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Synaesthesia Mixing

My Grapheme Synæsthesia: by Neal Coghlan #01 - A Guide to Musical Keys & Chords Taking inspiration from the Harmonic Mixing guide*, this illustration maps the various keys thata song can be in, whilst also showing the notes that make up a chord in that key. The idea is that you can take a song of any key and use this wheel to find the keys that can be paired with it to make a mix that sounds fluent. To get your mix to sound good, you should always find songs in keys that are one move in a left/right or up/down direction, but never diagonal. Synaesthesia • noun Physiology & Psychology From the Ancient Greek oúv (syn), "together," and aïoenoiç (aisthēsis), "sensation" – is a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. (definition courtesy of Wikipedia) The colours used for each number and letter are based on the colours l see each character as through a form of synaesthesia known as 'Grapheme Synaesthesia' that relates to colour. 12 Example: Major [B] 11 1 [A] = G# [Minor] This key can be mixed with: C# Minor B Major D# Minor G# в Minor [A] 10 2 C# F# G# F# C# G# Chords D# G# A# Note Colours (Alphabetical) 9 )o G A# C# O( 3 )o F# %# E 8. 4 D# A# 7 5 The diagram below is a colour representation of a set of piano keys. Below is a diagram of how the notes would appear in sheet music. The colours match with those used to illustrate the notes above. *see for more info on song mixing. %23 23 23 ш B ш DI

Synaesthesia Mixing

shared by ncoghlan on Dec 07
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A piece that I created based on the guide to harmonic mixing (a handy tool for DJs) and my own grapheme synæsthesia. All the note letters are represented by the colours that I see that letter, as wel...


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