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Top 10 Carnival Game Ideas

Top 10 Carnival Game Ideas Air Hockey While only two people can play at once, an air hockey table is an example of a game you can rent from a local rental company. If you're lucky, maybe a family would loan one for use at your carnival. Balloon Animals Hire a professional clown or recruit a volunteer to make balloon animals. You can charge one ticket or just give them away for fun. Like all activities with balloons, you should first check that your school allows them, some restrict them due to latex allergies. Check out our balloon animal supplies. 3. ENDZONE Bean Bag Toss Make a target out of plywood or foamcore (available at art supply stores) for beanbags. Paint the board with a fun design and cut out INOZAN3 holes large enough for the bean bags to go through. Each player gets to throw three bean bags at the target. It's helpful to have at least two sets of bean bags on hand so one helper can chase bags while the other helper works with the next person in line. 4 BasketBall We have used both the standard size basketball goal and kid-sized goals. Players get three tries to make a basket. Always a long line for this! We have a pop-up basketball game in our Catalog. Bingo This can be a big moneymaker, BINGO 4 18 37 59 34 68 especially if you can get local businesses (and/or parents) to donate prizes. You can rent or buy bingo cages and numbers, cards are inexpensive to buy. Check with local codes, you may need a license to run a Bingo game. We have Bingo supplies in our Catalog. 9. Bowling You can use real bowling pins, a kid's bowling set, or empty 2 liter pop bottles weighed with a little sand or water. We have several fun bowling sets in our Catalog. Bucket Toss Attach 3 to 6 small buckets to a board about 6" apart. The player tries to toss WATER BALLOON SSG MI a ball into the buckets in order, from the closest to the farthest away. Bumper Cars Construct a short straight "track" that a small car or truck can run freely up and down. We've found the cars available at Chevron gas stations work very well for this game and they come in lots of great designs, including a school bus. Frisbee Throw Make a target out of plywood or foamcore (available at art supply stores) for Frisbees. Paint the board with a fun design and cut out holes large enough for the Frisbees to go through. Each player gets to throw three Frisbees at the target. 10 Hoopla Player throws a hoop to try and ring a prize and the Hoopla stand. A Hoopla stand is basically a box with a dowel sticking out of the top on which a prize is attached. The hoop must be completely around the prize and the stand to win. To make the game harder, use a smaller hoop. To make it easier, use a large hoop such as a hula hoop. Source: http://schoolcarnivals. com/Games/alphabetical. htm Compiled By: http://allbusinessservices. blogspot. com/

Top 10 Carnival Game Ideas

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This interactive infographic is elaborating the ideas of carnival games which could be carried out in preschools and montessories the top 10 carnival game ideas are mentioned below. Enjoy!


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