WEST #14 Net Worth $35 Million Billy West has over 175 credits on his IMDB page from shows like Doug, to Ren & Stimpy to Futurama and many more. He even voices commercial cartoon characters like Buzz from Cheerios and the red M&M! His work in commer- cials, cartoons, movies, video games and more have given him a net worth of $35 million! ROGER KLOTZ Doug RENGSTIMPY FIUPJ. FRY DOUG FUNNIE Doug DR. ZOIDBERG Futurama WOODIE WOODPECKER BUZZ Honey Nut Cheerios PROF. HUBERT J. FARNSWORTH Ren&Stimpy Show Futurama RED MGM (1999-current) M&M's Futurama Commercials JULIE KAVNER #13 Net Worth $50 Million Julie Kavner has been acting for 35 years but voicing Marge Simpson since 1989 has been by far her biggest money maker. Julie Kavner's net worth is $50 million and she currently earns a salary of $400,000 per episode of The Simpsons. She also gets a cut any time the show airs in syndication or in another country. YEARDLEY SMITH #12 Net Worth $55 Million Yeardley Smith is most famous for voicing Lisa Simpson, for which she is paid $400,000 per episode plus royalties, but she has been acting for nearly 30 years. She has starred in movies like City Slickers and As Good As it Gets as well as the TV show Herman's Head for 72 episodes. Yeardley Smith's net worth is $55 million. LISA SIMPSON The Simpsons DAN CASTELLANETA #11 Net Worth $60 Million Dan Castellaneta has made a lot of D'oh! as the voice of Homer J. Simpson. $60 million to be exact! Like his other Simpsons cast members, Dan Castellaneta is a paid a salary of $400,000 per episode plus a cut of syndication and other back end profits. In addition to Homer, Dan voices Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie and Mayor Quimby, to name a few. His IMDB lists nearly 200 film and television credits dating back to the early 1980s but he will forever be most famous as the iconic voice of Homer. HOMER SIMPSON The Simpsons ROBOT DEVIL MEGAVOLT JOHNATHAN GRANPA MAYOR QUIMBY The Simpsons ПCHY GROUNDSKEEPER WILUE The Simpsons Futurama Darkving Duck Rugrats Hey Arnold The Simpsons BARNEY GUMBLE KRUSTY THE CLOWN The Simpsons The Simpsons NANCY CARTWRIGHT Net Worth $60 Million #10 Did you know that Bart Simpson was voiced by a woman by the name of Nancy Cartwright? Cartwright voices many famous boy cartoon characters like Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders and Chuckie from Rugrats! Nancy has acting cred- its that go as far back as 1980, but she is most famous and most highly compensated for her role as Bart Simpson. Like all the other Simpsons cast members, she is paid $400,000 per episode as a base salary. Cartwright has also earned WN THE SIMPSO NS 1-14 ON DVD TO tons of money from commercials and movies. Her current net worth is $60 million! BART SIMPSON The Simpsons RUFUS Kim Possible RALPH WIGGUM TODD FLANDERS MINDY Animaniacs CHUCKIE FINSTER The Simpsons The Simpsons Rugrats HARRY SHEARER #9 Net Worth $65 Million Just like his character Mr. Burns, Harry Shearer is very rich. Harry Shearer's net worth is $60 million and the majority of that comes from his work on The Simpsons. But before Ned Flanders existed, Harry Shearer had been acting since the 1950s! He has appeared on shows like Murphy Brown, Miami Vice and many more. He's also starred in many movies like A League of Their Own and Airheads. He also created and wrote Spinal Tap! Harry Shearer's career has been nothing other than "Excellent." HANK AZARIA #8 Net Worth $70 Million In addition to his plethora of roles on The Simpsons, Hank Azaria has appeared in many major films such as The Smurfs, Heat and Along Came Polly. As a cast member of The Simpsons he earns $400,000 per episode, and on top of that he rakes in millions for his other film and television roles. Hank Azaria is the richest Simpsons voice actor with a net worth of $70 million! MIKE JUDGE #7 Net Worth $75 Million Mike Judge is the first person on this list to prove that if you want to make the really big bucks, you need to create and produce on top of voice acting. Mike Judge is the creator, writer and director of King of the Hill, Office Space, Beavis and Butt-head to name a few. He also voiced many of his most popular characters. All this success has helped Judge earn a net worth of $75 million! JIM HENSON #6 Net Worth $90 Million Jim Henson is an icon of puppeteering, Sesame Street and animation. He also died way too young. But his company continues to thrive and release movies like The Muppets. Today his children run his multi-million dollar company. CONVINCING JOGN Fraggle Rock KERMIT THE FROG CANTUS THE MINSTREL EMIE (original voice) Fraggle Rock (original voice) SETH MACFARLANE #5 Net Worth $100 Million If you created just one smash hit cartoon that lasted many seasons and sold tons of DVDS and merchandise then you would die a very happy and VERY rich person. Seth MacFar- lane has managed that feat not once, but three times! Seth also voices many of his own characters like Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin and more. All this success has earned MacFarlane a net worth of $100 million! BRIAN GRIFFIN Family Guy GLENN GUAGMIRE Family Guy TOM TUCKER STAN SMITH American Dad STEWIE GRIFFIN PETER GRIFFIN Family Guy ROGER Family Guy Family Guy American Dad MATT STONE # 4 Net Worth $300 Million After 16 smash hit seasons of South Park, Matt Stone is one of the most powerful and wealthy people in Hollywood with a net worth of $300 million. One of the most brilliant and lucky moves Stone and his partner Trey Parker have ever made was to hold on to the majority of the merchandising rights to their South Park characters. They also were fore- sightful enough to ensure they owned all internet versions of their show which has turned out to be very lucrative! KYLE BROFLOVSKI TWEEK TWEAK South Park BUTTERS STOTCH South Park KENNY MCCORMICK CRAIG TUCKER South Park GERALD BROFLOVSKI JIMBO KERN South Park South Park South Park South Park TREY PARKER #3 Net Worth $300 Million Like his South Park Partner Matt Stone, Trey Parker has a net worth of $300 million. South Park's 16 seasons have aired in dozens of countries and is syndicated to many networks. Trey and Matt have kept tight control over the ownership of their property which has been an incredibly lucrative move. The duo has released several feature films and a smash hit Broadway musical called The Book of Mormon. ERIC CARTMAN MR. MACKEY SATAN South Park TIMMY MR/MRS, GARRISON South Park RANDY MARSH South Park STAN MARSH CLYDE DONOVAN MR. HANKEY South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park MATT GROENING Net Worth $500 Million #2 Technically Matt Groening doesn't really belong on this list because he doesn't voice any of his characters, but we didn't feel right leaving him out considering the impact he has had on the world of cartoons. As the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, it should come as no surprise that Matt is rich. He's worth $500 million due to the nearly 30 year run of The Simpsons, the merchandise, syndication, residuals... He is a financial powerhouse that probably isn't slowing down any time soon! CUTUDAMA SpoPSoNS #1 WALT DISNEY Net Worth $5 Billion And last but by no means least, the richest cartoon voice actor of all time is the one and only Walt Disney. Aside from being the founder and president of Disney, Walt was also the original voices of Mickey and Minhie Mouse. He's been dead since 1966 but his namesake corporation is still a powerhouse. His personal net worth at the time of his death was worth the equivalent of $5 billion today! 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Top 15 Richest Cartoon Voice Actors

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The list of the richest cartoon characters voice owners, their stories and success!



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