The Tommy Westphall Universe

Detroit, MI Home Improvements Eerie, IN Eerie:The Other Dimension Royal Oak, MI Soul Man Columbus, OH Family Ties Cleveland, OH The Drew Carey Show 129 W 81st St Seinfeld 27th Precinct Law & Order Park Ave &E 79th St Diff'rent Strokes Tuckahoe Westchester, NY Some of Tommy's stories took place 519 Longview Avenue The King of Queens Chicago, IL Chicago Hope Early Edition in multiple areas sometimes changing Maude Toronto, Canada Degrassi High 623 E. 68th Street I Love Lucy Degrassi Junior High Different Days- Different Places... Code of Vengeance Mission: Impossible Promised Land Team Knight Rider Touched by an Angel locations every episode. ER Pittsburgh, PA Scranton, PA Hope & Gloria New Jersey Method & Red Family Matters The Office [US] Degrassi: The Next Generation South Korea Hanging In France Good Times |New Rochelle, NY HThe Dick Van Dyke Show M*A*S*H 345 Park Avenue Sports Night The Kids of Degrassi Street L&O:CI, Parie Enquêtes Criminelle The Fighting Nightingales Hill Street Blues Heroes Milwaukee, wi joanie Loves Chaci A lot of Tommy's stories are located in California. Maybe he saw some pictures of Hollywood and decided that would Love & War Laverne & Shirley Married With Children Perfect Strangers Special Unit Happy Days Step by Stęp Lewiston, ME Kingdom Hospital New York OZ Madison Avenue Never Revealed 505 E 58th St Make Room For Daddy Make Room For Grandaddy Bewitched Peekskill, NY The Facts of Life Westbridge, MA Sabrina the Teenage Witch Better Off Ted Bob The Bob Newhart Show Vinnie & Bobby be a good place to make up more stories. Buddies Day By Day Dennis the Menace Ellen Gideon's Crossing Rome, WI Picket Fences |Bronx, NY Becker Neptune, CAL Boston, MA Massachusetts Ally A couple of shows were set in fictional locations made up in Tommy's mind. Veronica Mars Seattle, WA Rhoda Frasier Vermont Crossing Jordan Oakland, CAL Hanging with Mr. Cooper Los Angeles Alias Angel Blossom Cop Rock Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Girlfriends Here's Lucy Huff Blue Skies See U.S. Map Millennium Newhart Providence, RI Boston Legal Goober Grace Under Fire Green Hornet Hanging In Coach Minnesota Boston Public Cheers Fringe St. Elsewhere New York City 704 Hauser Street All in the Family Can't Hurry Love Caroline in the City Checking In Civil San Francisco, CA Full House Providence Killer Instinct WA The Practice Two Guys and a Girl [Sommerville] Party of Five Phyllis Star Trek: et. al San Juan, Puerto Rico The Flying Nun MT Portland, OR Hello Larry ND ME Trapper John M.D. Julia K9 & Company Knight Rider (2008) Foxridge, NY Gloria In The House It's Garry Shandling's Show OR Wars Madman and the City Medical Investigation WI |Harmony-New England Passions Jake and the Fatman [somewhere in] California SD MN Conviction tow York CSI: New Deadline Rush Knight Rider [1982] Knight Rider [2008] The New Andy Griffith Show Team Knight Rider WY Joey LA Law LAX Meego Martha's Vineyard, MA IGeorge & Leo Connecticut Mister Ed Nanny and the Professor MI See Manhattan Map Below Double High Society Ink Law & Order: LA Hootersville Green Acres NV NE IA PA Benson Lou Grant Mannix Martial Law Moesha Out of the Blue Public Morals Sabrina the Teenage Witch Something So Right Strange Luck The Ann Southern Show The Fighting Nightingales Trucker's Paradise Petticoar Junction Mayfield Leave It To Beaver Millbrook Dunn's River, CT 1Soap ers] Nick & Hillary Australia K9 Santo Domingo, CA Parker Lewis Can't Lose Sunnydale Buffy the Vampire SlayerT Malibu Gidgetl UT IL OH And as the creator of |7 E 75th Street The Nanny [The Tattingers] IN NYPD Blue Out All Night Public Morals Richard Diamond, Private Eye VA Angel, Tommy Out All Night Westport, CT 1The Dick Van Dyke Show Holland Township, NJ LBuckaroo Banzai invented the brooding vampire trope. KS wV CO Six Feet Under Macolm in the Middle Mockingbird Heights KỲ Tabitha The Brady Brides The Brady Bunch The Brady Kids Anywhere, Anytime Doctor Who See California Philadephia, PA "A" Tropical Island Map Below NC O Virginia 3rd Ave & E 85th St The Jeffersons A Different World Something So Right Outer Space Boy Meets World Baltimore, MD Homicide Battlestar Galactica [BSG] BSG: Blood & Chrome BSG: Caprica The Munsters Today [but a lot in London & Cardiff] TN AZ OK LOST Spin City The Art Being Nick Santa Monica The New Gidget The Parkers The Game The Geena Davis Show Three's A Crowd Three's Company leys The Ropers The White Shadowl AR North Carolina Gomer Pyle, USMC SC Gotham City Homicide: Life on the Street The Beat The Bill Dana Show NM Batman MS AL GA IThe Wire Three's a Crowdl Mayberry, NC Mayberry R.F.D Firefly Red Dwarf: Back to Earth Space: 1999 Takoma, MD The Lone Gunmen Washington, Dc Bones First Monday Get Smart [1995)] JAG Jake 2.0 Murphy Brown NCIS IThe X-Files Quantico, VA Criminal Minds The Danny Thomas Show San Fernando Valley ALFI TX JAstoria-Queens, NY Archie Bunker's Place Still some stories obviously took place in the United States but we never got a clue as to their exact location LA The The Andy Griffith Show The Single Guy Time of Your Life Las Vegas, NV Chelmsford Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Buntz Clueless The Beverley Hillbillies FL Chelmsford 123 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: DS9 Star Trek: The Next Generation CSI Blansky's Beauties Third Watch Las Vegas Boulder, CO Mork & Mindy The Tortellis Atlanta, GA UK [London/suburbs] Warwickshire, UK Silver Spoons Luther Quatermass [1979] Quatermass and the Pit [1958] Quatermass II [1957] Sherlock The Quatermass Experiment [1953] [Wimbleton] The Sarah Jane Adventures Most of the stories set in outer space had their characters come from Earth except the BSG series. Denver, CO Albuquerque, NM In Plain Sight Matlock Long Island, NY Everybody Loves Raymond The Game Cape Kennedy I Dream of Jeannie Hollywood The Joey Bishop Show Love That Bob Sierra Madra, CA| Star Trek:Voyager Diagnosis Murder Honolulu, HI Dallas, TX IThe War at Home St. Louis, MO The John Larroquette Show W'AL'T'E*R Gilligan's Island Sons of Thunder Miami, FL CSI: Miami Bedford & Grovel Teen Angelh Friends Suspect Behavior 14th Precinct, NY Newport BeachL Gloucestershire K-9 and Company Cardiff, Wales River Bend, MO YNew York Undercover Arrested Development Southern Californial The Bradysl 10 Stigwood| CosbyH One Hogan Placel Key West, FL The Finder J16th Precinct Law & Order: SVU AfterM A*S*H 328 Chauncey St The Honeymooners Torchwood San Diego, CAL The Gamel [Ealing] JOne Police Plaza Law & Order: Criminal Intent Cottylands Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Slough, England The Office [UK] Law & Order:Trial By Juryl Shows Based in the U.S. Shows Of New York City Shows Of California Shows Outside The U.S. Shows Of Unknown Locations Vague Locations See Maps Vague Locations Real Locations Fake Locations Real Locations Fake Locations Vague Locations Real Locations Fake Locations Vague Locations Real Locations Fake Locations See Insert Map Real Locations Fake Locations Vague Locations The Mind of Tommy Westphall [in five snowglobes] I remember watching that last episode of St. Elsewhere as Tommy Westphall gazed into his snowglobe to see the hospital, St. Eligius. The camera then zoomed out into infinity. It was all in Tommy's head it seemed. This project does not attempt to show which shows are connected to which other shows in the Westphall universe. Instead, this project concentrates on showing where those shows were located on a map. It shows programs which coexisted in the same cities and also which programs were never quite pinned down to a set location [see far right snowglobe.] These are all the shows I could find that connected to the original St. Elsewhere as of In these five snowglobes are contained not only the real locations of many shows but also my best guesstimates for fictitious towns and cities [i.e., TV's 1960s Batman is placed in New York City as it's often referred to as Gotham.] Data compiled and graphics created by dave columbus ©2013 July 4th 2013. There are probably more connections by now as it seems they keep happening when you least expect them. People discover new connections which lead to Sources: even more shows being connected. This could possibly be a never-ending project. If a state was named for a fictitous town then the marker was placed near the center of the state and the text is set in blue. At the time we thought it was just a joke the creators played on us making us believe the whole show was just a dream [shades of Dallas]. But soon it became apparent that this dream was connected to other shows which made them all part of the dream. And soon, But for now, I'm calling it done. There may be an update in the future, but then again, It excludes any type of reality show context [i.e., Hi Honey, I'm Home] using character and product references only. These maps are my subjective attempt to pin down the locations. Other fans may have different ideas. maybe not... there were hundreds of shows connected to Tommy's dream world. California Made in Australia

The Tommy Westphall Universe

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Five snowglobes depicting the locations of the shows in the Tommy Westphall Universe. Not a graphic of the connections but where the shows took place [or a guesstimate of their location].




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