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Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

How to Survive a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE in Lancaster Pa with the help of Things OON'T LET THEM SNEAK UP ON YOU! SUPERMARKET SHELVES EMPTY? TTO gives you a quick access to a list of Golf Courses and Vineyards - you'l be able to spot zombies coming from miles away in Oon't worry about not being able to find something to eat. TTO provides listings for all the best restaurants, buffets and Smorgasbords around - you'll be sure to these open fields. get there quickly. find some leftovers there for a few weeks. OON'T BE "THAT GUY THAT RUNS OUT OF GAS" KICK SOME SERIOUS ZOMBIE A** ANO TAKE NAMES LATER During Your Escape In the spirit of tradition. TTO keeps all of your transportation options open by listing the nearest Horse and Buggy rides in the county - Ensure you have the best training for face-to-face combat. and thanks to TTO you're only a few clicks away from finding the ideal training or marital arts center or gym - no giddy up little horsey! matter how you get ready. just be ready! FINO GROUP SHELTERS AND REMAIN WELL RESTEO REJUVENATE YOURSELF Ө TTO provides a plethora of Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, even Amish Lodging. at this point you're going to want to find groups of No, we're not talking about coming back from the dead... but TTO does give you quick access to the best Spas and Salons in town, so you can look better after a day of zombie a** kicking. other non-zombies and stick together. FRIENOS BEING EATEN IN FRONT OF YOU GOT YOU DOWN? QUICK & EASY ACCESSES TO ANY TYPE OF SUPPLIES YOU MIGHT NEEO TTO has taken the time to find and list different Try your hardest to remember that there is still Malls and Shopping Outlets, so you can find out the best places to stock you up on the essentials for survival. beauty in the world thanks to the fact that Lancaster County is filled with diverse Art Galleries, find them on TTD! SAY GOODBYE TO A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP! LEARN TO LIVE A SIMPLE LIFE AGAIN... You're never going to get another good 8 hours of sleep per night again, so you'll have to find energy elsewhere - how about some of the best Coffee shops and Cafes in town? TTO's got them! Check out all the Amish attractions on TTO and see what's it like to get back to the basics - it wouldn't hurt to pick up a tip or two to help you survive without technology. OON'T ACCIDENTALLY WANDER INTO A ZOMBIE INFESTED CROWO You never want to wander into dangerous territories that are filled with crowds of Zombies, so TTO gives you instant access to Lancaster's events and attractions and will let you know which places are zombie-free. Infograph created by : RODA THINGS TO D0 Lancaster, Pa for MARKETING

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

shared by rodamarketing on Apr 30
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Ever wondered what to do if/when a Zombie Apocalypse hits Lancaster PA? We did too! And so we created this infograph on how to survive!



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