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Top 10 Oscar Movies

Top 10 Oscar Movies Fun facts &trivia (1980-201) The King's Speech Amadeus $15,000,000 $311,662,629 Budget: Revenue: Filmed in: United Kingdom The author, David Seidler suffered from a stammer as a child. Having heard George VI's wartime speech as a child, he had written to the Queen Mother asking permission to use the King's story to create a film. The Queen Mother asked him not to during her lifetime, citing that the memories were too painful. The Last Emperor $18,000 $51,973,029 Budget: Revenue: Filmed in: Czec Republic Elizabeth Berridge, during the Nipples of Venus scene, did not know she could spit out the candy between takes and ate about 15 whole pieces. She later describes how she thought that they were disgusting and that she eventually made herself sick. $23,800,000 Budget: Revenue USA: $43,984,230 Filmed in: Hairdresser Giancarlo De Leonardis imported 2,200 pounds of human hair to make the elaborate wigs needed for the court. For the coronation scenes, his staff spent ten days training fifty Chinese to pin wigs and plaits onto two thousand extras in under two hours. China for Forrest Gump 2010 Budget: $55,000,000 Revenue: $329,691,193 California United Kingdor o. 1984 1987 epublic Filmed in: The running scene was inspired by an actual event. In 1982, Louis Michael Figueroa, aged 16, ran from New Jersey to San Francisco for the American Cancer Society. 1994 Gladiator Platoon Budget: $103,000,000 Revenue: $457,640,427 Spain $6,000,000 Revenue: $137,963,328 Philippines Budget: Californis Mexico Filmed in: srael Russell Crowe was continually unhappy with the screenplay, rewriting much of it himslef. The famous "In this life or Filmed in: The cast and crew arrived in the Philippines in early 1986, almost simultaneous to the beginning of the Edsa 1986. 2000 lineL will have mhe 1993 1986 nexance" he initially refused to say, telling writer "Your lines are garbage greatest actor in the world and I can make even garbage sound my Revolution of. Willem Dafoe said that a day or two after he arrived he awoke to see a column of tanks rolling down the streets. Schindlers' List 1997 Titanic I'm the Budget: Revenue: $321,000,000 Filmed in: but $22,000,000 2009 $200,000,00O Revenue: $1,843,201,268 Mexico Budget: Israel Slumdog Millionaire The most expensive black & white film ever made to date. Filmed in: good". $15,000,000 Revenue: $37'7,910,544 India Budget: The 17 million gallon seawater tank, built for the sinking scenes in Titanic, is the largest shooting tank in the world and the largest ever constructed for a movie. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King Filmed In: Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail (who played Salim as a child) was paid £700] and Rubina Ali (who played Latika as a £500 for a month's work on the film. At the end of the movie, both of the child actors continued to live in makeshift shacks in the illegal slums of Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai. Tilming locations Budget: Revenue: $1,129,219,252 Filmed in: $94,000,000 New Zealand child) received New Zeland Peter Jackson cut his own hair throughout the project because he didn't have time to schedule a haircut appointment. 48,000 props were used in the films. 2003 The famous golden statuette, formally named the Academy Award uf Merit, got its more popular moniker "Oscar" when Academy librarian Margaret Herrick said that it resembled her "Incle Oscar. Before this name stuck, other people had tried to call it "the golden trophy", "the statue of merit", and "the iron man." Sources: IMDEB, Wikipedia

Top 10 Oscar Movies

shared by Angel on Jan 25
This infographic highlights the top ten Oscar movies from 1980-2011. It also provides some fun facts, such as film revenue, and trivia for movie lovers.




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