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Top 10 Things About Being a Werewolf

TOP 10 THINGS ABOUT BEING A WEREWOLF 1. Super Strength Werewolves are known to possess the physical prowess of multiple human beings. Some reports suggest that Werewolves have the ability to remove the limbs of their prey with their bare hands. 2. The Ladies Love You While there are many terrible downsides to being a Werewolf the reported boost of confidence given to the host (due to the increased power and decreased f**ks given) is apparently a boon afflicted. the sex-life of those 3. Incredible Speed Werewolves have top speeds of 50 km/hr! Some accounts claim that the most powerful and ancient Werewolves move faster than the human eye can perceive. 4. Immortality While it is possible for a Werewolf to be killed, the condition renders the host virtually immortal through the employment of healing factors and an incredible metabolism. 5. Immune to damage * Werewolves are feared for their almost god-like power of being impervious to physical harm. There is a caveat however: *SILVER will kill them and has the ability to do more damage than would normally done by aƱother weapon of the same weight and size. 6. Inhuman Senses Werewolves boast an excellent sense of smell, like a shark in the air, and have superior night-vision which allows them to hunt even better when the moon is full. 7. Immunity To Wild Animals The infusion of Werewolf DNA generates huge change in the body. One of which being the pheromone signature of the Werewolf. Even when they are in human form, Werewolves give off enough scent to scare the biggest predators away. 8. Ultra-High Metabolism Ever wonder why you never see an overweight Werewolf? It's because Werewolf metabolisms burn at nearly 10 times the normal human rate. Say goodbye to your beer gut and say hello to "forever-abs"! 9. An Affinit Many Werewolfves report an insatiable curiousity of the natural world and a "oneness" with nature. Popnlay Monster Many say one of the great perks of being a Werewolf is the fact that EVERYONE knows what a Werewolf is. People are more accepting of the idea and tend not to discriminate anymore. The same can't be said for the Living Dead, or Trans- Dimensional travellers at this point in time. t WEAREALLINHUMAN.COM @weareallinhuman Piktochart -I moake information beautiful

Top 10 Things About Being a Werewolf

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We want to celebrate with our Werewolf brethren by giving you our TOP 10 Things About Being A Werewolf! Check us out at WWW.WEAREALLINHUMAN.COM or follow us on twitter @weareallinhuman. Created...


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