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Tips for Hunting with an AR/MSR Rifle

HUNTING TIPS FOR AR PLATFORM RIFLES In the past 10 years, sales of AR-15 and AR-10 rifles – otherwise known as Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR) – have risen so dramatically that they've become the best-selling type of rifle. People use them for target shooting, home defense, and increasingly - hunting. ARs do have some characteristics that require a little more attention when using them to hunt. If you grew up hunting with bolt-action or lever-action rifles, here are a few tips that will help you hunt successfully, safely and by the rules with your new AR/MSR. LOCKED E LOADED CALIBER Chambering a round in an AR/MSR can be a little noisy, so a cartridge may be chambered earlier in the hunt to prevent animals from hearing you. That makes muzzle control and use of the safety selector very important at all times. Although, obeying the four rules of firearm safety at all times should always be your top priority in the field! SIGHTING-IN SCOPES CONSIDERATIONS Scopes on AR rifles are usually mounted higher above the bore than on other rifle types. That must be taken into account when sighting-in your rifle because it can change bullet trajectory. Many ballistics apps allow you to enter this distance between bore and scope to predict the trajectory. Always practice with targets out to the farthest distance you are comfortable shooting. Some states also have minimum caliber and other restrictions. Colorado requires a 6mm/.24 minimum caliber, with a bullet weighing at least 70 grains, and at least 1,000 ft.-Ibs. of impact energy at 100 yards for deer. That means the standard 5.56 mm/.223 caliber AR-15 is not allowed. R15 MAG CLEARANCE The larger the capacity the longer the magazine. Longer magazines will descend well below an AR/MSR receiver, which can get in the way when shooting from a blind, off a bench rest, or lying prone. Think about using a shorter magazine when hunting. MAGAZINE CAPACITY Always check state hunting regulations about magazine capacity because several states, including Oregon and Colorado, limit semi-automatics to 5-round magazines when hunting big game. UNLOADING When unloading or removing a live cartridge from the chamber, you must remove the magazine first. Otherwise, a live round could be inadvertently chambered from the magazine when the bolt returns." Get Sale. Get Oartfied Hunter Ed is a national provider of print and online hunter safety courses. Our courses deliver the highest quality of information for safe hunting practices and resources. Visit us online at

Tips for Hunting with an AR/MSR Rifle

shared by HuntingEducation on Dec 08
Hunter-ed created this infographic in order to give hunting tips to hunters using AR/MSR rifles. Some topics covered include caliber considerations, magazine capacity, and unloading. AR rifles have ch...




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