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Timeline of events in the Back to the Future Trilogy

1885 1955 1985 2015 Timeline 7 1 Jan Timeline 1 Timeline 2 Timeline 1 Timeline 2 5 Nov 12 Oct 00.00 Doc arrives from 1955 Timeline 6 Marty arrives from 1985 knocks dówn one of Old Man Pmeine. twin pines, DeLorean's plutoniúm I plutonium from local power plant so that Doc can build them à nuclear weapon Doc spends an unknown amount of time in the future with Einstein having arrived from 1985 Timeline 2, fits Delorean with Mr Fusion and hover conversion, has personal rejuvenation surgery. places Einstein in suspended animation kennel, learns about Marty Jr's meeting with Griff and gang at cafe on 21 Oct Doc slips on toilet while hanging a clock, has vision of Flux Capăcifor, which makes time travel possible Libyan terrorists 4 Jul levels depleted 25 Oct Doc passes out after one shot of whiskey at 4th of July celebrations Biff Tannen and gang pick on George McFly at Lou's Cafe 08:25 Marty witnesses George's cowardice at Lou's Cafe DE18 Start of "Back to the Future" Marty pushes George out of the way of Lorraine's father's car and is instead t himself 08:25 Doc asks Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mali'at 01:15, 26 Oct George falls out of tree while 29 Aug Timeline 3 spying on Lorraine and is hit by her father's car 21 Oct hit Doc volunteers to collect Clara Clayton Marty finds Young Doc, shows him the DeLorean, they form a plan to use the lightning strike to sénd Marty back to 1985 Marty is asked for a donation to preserve Courthouse clocktower, takes a flyer with time ar Doc, Marty and Jennifer arrive from 1985 Timeline 3 George and Lorraine fall in love as she takes care of him and date of lightning strike 26 Oct 1 Sep Jennifer is rendered unconscious by Doc and left in an alley while Doc and Marty perform their important tasks Doc buries DeLorean in Delgado Mine 6 Nov Marty impersonates his future son and proposal 01:16 Marty arrives at Twin Pines Mall Doc writes letter for Marty. to be delivered by Western Union on 12 Nov 1955 at 21:45 Lorraine is now in love with Marty Klein"), Marty he must get them together te avoid being "erased from existence" Marty Jr is pressured into participating in a crime by Griff Tannen ånd his gang turns down Griff Gull and gang Dọc demonstrates "Temporal Experiment Number 1" daase Marty on riff and gang arrested for damages to Courthouse Marty visits "Blast from e Grays Sports B Nov Einstein becomes first time traveller, travelling one minute into future the Past antiques "Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan" Timeline 8 George, convinces him to ask Lorraine to school dance on 12 Nov store and purchases Marty arrives from 1955 Timeline 7 Einstein arrives one minute in future Almanac, containing sports statistics from between 1950 and 2000 Timeline 3 Biff and gang make sure that George is ñot at Lou's Cafe George talks to Lorraine at Lou's Cafe. Biff and gang chase Marty on makeshift skateboard, crash into manure truck Timeline 2 Marty meets his ancestors and assumes the name "Clint Eastwood" Doc fetches Einstein from suspended animation kennel, collects Marty 3 Sep Marty arrives from 1955 Timeline 2 9 Nov Doc discards the Almanac 0133 Doc shot dead by Libyan terrorists Marty arrives at Lone Pine Mall, sees Doc being shot again Marty illegally allows Needles to scan Jennifer is identified by police officers and taken to Marty and George plan for George to Marty meets Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen and is almošt hanged hght for Lorraine Timeline 4 by fax her future home, hides, witnesses Old Marty getting fired, takes fax Old Biff steals the Almanac and returns to 1955 in the DeLorean, Timeline 3 begins to fade from existence his čredit card, is fired Timeline 6 12 Nov 01:35 Marty flees Libyans in Delorean, accidentally travelling to 1955 when he reaches 88mph 35 Marty sees himself travel back to 1955 reading "You're Fired!" Doc saves Marty Doc and Marty arrive from a death at Marty tells Doc of his pands o I Timeline Old Biff arrives from 2015 Timeline 3 with the Grays Sports Almanac Doc survives due to information in Marty's letter from his departure, 1955 Timeline 2 Doc drives Marty home, Doc decides not to collect Clara Clayton Jennifer encounters her future self, faints, Doc rescues her Timeline 4 Sep Biff drives home in his car Biff finds Old Biff in his car Biff finds Old Biff in his car, Marty hides in back seat travels to 2015 with Einstein Timeline 3 Clara Clayton dies falling into Shonash Ravine, . it is renamed "Clayton Doc collects Clara Clayton from train station, preventing the accident Old Biff returns from 1955 without the missing Delorean being noticed, Timeline 4 has been created and Old Biff fades from existence due to the events of 1996 Timeline 4 Doc tries to repair Delorean Doc arrives from 2015 Timeline 2, says Doc saves Clara Clayton from the accident that killed her, it is love at first sight 18:38 Old Biff returns to 2015 having demonstrated the power of the Almanac wakes oh improved Jennifer outside by his new car comething has to be done about that killed her Marty and Jennifer's kids Ramory Doc takes Marty and Jennifer to 2015 in hover-converted Delorean 19:28 Doc, Marty, Ei Jennifer return to and Marty's siblings fade from photograph 5 Sep Biff interferes with the plan, George punches Biff and saves Lorraine, Marty is still being erased Biff and gang do not attend dance 0 Hill Valley Courthouse clock started Marty gets Almanac from unconscious Biff Biff Tannen witnesses the Del.orean hover and disappear as it travels to the future, remembering this for the next thirty years 22 Oct Photos taken with new clock 2000 Doc has photo taken with Courthouse clock 2000 Doc and Marty have photo taken with Courthouse clock George takes Lorraine to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance 28 George and Lorraine kiss, Marty and siblings are restored to photoğraph Marty saves "himself" from Biff's gang from above stage Timeline 5 *1905A Marty Jr is tried, convicted and sentenced to 15 years in jail for robbery Doc, Marty, Einstein, Jennifer arrive from 2015 Timeline 3 28 Oct Marlene McFly tries to break her brother out of prison, is sentenceed to 20 years in jail Marty plays "Johnny B. Goode" to a Buford Tannen tries to shoot Doc, Marty intervenes and saves Doc Buford Tannen shoots Doc in the backignty dollars mixed receptioh, says goodbye to his future parents back "over a matter Marty is knocked out by "himself", Biff steals the Almanac back Marty tries to get into his" house, it now belongs to another family 6 Sep Marty's name is now on photograph of (previously) Doc's tombštone Doc tells Clara he is from the future, Marty fights Biff in his car, retrieves Almanac, escapes on hoverboard, Biff crashes into manure truck Marty finds out about Biff's fortune thanks to the Almanac, that his mother is married to Biff and his father was shot in 1973 2144 Doc Doc returns to 1985 to fetch Marty (and Jennifer) and change the future s accidentally tr back to 1885 when tl converted DeLorean is struck by lightning outside Lyon Estates she does not believe him, Doc leaves the bou 27 Oct 7 Sep Doc works out what has happened, Marty confronts Biff to find out when he received the Almanac Doc dies from bullet wound, is buried in Boot Hill Cemetery 08:00 Marty survives his showdown with Buford with bulletproof vest, Buford is covered in manure Timeline 7 Marty's name is erased from photograph of (previously) Doc's tombštone Western Union agent arrives to deliver letter to Marty from Doc, written in 1885 Biff tells Marty that he shot George before frying to shoot Marty, Marty escapes in flying Delorean 22:04 Lightning strikes Courthouse clocktower 22:04 Marty returns to 1985 as lightning Courthouse clocktower 0242 Doc and Marty travel to 1955 Clara overhears how heartbroken Doc is and stops her train to find him Timeline 8 0s Young Doc drives home with letter from Marty about future, refuses to read it Marty finds Young Doc at Courthouse, Young Doc faints, Marty drives them home Doc and Marty hijack a locomotive to push DeLorean up to 88mph over unfinished Shoniash Ravine bridge Marty returns from 1885, DeLorean is immédiately destroyed by locomotive approaching Eastwood Ravine Bridge 13 Nov Doc reads letter written seventy years ago by his thirty-year-older self 14 Nov 09:00 Marty travels to 1985, Clara finds Doc Marty sees that things are back to normal, finds Jennifer on porch unaffected by the changes made in Timelines 7 and 8 Shonash Ravine renamed "Eastwood Ravine" Marty and Young Doc find the Delorean in Delgado Mine, find Doc's grave, learn about This death involving Butord Tannen, take photograph of the tombstone Marty races Needles, crashes into Rolls Royce and breaks his hand Needles challenges Marty to a drag race, Needles and does not race, Royce Back to the Future Needles nearly Marty's "You're Fired!" fax from 2015 is erased, he and Jennifer visit the remains of the DeLorean at the train tracks 15 Nov Young Doc repairs unearthed Delorean 3 Jul 1985 · 22 Nov 1989 · 25 May 1990 Directed by Robert Zemeckis • Written by Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale · Produced by Steven Spielberg, Neil Canton, Bob Gale, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Steve Starkey Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson, Mary Steenburgen 16 Nov Doc, Ve ein Dnd sons arrive to pick up explains s that Marty a 's future hasn't been written yet y and openbracket(design) 0:00 Marty travels back to 1885 to save Doc Doc, Clara and sons travel to unknown time • Part IO Part II Part III ONot depicted Time travel departure I Time travel arrival @openbracketdes /openbracketdesign Verne Birown born 29 Oct meline i5 Timeline 8 imeline 4 Mar 1958 laines argmarried 1960 8961 6ny g oigeeryhot dead by Biff Tannen 15 Mar 1973 Timeline 4 3 Timeline 4 Hade Hotel and Casino 1979 Timeline 4 Doc commended 22 May 1982 Timeline 8 Marty and Jennifer married 1994 Timeline 2 Griff Tannen b Jr. bon 1998 Timeline 2 Doc. C comotive me machine 2010 Timeline 8

Timeline of events in the Back to the Future Trilogy

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The timeline reads from left to right, starting with the period set in 1885. The four main time periods (1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015) depicted in the films are expanded to show more detail of the events...


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