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Tarantino Unchained

|TARANTINO UNCHAANED RD=RESERVOIR DOGS PF=PULP FICTION JB=JACKIE BROWN KB1 & 2=KILL BILL 1+ 2 DP=DEATH PROOF IB-INGLORIOUS BASTERDS DU=DJANGO UNCHAINED FBOMB BONANZA BOX OFFICE HEIST How many people were KILLED? ACTING DIRECTOR Tarantino's roles in his own films HOW MANY TIMES THE F-WORD WAS DROPPED RD (RESERVOIR DOGS) PF (PULP FICTION).. JB (JACKIE BROWN) .. KB1 & 2 (KILL BILL 1 + 2)... 50 DP (DEATH PROOF). IB (INGLORIOUS BASTERDS) ..42 DU (DJANGO UNCHAINED)... 28 THE MOST MONEY? RD... Mr. Brown (shot in the head) 267 265 109 RD..... $2.8m PF BODY COUNT ..... PF... Jimmie Dimmick (buys gourmet coffee, avoids Bonnie Situation) ..... $214m JB кв1. KB2.... $152m DP. IB DU ....... $72m $178m RD...13 PF....9 JB.....4 кв1..28 KB2..59 DP....6 IB.. 315 DU.. 56 APPEARS JB... Voice on Jackie's answering machine SIXTIMES KB1. Masked corpse, one of the Crazy 88 DIES FOUR KB2. Does not appear as far as we know. DP... Warren the Bartender .95 $29m $321m $421m IB.. As a dead Nazi who is scalped in gorious close-up and as a voiceover for an American soldier in the short film Nation's Pride 5 FACTS ABOUT DJANGO DU.. Australian member of The LeQuint Dickey Mining Co. Employee (gets suckered, then blown up) 02 ZED'S DEAD UNCHAINED 1. Calvin Candie's suits were partly BABY inspired by the character Rhett Butler in the film Gone With The Wind 01 VIOLENCE ZED'S DEAD Most violent: Inglorious Basterds countless bullets fired Least violent: Jackie Brown only 9 shots fired 2. Lady Gaga was considered for the role of Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly Weapons considered to kill Zed and Maynard (Pulp Fiction) 3. Samuel L. Jackson's fifth film with Tarantino 04 TOTAL RUN TIME 4. The character of Django was written with Will Smith in mind 03 1,086 5. Tarantino's character has a bizarre Australian accent because he was an indentured servant to the "LeQuint Dickey Mining Co'. The explanation was cut from the film because the scene was deemed too long TARANTINO MINUTES |blinkbox from TESCO

Tarantino Unchained

shared by LDArena on Jun 10
So you think you know Quentin? To mark the arrival of Django Unchained at blinkbox, we’ve put together a infographic filled with variably arcane Tarantino trivia! Enjoy!




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